Friday, December 23, 2016

33 47 74 119 144 | Carrie Fisher hospitalized, December 23, 2016 headlines +Why Carrie Fisher was born for Star Wars

It is being reported Carrie Fisher became 'ill' flying from London to Los Angeles.

Wait until you see what airport gate they report down below... keep in mind she was flying to LA, which part of the city is on the 33rd parallel.

We know how they love to pair '33' and '74'.

Also, the gematria of 'hospitalized'.

Hospitalized = 144
Forty-Four = 144 (Release of New Star Wars movie, 12/16/16 = 12+16+16 = 44)
Seventy-One = 144

We've been getting a lot of 'Hospitalized' headlines lately.  Today's headline comes on a fitting date.

12/23/2016 = 12+23+20+16 = 71
12/23/2016 = 12+23+(2+0+1+6) = 44
12/23/2016 = 1+2+2+3+2+0+1+6 = 17
12/23/16 = 12+23+16 = 51 (Conspiracy)

The divisors of 119 sum to 144. *Hospitalized = 144

Keep in mind, last Friday, the new Star Wars released.

Cardiac Arrest = 57/66/120; Rogue = 66; Empire = 66

LAX Gate 74?  Gate = 7+1+20+5 = 33

She's in the ICU?  ICU = 9+3+21 = 33

So she was alive and well, just before the incident today.

Notice 1975 was 41-years ago, or a span of 42-years.  41, the 13th prime; Freemason = 42

7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104

10/21/1956 = 10+21+19+56 = 106 (Prophecy) (11/29/1947)
10/21/1956 = 10+21+(1+9+5+6) = 52 (Prophecy)
10/21/1956 = 1+0+2+1+1+9+5+6 = 25
10/21/56 = 10+21+56 = 87
10/21 = 10+21 = 31

10/21/2016 = 10+21+20+16 = 67 (Blood Sacrifice) (Female)
10/21/2016 = 10+21+(2+0+1+6) = 40
10/21/2016 = 1+0+2+1+2+0+1+6 = 13
10/21/16 = 10+21+16 = 47 (Star Wars) (Darth Vader) (Light Saber) (Force)

Today marks 63-days, or a span of 64, since her birthday.

Again, when you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016

If she is to die, the date might be December 26, a span of 67-days, and a date having a '38' numerology, plus more.  12/26 = 12+26 = 38 (Death = 38) (Killing = 38) (Fisher = 38)

December 27 will also be 67-days after her birthday.  Hello "27" club?


  1. You have discussions thread for NFL tomorrow?

    1. Talk about synchronicity. I woke this morning and began to do some reading. Usually its whatever page or 2 that I was on the night before. Didn't really pay alot of attn until I watched ur vid today...
      Check it out..

  2. I was trying to see if Harrison Ford's plane crash in 3/5/15 tied in. That is a 23 number and she went down on the 23rd, but thats all I really see.

  3. I was kinda expecting something to happen to someone from star wars. Came across her name randomly on gematrix yesterday. Probably a tribute to the queen. She was on a flight (planes again. Mercury retrograde. Well known for drug use. Drugs ruled by Neptune/pisces. MARS in pisces and mercury retrograde started Mon. Dec 19th) from LONDON. I posted a couple times how the BERLIN truck was a ROGUE ONE. And anus Amri is from TATOUINE! Haha. Not surprised at all. And most of the actors in ROGUE ONE are british!

    Get this: DOLLY PARTON CHRISTMAS on nbc right now. Tons of coding going on. A RED HEAD boy ate a BLACK BEETLE! Maybe Paul or ringo bites it soon? Paul did do a mannequin challenge playing a piano (white and black Gnostic symbolism). "Shiny RED SHOES."

    Dolly's mom had a dream the kids were dead and their tears were FROZEN!

    FROZEN is on DISNEY channel right now at the same time. I just posted on frozen. A blonde haired, blue eyed girl in hyperborea (Aryan Nazi myth) voiced by kristin bell. Kristen bell: a blonde haired, blue eyed girl starring in a show called "the good place) about the afterlife.

    Harry potter order of the Phoenix on hbo at same time. A movie obviously about the uranian, fascist revolution that's taking place right now with trump's selection for potus. So much going on. You guys can have a heyday with this stuff.

  4. Kathie Griffin and Anderson Cooper hosting new year's eve on CNN. Kathie said something about "the unexpected" or something similar. It was a commercial. Maybe it's on the internet. I've been expecting a false flag possibly in times square.

    1. Notice the times square, man if you had two of those it would be a paradise!

      Its a multi angle game, words have 7 meanings.

    2. Haha times squared. The cube. Saturn. Capricorn. Space and time. The circle represents divine, sacred, feminine. Square represents profane, temporal, masculine.

    3. Also Fisher is a GERMAN name. Fischer.

    4. And all the pictures shown on the news she's wearing PURPLE or BLACK

  5. Princess Leia
    Gematria Jewish 412
    Gematria Reduction 58
    Gematria Summerian 780
    Gematria Ordinal 130
    Gematria English 472

  6. Some random bits on Fisher ...
    She was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.
    'Bipolar Disorder' = 84 / 93s. 'Bipolar' = 73 / 37

    She released a book in 2016 called,
    'The Princess Diarist' = 216 ( as ya know 6x6x6 and all that goes with it. 'The Princess Diarist' = 90 / s117 reduction.

    Her book released on JFK day, November 22nd, 2016.
    From the release of her book, to this story = 31 days ( 11th prime )
    November 22nd leaves 39 days remaining.
    November 22nd is 327th day. Divisors of 327 = 440.
    Including days end, from book to illness = 4 weeks 4 days (44) or 32 days. 'Cocaine' = 32. She's said to have be a coke addict over the years.

    Few of her movies have released on 11/9 or 9/11 dates. Few nice titles like, 'Wonderland' & 'Under The Rainbow' ... Hollywood ...

    1. 'White Lightnin' released Jan 19th 2009 ( 1/19 )
      'Sorority Row released September 11th 2009 (11/9)

    2. And DOLLY PARTON CHRISTMAS on nbc right now. 119 coding.

      Princess DIarist haha

    3. White lightnin=948/158 like Christmas tree and PIZZA parlor.

    4. Cocaine is snow. Snow=71 like Pisces. Pisces the sign of drugs. MARS entered Pisces the 19th. Same day Russian bad alcohol news story. MARS RAMS.

    5. Adam DRIVER, of star wars, on Fallon tonight.

    6. First night of Chanukah and Christmas eve on same day. First time in 40 years

    7. They're totally doing a saturnalia ritual on fallon! Guy from the roots is delivering the monologue.

    8. Rhett and link are talking about blood over intent.

    9. They're doing a sketch called "will it tea?"

      Will it tea=666/111

      Talked about going south of the border. Steeping taco seasoning.

    10. Finally it's ghost pepper.

      Ghost pepper=145

      MARS in pisces=145

      Harrison ford=145

    11. Ghost pepper is interesting because there is a theatrical illusion trick called Pepper's Ghost, I think it's basically what was used to produce Tupac's hologram at Coachella.

    12. Thanks for that. Never heard of pepper's ghost. Pepper is also a code word for the devil. CoacHELLa. Check out the history of spiritism and the Fox sisters.

  7. Carr-ie

    Derek Carr = 47
    Raiders = 74
    Carrie Fisher = 74/119

    It's tied in with the Raiders/Colts game.

    The Vegas line number on the Colts game is 119.
    The colts are practically on life support in terms of making the playoffs, just like Carrie is in critical condition.

    Colts are 7-7
    Star Wars came out in 1977

    1. If the Colts die on Christmas Eve .. so will she. Think she will be rooting for The Colts 😀

    2. Nice catch! inDIANA. No joke. DIANA. Roman goddess of the hunt. Hecate. Triple goddess. Moon, earth, underworld. Crossroads is supposedly a lesbian sex magic ritual.

      Fisher is stabilized. Heart attack. Just like on jeopardy two days ago where Cindy stowell's reign was ended. Queen and congestive heart failure clues.

      "Be on high alert this weekend." Isil "planning" to attack churches?

    3. Cardiac arrest=66
      Indiana population 6.6 million. Colts survive?

  8. Elmer very nice catches!! You got a blog? Colts survive i think! I try to tell everyone the High Priests do everything thru the zodiac..

    1. No blog. Maybe I should start one! The zodiac is key. Most things boil down to astrological and or sexual allegory. Add a dash of numerology, and a bit of mythology, and one can decode almost anything.

  9. Fallen stars of 2016

    1.olympic torch bearer fell in Brazil
    2.Prince collapsed in an elevator
    3.Hillary collapse on 9/11
    4.Joe McKnight died man of Troy
    4.Queen fell ill
    5.Princess fell ill (Carrie fisher)

    So the only chess piece left is the king

    Pope Francis collapsed on 7/24/16
    He's 79 or 97 like this NFL season
    He fell in Poland.

    1. Nice catches! Haha and the chess allegory. Didn't think of that. Maybe the queen gets "captured" to end the year. Pope/pepe/pepper. Po land. Po in German means butt. Is Poland buttland? Or maybe pepperland?

  10. InDiana Jones in Raiders of the lost ARK

    Harrison Ford

  11. I've said it before

    Statue of Liberty site or NYC Times Square

    Vegas black out

    Or 7.7 magnitude quake on the West coast like Oak/SF golden Gate.(NBA finals2017)

    Flight 370 co pilot was in Frisco before the flight
    Phillipino president " We don't need americas money"

  12. Pope Francis

    The College of Cardinals is responsible for electing a new pope. Pope Francis’ third set of cardinals will receive their “red hats” at a ceremony on Saturday.

    With the new additions, 44 of the 121 cardinals eligible to vote will have been named by Francis. But nearly two-thirds of the current cardinals were appointed by Francis’ predecessors, Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II, who were more theologically conservative and whose priorities were different from Francis’. The cardinals, however, do not all share the views of the pope who appointed them.

  13. 44. 112
    Trump is 44th and also wears the red hat.
    During the state dinner sat next to the cardinal

  14. Chicago fires 300k dead
    Warsaw Ghetto Wall 300k dead (Poland)

  15. European match 3

    Poland vs Germany date 6-16/16 lol

    Ended in a tie

  16. The news lately.
    Germany , France , Belgium,Russia etc

    They are in the 50 degree parallel.

    Canada is due for something it's also on the50!

    1. Check this out

      The artist pipilotti rist has the same gematria as:

      Ny giants
      Justin trudeau
      Order out of chaos
      Baltimore Maryland
      January fifteenth
      Apocalyptic plans
      Etc al

    2. More norse coding

      Pipilotti Rist was born in Grabs in the Swiss Rhine Valley in 1962. Since emerging on the international art scene in the mid-1980s and 1990s with famous single channel videos such as 'I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much' (1986) and 'Pickelporno' (1992),

  17. Found this article tied to the 50 parallel

    Monday, 4/22/2013 04:35 PM
    Bernd Lucke, the spokesman of the newly established Alternative for Germany party, is no ordinary economics professor. Giving the most complicated answers to the most straightforward questions is normally one of the trademarks of his profession. But the Hamburg economist takes precisely the opposite approach. He has a simple solution for even the trickiest problem of the day.

    Lucke and his flock of supporters believe that the euro crisis can be solved if the Southern European countries leave the monetary union -- not with a big bang, but slowly and quietly. The professor wants to see these countries ejected from the monetary union in a civilized way, so that their withdrawal occurs as gently and harmoniously as a person's withdrawal from a school glee club.

    And what is Lucke's miracle cure for a crash without side effects? He proposes that the Southern European countries introduce parallel currencies -- that is, bring back the drachma, the peseta, the escudo and the lira alongside the euro. The countries' national central banks would then tie these currencies to the euro at fixed rates. The professor essentially wants to combine the best of both worlds, allowing Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy to remain connected to the euro zone and yet receive their own currencies. This would allow them to devalue their currencies and still have a calculable form of payment at their disposal. At the same time, argues Lucke, this will reduce the cost of their goods in world markets without assets losing their value overnight.

    1. One last hurrah for fascism and nationalism before the north American union/one world order really kicks in?

  18. Bernd Lucke or Burn luck ? Or B luck-e ?


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