Thursday, December 29, 2016

45 58 115 511 | How Trump's victory turns into another 'Lost Cause', December 29, 2016 headlines

Remember, Donald Trump is going to become President with the new 115th Congress.  Recently, Trump just finished his 'Thank You' tour.

It's all a joke.

Let us not forget that Donald Trump's Presidential campaign lasted for 511-days, the reflection of 115.  His campaign began June 16, 2015, 511-days before voting day, November 8, 2016.

The sum of the Magic Square of Saturn is 45.  Donald Trump is the 45th President.

Donald Trump also won the 58th Presidential Election.

Notice also how Donald Trump's first published book connects to him becoming President at the time of the 115th Congress.


  1. "Trump writing own 'short' inaugural speech" = 138/156/480
    Order out of chaos = 138/ 777. Trumps 777 inaguaration Day age.
    "short" = 26/35/80
    26 god/mason
    35 relationship to Kennedy. Time article posted 12:32 (3/5)
    Also Hillarys final delegate count is 232 according to CNN.
    Eighty"= 38/ 74

    1. In regards to 777, 511 is 777 in Octal numbering system

  2. Hello Fraud

    Belichick has 115 loses guess it remains.

    Let's all bet on the Patriots see if they change the script ?

  3. "white america" in the English Ordinal system equals 115
    "white america" in the English Reduction system equals 61
    "sixty one" in the English Reduction system equals 41
    "thirteen" in the English Reduction system equals 45

  4. Zack how hard can it be to send your findings to the NFL offices , ESPN and the news stations?
    What about the reporter who interviewed that nba REF Tim Donahuey ? So you're telling the truth community that not one Media outlet is willing to hear your story?

    Or you still need cash for the D.C. Trip lol

    How long will this sham remain ??
    Zack stop fucking around we need answers

  5. falcons will be in sb. So simple.

    1. Not really, he died at 39 which points to NY, Brady or new Raiders QB McGloin

    2. Li=39 Started 39 games for atl. It is not rigged for the giants!! Read between the lines.

    3. The clip was listed as 41 seconds but it is 40? if the mainstream is talking about this then it had to have been a sacrifice. This guy intercepted favre in a 2002 wild card game.

    4. Intercepted him on a 3rd and 7. Keion carpenter=73. This shit is beyond rigged.

    5. @Lion
      Have you not learned, any opinion outside of Lord Zack the fraud is not allowed.
      Great point you made about ATL!

    6. They want you fools to sleep on atlanta- Which you guys are currently doing and bet your money on frauds like packers, giants and cowboys. Damn fools, setting the stage for vegas to get millions.

    7. These are Zack GOY Sheep!
      They already got butt raped with the colts and Vikings.

    8. During the NFC championship I will expose all the frauds! Including Zachary stein shill rubbers

  6. You mean like this?

    Fire department --> Chiefs --> Chiefs put out oakland fires

    1. Fire chiefs do not put out fires and Indians shoot arrows with flames.

      I see where you going with it.
      I have the chiefs beating Oakland too.

  7. Belichick 115 loses
    Brady won his first 4/5
    Patriots were 3-1 without Brady
    Patriots first season 1960-61
    Belichik birth 4/16/52

    16/61 and 52/ like 2/5 date of super bowl

    Brady has 4 rings and will be the NFL and 1 national championship

    Brady is going to his 13th pro bowl

    This is Brady's 16th season

    1. New England score 41 points last week.
      41 is the 13th prime.
      New England is 13-2.
      "new england" in the English Ordinal system equals 99
      "thirteen" in the English Ordinal system equals 99
      "new england" in the English Reduction system equals 45
      "thirteen" in the English Reduction system equals 45

      The patriots were established on 11/16/1959

    2. Great work pole !

      If Brady dies the back ups are 3-1 without him lmao

      Rigging by the numbers !

  8. Turned 12 into 324 since Monday , trust The Prophet got some NBA plays tonight and studying NFL and Premier League card $$$!!! Follow me on twitter @The_NFLprophet

  9. Zack never ever challenge me the MASTER of the NFL and College football!

    My work here is done.
    The next time you call someone a TROLL and FAGGOT remember smelling HARRYS ASS !

    Good luck with all the drama (Karma) you caused.

    Time to relax Rio is great right now.
    Enjoy the hot pockets PUSSY Zionist fag 😈


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