Tuesday, December 27, 2016

38 | 20/20 Special 'Two Greats', Carrie Fisher and George Michael


  1. Carrie Fisher George Michael = 227

    I know that's not really a phrase, but it's interesting.

    Since we're on 227, if the NFL home teams go 7-9 this week, the overall home record will be 144-110-2. It ended last week at 137-101-2.

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  3. "Saturn EL" = 38
    "level" = 38
    "seven" = 38
    "Moon God" = 38

    Planets in Astrology, there are 7 lev(EL)s or 7 Planets/Gods. The Top Level was the Moon or Moon God. This is why Hebrews worship their God on Moon Dates. Just think of When a Hebrew day begins.. at Sun down... when the MOON comes out. 6pm to 6am, The Sun Square, the SUN of God Jesus Christ 6x6 = 36, "Jesus Christ" = 151, the 36th prime number. "CF" = 36, as in Carry Fisher. Notice we are approaching the Black Moon of Death this week, the "New Moon" aka the BLACK STAR (David Bowie's last Album title "Black Star", dying the night of the Black Moon).

    The inner joke is you are looking at a "Deity" with this "Two Greats" Advertisement. They are showing you their God.

    "Deity" sums to 27 & 63

    Fisher part of the 27 club and George born in 63, sum 1-63 = 2016

    What is a "Deity"? Deity means TWO.. as in... Day & Night. Male & Female, Sun & Moon

    You see, Michael & Fisher are their Deity.

    I mean, what do you think the Star of David is? The very root word of David means to "Divide" which is why his people were Divided, he divided the head, he was small and Goliath was BIG, the division.

    The Star of David is the Star of Divide, the Male & Female triangles that come together to form the Sexagram, or Hexagram.

    "TWO GREAT" is a play on the 2nd Coming, the Deity, or Day and Night, Male and Female, Sun and Moon.

    The very root etymology of the word Bible means two...

    "Bi" as in Bicycle = two
    "Bi" as in Bisexual = two
    "Bi" as in Biligual = two
    "Bi" as in Bible = two... Bi - Bull... the 2 Bulls. The Alpha and the Omega. Summer and Winter. Male & Female. Sex Magic.

    Aside from that, Tuesday is always interesting to me. 2'sday. The second day of the week. We start the 7 day week off with Monday aka Moonsday and end it on Sunsday, the 7th. A full cycle.

    Every time I think of 2'sday I think of that Song 'Ruby Tuesday" by the Rolling Stones.

    "Ruby Tuesday" = 44
    "Kill" = 44
    "Ruby" = 66
    "Red" = 27

    1. Very interesting parallels here. I like how you think.
      What do you think about the ritual sacrifice time-frame during the Winter Solstice & Summer Solstice. These actors/musicians being puppets/sacrifices for the Satanic Illuminati Entertainment industry.

    2. Interesting information. Thank you!

    3. Isn't Sunday the first day of the week....

    4. Good Work School Bread. You'll get a kick out of this article released Yesterday Afternoon.

      Drowned in Moonlight, Strangled By My Own Bra" in the English Reduction system equals 187

      Moon Bra" in the English Reduction system equals 33

      187-33= .. 153 ..

      The miracle Catch of Fish from The Bible. Fisher

    5. http://www.aol.com/article/entertainment/2016/12/27/carrie-fisher-wrote-her-own-obit-in-2008-i-drowned-in-moonligh/21642860/

    6. Look at the Advertisement of the "Two Greats".. You can clearly see that Michael is the SUN, the Light, the Male and Fisher is the Moon, the Darkness or Midnight Blue, the Female. Together they are the 'Two Greats' aka the Sun & Moon. The Star of Divide.

      @MarianMarcus The Solstice of Summer and Winter goes along with the symbolism of the TWO GREATS.. Summer and Winter! The Old Testament and the NEW Testament. Jesus, the Sower and the Reaper.

      These are the BI-SEASONS of the BI-BUll. Which is why Michael is known for his BI-SExuality and Fisher is known for her BI-Polar disorder spells.

      Add in the Spring and Fall equinox and you have the CROSS of the Zodiac.

      This information also gives you a clear understanding as to why the Baphoment is both MALE & FEMALE..

      @TruthMatters... Common misunderstanding. I get it. All calendars are printed with Sunday as the first for a reason. To confuse you. Do you start school on Sunday? Do you start your work week on Sunday? No, you start on Monday, the 1st day of the week. Why do you think Saturday is named after Saturn.. the 6th planet.. the 6th day of the week. If you look at the etymology of the Word Monday, the root word being "Mon" which can be translated to Mono, as in singular, kinda like Monotheism, 1 god. And at the same time Mono or Mon comes from the word MOON. As in Moonotheism. Where do you think the word Monarchy comes from? From the Arch of the Moon. Moon Arch.

      It's the same silly reason why we celebrate New Years during the middle of Winter and not at the equinox of Spring. It's for pure utter confusion. Again, this is why the JEWISH New Year is around the Autumn Equinox and guess what.. it's a TWO day event. A Bi-event. The marking of the upcoming new Season of Winter.

      @Coca85 Nice! I like it! The old ancient worship of the Moon Goddess Nanna, or the Moon God SIN from Babylon/Akkadian.... **Insert Rihanna's pop song "Oh na nan" here**

      "Ooh na na, what's my name
      Ooh na na, what's my name"

    7. Very interesting work School Bread! I was just thinking about Fisher's death in relation to the symbolic death of the "Age of Pisces". I wonder if that has something to do with this also. Perhaps they are signifying the death of the age of pisces and our movement into the "Age of Aquarius" with the death of Carrie Fisher. Think of it this way. The sun has been rising in pisces for 2160 years, pisces literally "Carried" the sun during this age and now it is being passed to the water bearer, aquarius. The death of Carrie Fisher....the death of the fish carrier and the birth of the water bearer. Just what Jesus fortold in the last supper. That the water bearer would come at the end of his time.
      Here are some interesting overlaps. I'm still trying to draw the full story out of these numbers.
      Princess=377/618/103 (The Fisher King=377)
      Princess Leia=412/780/130/58
      The Son Of Man=420/780/130/67
      Fisher of Men=329/708/118/64
      Eighty three(mirror of 38)=727/780/130/67 (see Son of Man above)
      Age of Pisces=326/630/105/51
      Nine Eleven or Eleven nine=869/630/105/51 (Carrier Fisher=119)
      Fisher died at age 60, Age of Aquarius=60 Her death, symbolic of the new beginning perhaps?
      I also think it is interesting, 377 (The Fisher King, Princess) is an interesting number. It's the 14th Fibonacci number and it's divisors are 1, 13, 29, and itself. The sum of divisors is 420. Also interesting, the 377th prime number is 2591. VERY close to the cycle of the Great Year which is 25920 years, split into 12 cycles of 2160. It's not exact...but pretty damn close.

      Also of note, Disney has a new princess out called Aurora. Aurora=412/444/74/29 (Jesus=444/74)
      The aurora is also the "Northern Lights"=1122/187/79 (See Coca85's comment)
      Now get this! First 187, the sum of divisors is 216. Also interesting. 1122, sum of divisors is 2592! Unbelievable! That is the great year cycle exactly. I've been studying the zodiac and the procession of the equinoxes a lot lately...this is clearly important. This sacred knowledge is hidden in plain sight...and I'm sure the freemason's just enjoy a good laugh at the bewildered herd not getting a clue about any of it. Except us...I think we are on the cusp of some great understanding here!!

    8. This is the best article I have run across regarding the great year cycle. In case anyone else wants to read it! (And I just noticed that this article was posted on 118...and that is how many celebrity's have died this year.) God indeed does arithmatize...

    9. Great work all, fascinating stuff. I'm sure the firing of Jeff Fisher ties into this as well.

    10. @School Bread
      You are correct and adding to my knowledge about duality. Thank you!

      Almost everything is about the sun, solstices and equinoxes. Took me a while to figure it out.

      A Year starts in spring equinox. That's why we have correction dates at the end of february, at the end of the year.

      For example, in the language of religion,

      hell = winter (from autumn equinox to spring equinox)
      heaven = summer (from spring equinox to autumn equinox)

    11. Great thread!


      Jachin boaz=103

      Sol moon=103


      Twin flame=103

      Mercury=103 (mercury retrograde starting Dec. 19. Mercury the messenger---the CARRIEr)

      Steelers=103 (black truck in Berlin CARRIEing steel)


      Black widow=103 (Scarlett Johansson highest paid actor of 2016)


      The golden age=103


      White gold=103

      By the book=103


    12. Drop the zero and 103 becomes 13. 13--the number symbolizing the new age, rebirth, new year. Since there are 12 months in the year/zodiac, 13 represents new beginning. This is why 13 is all over the dollar bill with the declaration of novo ordo seclorum.

      @butler. Yes. I was thinking the same thing. Moon conjunct saturn yesterday. Tuesday is MARS day, thus RUBY Tuesday. Mars in pisces conjunct south node on Christmas. I've yet to look up Fisher or michael's transit chart.

      8:55 am. 8 is a symbol for time. 55=December, satan, Santa, boss. Sun in capricorn. Capricorn, the goat, ruled by saturn. Saturn the boss of space and time. Jesus died on the cross. Unfold a cube and it makes a cross. Xbox. GameCube. A 3d sexagram is a CUBE.


      Hexagram on top of saturn.

      Die hexen=witches (in German)

    13. Carrie wrote a poem for her kid billie Lourd.



      I am god=294/49/101

      Billy goat. A kid is a baby goat.

      101 represents sex. 1 is the phallus, 0 is yoni. In and out. 101. God is sex. You'll see 101 at the entrance of most cathedrals and buildings, parks etc.

      101 can also represent the bottom half of a female. Each leg represented by a 1. The 0 still represents vagina. Picture a woman on her back giving birth. INTRO. Entrance.

      Sexual and astrological allegory/metaphor for almost everything.

    14. BUNS=332/336/56

      QUEEN bee=332

      MOON in FISH=332





      The end=336/56









    15. Muff=242/276/46


      Admiral ackbar=242


      The flesh=242


      The chamber=242

      Danielle fishel=242


      Change in america=242

      Come lord=242




      Chicago=46 (shootings over Christmas weekend. Chicago bull)


      Frog=46 (pepe, trump. Princess kisses the frog and it SHAPESHIFTS into a PRINCE/pence). It's raining frogs.)




    16. Shapeshift=377/666/111




      The Fisher king=377

      Santa claus=666



      No more bees=666

      One christ=666

      I think michael and Fisher are tributes to the queen who will probably kick the bucket soon.

    17. Correction: ASTARTE=377


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    1. Spell caster=474

      Feast of fools=474

      Jessica smith=1035

      Booty hunter=1035

      The numbers don't lie=788


  7. Here is a short, funny clip of Carrie Fisher speaking about her image (Princess Leia) being owned and merchandised by George Lucas.

    1. Great clip Cheryl! I couldn't help but notice how masculine Carrie seems after watching this clip. Interesting how she appears to represent the masculine energy and then you have George Michael, the feminine energy. If the death of these two isn't symbolic of the yin and yang, or balance of the duality, I don't know what is. Yet another reason I think this is symbolic of the coming transition to the Age of Aquarius! Carrie is also a Libra...the balance or the scales. The death of these two tells quite the story...it's like an elaborate riddle. I can't help but be drawn into this one big time!


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