Tuesday, December 27, 2016

37 | "Fake news" threatens nuclear war between Israel and Pakistan, Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016

Pakistani = 37; Israel = 37; December = 37

We are being foretold what is to come.  The only question is, how far away are we?

Of course the mainstream media wants you to know about this "fake news", instead of just letting it go to rest.

Christmas Eve = 142; Terrorist = 142 (Government by intimidation)

Nuclear = 74; Energy = 74; Weapon = 74; Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74


Remember, the name of the man, an actor, "Edgar Maddison Welch", has the same gematria as "fake news", '84'.

Also, December 15 was the alternate to Facebook, all4truth.com launch date!



  1. We are being foretold, and probably sooner than most think. Or they want us to think that. Either way a Trump presidency just feels so unreal and pure mockery.

    1. It IS mockery. The so called real world has always been a fiction. Weve been living in a cow pie. Poop.
      The place where Magic Mushrooms bloom best.
      Aminita Muscaria
      Red tops with white dots
      Santa Claus and his 8 tripping reindeer
      Rudolph/Adolf red nose glows
      Glowing light
      Fire/a torch
      The Overlords are going to keep rubbing our noses in that until a majority gets it. Once the paranoia runs it's course, we can make this a pleasant trip.

      That's my interpretation, anyway.

    2. ALWAYS love your "prose"!
      It never fails to clue me into learning things I already should've known.

      How is it that I never before thought about the name similarities between RUDOLPH the reindeer & ADOLF the Nazi?

      The RUDOLPH poem was written in 1939!
      When ADOLPH was daily being pegged by media as the Madman Who Wanted To Take Over The World.

      The story is that the writer wanted to name him Rollo -- but his bosses at Montgomery Ward insisted he change it. (It was created as a free holiday coloring book give-away.)

      Written by ROBERT LEWIS MAY -- a young JEWISH copywriter.
      Whose sister wound up being the grandmother of one of the "FREAKONOMICS" authors. (Ain't nepotism grand?)

      "Funny" how the author of one of the most famous pieces of writing in this century -- just happened to have a name that sounds so much like another famous writer -- ROBERT LEWIS STEVENSON.
      And yet ... Bob Dylan gets the Nobel Prize for creating "memorable writing".

      Strange world indeed.

      Naturally May has some "interesting dates" --

      2/27/1905 - 8/10/1976. 2 2 7 ... usually a flag as RED as RUDOLPH'S NOSE.

      Come to think of it -- the RED SCARE (about the Communists) was already well underway (& well-founded).

      Apparently the RED NOSE almost ended the project because at the time it was associated with Heavy Drinking. He convinced them with drawings of cute deer.

      Damn it -- is there NOTHING of our past ,-- especially the things we cherished as children -- that might not be the likely product of Tampering & Propaganda?!

    3. Lol -- not to worry -- it DOES make sense! (And I'm not buzzed ... unfortunately.)

      Fantastic how you brought it back around to DONALD DUCK.

      It blew me away when I heard that "Donald Pays His Taxes" (viewable on YouTube) was made to help boost the coffers back when War in Europe was still unthinkable to America's working class.

      It was SO Effective that ADOLPH HITLER praised the results & consulted with Disney to get a similar project going in Germany.

      After the war came "DUCK-Tail" haircuts in the 50's ... & "DUCK and Cover" PSA's aimed at the kiddos.

      "ORANGES" suddenly became "controversial" when Anita Bryant suddenly unleashed a series of anti-gay tirades -- which cost her the spokesmanship role of the Orange Growers Assoc. It sounds silly now -- but it was a huge scandal at the time ... the opening salvo of gays using advertisers as a protest platform.
      It also supplanted coverage -- & concern -- about the toxic chemicals being sprayed on crops ... & the migrant workers dying from it.

      Not to mention Agent Orange ...

      Bryant was a cloyingly Christian singer that few people knew about outside of her orange juice endorsements. But after the brouhaha -- EVERYONE knew her name.

      "The JUICE" -- "O.J." Simpson -- was hawking Samsonite luggage around that time -- RUNNING through airports.

      As he runs through the crowd, people are DUCKing out of his way.

      And now here we are today -- bizzarely surrounded by DON'S & DONALDS ...

      As though DONALD DUCK is coming home to roost.

      So mind-bending!!

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  3. WarGames
    Released 3 June 1983
    33 years, 6 months, 24 days ago
    Starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy.

    1. Exactly!

      "Do YOU Want To Play A GAME?" Lol

      Sit down! They're setting up the board now ...

    2. I love that the Pakistani defence minister has an official twitter and used it to issue nuke threats.
      Now with our fearless, "fired" up leader, the Donald at the helm it looks like "the tweeting wars" have oFISHERlly begun!

      It's getting more ridiculous by the day, doncha think?

  4. What a crazy place the world is becoming.

  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/Numerologynow/status/813852287491854337


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