Thursday, December 22, 2016

33 53 | Jeopardy contestant with cancer dies by the numbers, the TV only tells lies

12/5/16 = 12+5+16 = 33
12/5/2016 = 12+5+20+16 = 53 (Cindy Stowell = 53)

Susan G. Komen contracted breast cancer at 33.



  1. Hess: another Germanic name. There was queen elizabeth coding in that episode. Sam ended her reign. The queen is dead? I heard stowell had a brain tumor.


  2. Dan Behrendt

  3. "Mooning France"..."Colon Cancer"...c'mon

  4. Dan's done some great work on this, even the episodes she was on were scripted by the numbers.

  5. Keep an eye on houston...

    A TRUCK on FIRE full of alcohol.

    Mercury retrograde and mars in pisces starting Monday.

    Mercury retrograde: planes, trains, and automobiles fucking up. Accidents in public places.

    Mars in pisces: Mars is the warrior. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune rules booze and drugs. Russian news story on Monday about alcohol deaths. Also a Russian plane crash. Probably will be another plane crash soon.

    1. Also, there was a disproportionate amount of TRUCK commercials during VIKINGS on history channel last night. One commercial had a majestic, slow motion BLACK dodge RAM driving in front of oversized "4.5 tons"
      45 again.

      Another truck commercial where Vikings were filling the bed of a black truck with shields.

      The intro to Vikings has a burning forest.

    2. Could the commercial also signal "many rams" because
      RAMS/MARS = 51
      as in Vikings to SB51?

    3. RAMS mars haha. Nice catch! I don't follow football, but if I were a betting man, I would put my money on teams with Norse myth coding. So Vikings, Colts, raiders, ravens, broncos.

    4. In this case, SB51 could be:

      Vikings vs colts
      Raiders vs. Colts
      Ravens vs. Colts
      Vikings vs. Browns
      Raiders vs. Browns
      Ravens vs browns

      Also, CONAN without borders in Berlin is on AGAIN. On thursday, which is THOR'S day.

      Do the eagles usually wear black uniforms? I'm checking the game. Black like the truck that RAMMED the VAGINA place in Berlin. THOR'S day night football. Football clearly symbolizes a fertility ritual. Check out the aerial shot of the stadium then look up a picture of a goat's eye.

    5. J will just have what you are having to think the Browns would be in Superbowl 51!!!!!


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