Monday, December 26, 2016

33 45 61 72 118 123 | 'Last Christmas' by George Michael, recorded December 3, 1984

There's some '45' happening here.

Remember, the magic square of Saturn sums to 45.

'Christmas' is the 'Christian' holiday.  The Bible has some conflicts with it.

Christmas, as it is celebrated, has many parallels to Saturnalia.

Remember, 'Saturn' is the keeper of time to the Occult, and in this world, the sun is truly the keeper of time.  Science says the sun is 93 million miles away.

Back to George and the parallel from his name to 'Last Christmas'.

Last Christmas = 45/72; George Michael = 72

Jesus died on the Cross at '33'.

Look at the date December 3, 1984.  It connects to 'death'.

12/3/1984 = 12+3+19+84 = 118 (Death = 118, Jewish Gematria)
12/3/1984 = 12+3+(1+9+8+3) = 37 (December = 37) (12/25 = 12+25 = 37)
12/3/1984 = 1+2+3+1+9+8+4 = 28
12/3/84 = 12+3+84 = 99 (Thirteen = 45/99)

Conspiracy = 3+15+14+19+16+9+18+1+3+25 = 123

"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart."

Heart = 8+5+1+18+20 = 52

Last Christmas, George Michael was 52-years-old.

This year, he died of heart failure, 61-days after being admitted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, October 25, 2016.

CNN also put out a story today about George Michael coming out in 1998, 18-years ago.

Interesting he came out about being gay after 7-years.  Seven, completion.


  1. 'Last Christmas, I Gave you my heart', and he dies from 'Heart Failure'.

    1. The Royal Christmas Day mass, was at 'St. Mark’s Church' = 162 ( Last Christmas ) , where 'Prince George' stole the show apparently. Prince George's birthday leaves 162 days remaining in the year.
      The church is in 'Englefield' = 52. (Heart)
      They mention over and over bout George and his 'Candy Cane' ( CC/33)

  2. The Independent just posted a story about George Michael singing "Somebody to Love" in 1992 with David Bowie and Seal in the background. Maybe Seal needs to look out!

    "Somebody to Love" = 61

    Christmas sacrifice = 84
    Christmas heart Attack = 74

    Please let me know what you guys think of the meme.

  3. George also wrote and recorded "December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)".

    December Song
    Gematria Jewish 321
    Gematria Reduction 56
    Gematria Summerian 660
    Gematria Ordinal 110
    Gematria English 371

    I Dreamed of Christmas
    Gematria Jewish 605
    Gematria Reduction 91
    Gematria Summerian 1140
    Gematria Ordinal 190
    Gematria English 775

    Here is the animated video:

    "The song features a sample from the Frank Sinatra recording "The Christmas Waltz".

    George Michael performed the song live on 13 December for the final of the 2009 series of The X Factor.

    From his performance (on The X Factor) to his death (not including end date).
    7 years, 12 days
    367 weeks
    2569 days

    From his performance (on The X Factor) to his death (including end date).
    7 years, 13 days
    367 weeks, 1 day
    2570 days

    George also performed on the 1984 Band-Aid song "Do they know it's Christmas".

  4. I'm late to the party haha, but probably the reason he's had his coming-out in '98 might be connected to his real name 'Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou' which equals [1998] in english sumerian…

    1. It's never too late to join the discussion. I had the same thought when I saw the 1998. If we were attempting to prove a theory, we would need to document the gematria of other gay celebrity birth names and the year that they came out.


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