Saturday, December 31, 2016

67 157 | Happy New Year, CNN front page (Purple and Gold theme 2017)



    "HAPPY NEW YEAR TRUTH-SEEKERS" in English Reduction = 119 (OR 911)

    1. Also, according to the Hebrew Calendar we are in the year "5777".

      "Five Thousand Seven Hundred And Seventy Seven" in ER = 171
      The 171st prime# is 1019 (or 119/911)

    2. Excellent breakdown thanks. Happy New Year to all. Lots of purple and gold in the forecast.

    3. I will end with this:
      "Purple and Gold" in the English Reduction system equals 64
      "Sixty Four" in the English Ordinal system equals 157
      Party safely everyone!!!

  2. Here is a positive thought to end the old year and welcome the new year. It is also my goal for 2017. Best wishes Zach and fellow truth seekers.

    "It is important to create balance in your life by nurturing your whole person, which includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs."

    Gematria Jewish 83
    Gematria Reduction 22
    Gematria Summerian 240
    Gematria Ordinal 40
    Gematria English 103

    Gematria Jewish 456
    Gematria Reduction 19
    Gematria Summerian 276
    Gematria Ordinal 46
    Gematria English 766

    Gematria Jewish 348
    Gematria Reduction 37
    Gematria Summerian 546
    Gematria Ordinal 91
    Gematria English 478

    Gematria Jewish 360
    Gematria Reduction 13
    Gematria Summerian 402
    Gematria Ordinal 67
    Gematria English 490

    Gematria Jewish 72
    Gematria Reduction 20
    Gematria Summerian 228
    Gematria Ordinal 38
    Gematria English 92

    1. Thank you for the wonderful message!

      Happy New Year Cheryl !! :D :D

    2. You also! Thank you for all of your insightful comments. I look forward to more mind expanding dialogue in the new year.

    3. Happy New Year...although I feel I should say happy "Random" new year's day. Does it bug anyone else that there is pretty much no good reason for right now to be the New Year? I guess if they did it at one of the equinox's or solstice's people would pick up on the importance of such hey...just make it any random day. Actually...does anyone know why they made it today? I bet there is a good the jesuit's and zionists that run this show!

    4. Cheryl -- that's kind of you ... I'm looking forward to our dialogues as well!

      I know I'm much more informed than I was a year ago -- going to keep building on that & excited to see where it leads!

      Gematria is now such an integral part of my thinking, I couldn't turn it off if I wanted to.
      And because of that -- my math skills have really improved.

      GEMATRIA -- It's The Gift That Keeps Giving!! Lol :D

    5. Butler -- Happy New Year!

      You've posed a really intriguing question.
      DOES anyone know how this date was chosen?

      Like you said -- it sure seems random.
      I recall looking up New Year's a good while back, & being surprised to learn that there are DOZENS of different New Year's dates -- all kinds of religions, countries & ethnicities have their own.

      As you pointed out -- one of the solstices would make so much more sense.

      There must be significance to setting it exactly 11 days after the Winter Solstice on Dec 21.

      Aha! 11 days = 1 week (7 days) + 4 days ...

      7 & 4 ... 74 or 7/4 ... Just like July 4 (!)

      Yep -- there's definitely a GEMATRIA "signature" in there.
      Those Kabbalists, Masons & Jesuits sure left no stone unturned. :D

    6. Oh good work Mfsyy!
      I think I figured it out because of that! July 4th is Aphelion which is really why we celebrate Independence day on that day...and Perihelion is usually Jan 2nd or 3rd (this year it's the 4th)...but could fall on the 1st. It changes every year. That's what we are actually celebrating. It has to be!

  3. Just before the Ball Drop on NBC -- Carson Daly coaxed
    "Mel B" into performing during the preliminary countdown.

    With exactly 1:33 to go, she BEGAN singing "All That Jazz" --

    And STOPPED with precisely 00:44 left on the clock!

    "ALL THAT JAZZ" = (J) -- 1851 ... (E) -- 822 ... (P) -- 137/38

    Other Pythagorean 137 / English 822 --



    AEON OF HORUS , EYE OF HORUS ... (interesting, eh?)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you ZACH -- & to All (Legitimate) TRUTHSEEKERS!
    :D :D

    1. Happy New Year to all you beautiful people. And Harry too.

  4. Just heard about the Mariah I had to look it up. Mariah Carey=612 in Sumerian. I'm thinking she should just feel fortunate that she got out of 2016 alive!
    I also just saw the big show in Seattle and the purple and gold theme was blatant. Even the news people were wearing purple and gold. At the end of the fireworks the space needle was lit up all purple. Which is kind of odd...given that they are pretty big on their bright green and blue for the Seahawks around here. So I wonder what the order of the purple and gold have in store for 2017. 2017 is the 306th prime. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of meaning to that soon.

    1. I know references to Prince are so 2016 but I couldn't help myself... Prince recorded a song for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010 called "Purple and Gold".

      Gematria Jewish 425
      Gematria Reduction 34
      Gematria Summerian 528
      Gematria Ordinal 88
      Gematria English 565

      Gematria Jewish 81
      Gematria Reduction 20
      Gematria Summerian 228
      Gematria Ordinal 38
      Gematria English 101

      Purple and Gold
      Gematria Jewish 551
      Gematria Reduction 64
      Gematria Summerian 870
      Gematria Ordinal 145
      Gematria English 721

    2. Huskies are purple and gold. "Mighty are the men who wear the purple and the gold. Joyfully we welcome them in to the victory fold" the fight soNguyen. Since they played in their rigged bowl game yesterday that would explain Seattle's purple and gold. Sadly not rigged in Washington's favor maybe next year. =)

    3. The fight song** that was some autocorrect there 😂

  5. I've been tryna get your attention on a possible superbowl scenario:
    Cowboys vs Patriots
    Romo was born on the 112th day of the year in 1980 (leap year)
    Houston = 112
    Both Romo and Brady's Birthdays are separated 992 days from their actual birthdays, sum of the divisors of 992 are 2016, the past times Pats and Cowboys have met we're interesting
    •10-11-15: 36, game ended 30-6
    the 36th prime is 151, Superbowl 51 is the 36th day of the year, Superbowl 51 date is on 2/5, Romo was born on 4/21 4+21 = 25 not to mention Prescott and Elliott wear those numbers
    • 10-16-11 date with 57 numerology
    57= 131 like championship and superbowl
    game ended with a score of 20-16
    like 2016 and sum of 36 as previous
    •10-14-07 date with 51/24 numerology like SB 51
    game ended 48-27, 21 points apart, sums to 75 points reflection of 57
    24 is significant due to Superbowl LI I'd on a date with 24 numerology and Romo having a 124 both numerology
    Also this is interesting
    Romo vs Brady = 152/53
    Superbowl LI = 152/53
    Tom Brady = 35
    Tony Romo = 135
    A few connections between Romo & Trump as well because they'd visit Trump after winning the Superbowl
    Romo = 25
    Trump = 25
    Superbowl on 2/5
    And the last time Romo played he threw a td -int ratio of 5-7 losing 33-14 on his final game that season summing to 47, again 47th modern day superbowl
    That game he was 11/21 106 yards,
    Prophecy = 106

    1. Also
      Romo Wins LI= 147/57
      Fifty Seven is self explanatory but 47 coding, 47th modern day superbowl

  6. New day

    Zack is a fraud in 2017!

    No one cares about your gutters, moms cancer,bum knee, trash filled meth house, globe earth or any garbage you spew.

    Go Colts !


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