Friday, December 23, 2016

Dan B and me synchronicity


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    1. What is up with these people throwing insults and bs around in every single thread? They have to be shills and trolls, otherwise they would just leave.

      I want to go on all4truth, but this is what I get when I load it up. Been that way since I first looked at it a few days ago and Zach you haven't said anything about it. Is this supposed to be the actual homepage??


    2. They are here to bring negative energy to a positive forum of discussion. It is too bad they all cannot be blocked. They are simply frustrated, unhappy people with little or no personal, emotional or balanced successes in their lives. If they were happy and successful they would not be here, boasting, tearing people down and acting like children in constant need of an audience/reaction. This means they are either depressed at their core, paid to be here, or ghost accounts created by those who feel this site is a threat to their fragile egos and imaginary authority figures.

    3. @CR did you make an account? If not click the top right dropdown and set one up then It has to be approved by an admin which if you did it during the day should be approved by now. I set mine up right at launch so idk if the confirmation email is the problem.

    4. cr, did you see my video on what is going on for those who have not received their confirmation email? Sign up for protonmail and then use that free email service to register with all4truth. Almost all internet service providers have blocked as a spam site. The reason so many people are against me, is because I'm the first man in the history of the world to put out the knowledge to take down the cartel operating. There must be a million dollars worth of employees attacking this blog and my YouTube channel at all times. Have you ever noticed that almost every "YouTube truth teller" speaks against me? It is because they're all on salary, shilling.

    5. Zach is speaking Truth about the forces aligned against him. One of their goals is to DISTRACT HIM FROM HIS WORK.

      If he responded to every negative comment -- it would take up all of his time ... which would suit them right down to the ground.

      The "resources" that we're TOLD are "used to fight terrorism" are -- in reality -- employed against "Threats To The System" ... like Zach.

      This Holiday Season -- & all other days of the year -- we should be Thankful that he not only made these incredible discoveries ... but that he has also persevered in sharing them with us. And done so despite grest personal hardships & sacrifice.

      We can't begin to imagine what each day -- & the challenges he faces -- must be like for him.

      He deserves our greatest respect & eternal gratitude.
      I know he's got mine -- & that will never waver.

      Cheers to you Zach -- you ARE Making A Difference! :D :D

    6. hahahahahaha listen to this clown... i have put up 4 page decodes and asked zach questions and he is not interested, yet hell respond here to say sign up to his troll channel. holy fuck this cunt is the biggest faggot ever. your mates (before you had none) were right dude, your brain is fucked with mental illness and you are just a CNN shill, by not decoding anything and just posting CNN articles, you prove yourself to be a little jew boy fuckwit and you have absolutely NOTHING you can say to counter that, which is why in 6 months you havent responded to 1 thing you fuckin zionist shill pig dog fuckwit lying jew. i wish adolf gassed you and your family you mutt

    7. only CNN articles and not decoding other stuff, eh? Wow, I must have been daydreaming all these times we've decoded sports and news articles. I must have been in a deep slumber when we, as a community, blew that whole "politician's son decaptitated on water slide" bullshit story wide the fuck open. gotta be a pure fiction reel in head.

  2. Interesting...

    OT: FULL UPDATE of the BERLIN TERROR HOAX - Berlin market attack suspect Amri killed in Milan, see FULL Update on Dec 23 - HOAX CONFIRMED "BY THE NUMBERS" 100%:

    1. yeah and check this out

      we gotta close the borders so fake terrorists cant escape
      just like pizzagate - fake attacks to change laws
      all we have to do is expose it

    2. I love it when Milo talks to himself.

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  4. Off topic, is a website that gives yearly forecasts for the future This one stood out as very bizarre and should be considered "Mad Science." In 2017 the first "Head Transplant" will be attempted. I would like to know where will they get these "heads" from? I didn't know they just have heads laying around waiting to be transplanted. Will people have organ donor cards to donate their heads after death? Some people do need head transplants, but I don't think it will help.

    Year 2017- (1+7=8) (2+0+1+7=10)- 810
    "Head Transplant" in English Gematria equals 810
    "Transhumanism" in the English Ordinal system equals 170

    "DARPA" in the English Reduction system equals 22
    "Mad Science" in the English Gematria system equals 220

    "Twenty Two" in the English Sumerian system equals 990
    "DARPA" in the English Gematria system equals 166
    "Insanity" in the English Sumerian system equals 666

  5. Zach, you and Dan should do a live show sometime.

  6. Zach this may sound kind of off topic but check this out.

    Seal Of Solomon:1+5+1+3+0+6+6+0+1+6+3+6+4+6+5=53/62(S exception)
    Key Of Solomon:2+5+7+0+6+6+0+1+6+3+6+4+6+5=57/66( S exception)
    *66 books in the bible*
    Number of the beast=5+3+4+2+5+9+0+6+6+0+2+8+5+0+2+5+1+1+2=66/75 (S exception)
    Scottish Rite:1+3+6+2+2+9+1+8+0+9+9+2+5=57

  7. You're starting to believe? Friend, I've had people trolling me since I started. Look at all the YouTube videos popping up trying to attack me and this work. Look at all the Christian shills spreading lies about me. Do you guys not see what I have done? I HAVE EXPOSED EVERYTHING. I am fucking with the entire power structure. Some of you, I just can't measure how slow you are. Damn...

  8. According to CBS playoff projections, both the Colts and Vikings have a 3.3% chance at playoffs lol

  9. zacc is finished! sunday i will take over this blog once colts n vikings get eliminated. follow numerologynow on twitter

  10. That video of Dan's is really good. Should watch it if you haven't yet.


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