Friday, December 23, 2016

Did Coca-Cola invent Santa? CNN article on Christmas traditions and where they come from

Coca-Cola might not have invented Santa, but they sure do have interesting name gematria...


  1. Have you ever heard a show called Adam ruins everything? If not watch some his espiodes on YouTube. He talks about the truth ,it's really interesting.

  2. Santa is a GERMAN creation. You put BALLS and CAINS on the tree. Tubal Cain. Two balls and a Cain. Cock and balls. EGGnog. FERTILITY symbolism. Sexual and astrological allegory, like always.

  3. Great Observation(Tubal Cain)! It is so devastating to find out how we have been deceived and indoctrinated into these pagan rituals/beLIEfs from birth. These satanic idol worshiping practices have been disguised/masked into society as religious or family holiday traditions.

    1. Marian,
      I like to think of it more as a great mystery is opening up in front of me and is giving me the gift of a new perspective.

      Of course, I disliked the world I grew up in and have felt like an alien for most of my life so learning that the world is not what I thought it was is frankly a big relief. I know its shocking and uncomfortable at first though. Hugs to you and hang in there.

    2. Hugs to you too. I am very strong and I just have to re-calibrate. So thankful to Zach and his teachings. I now have a way to apply what I have innately known all along.

  4. Saturnalia is the ancient Roman festival of Saturn in December, a period of general merrymaking and the predecessor of Christmas.

    Saturnalia 35/44 reduction

  5. The satanist have everyone worshiping without knowing, so it doesn't work. Then they create tragedies during the holidays to suck your JOY.
    That's the process

  6. (C) (C) 33!

    About Amazon Echo Dot TV Commercial, 'Alexa Moments: Santa Lights'
    Santa gets caught by a little girl while he's putting presents under the tree. He quickly asks Alexa on the nearby Amazon Echo Dot to turn out the lights but the damage is done. Plus, she tells him that, even with the lights off, she can see he is there.

  7. Another black out planned in NYC?


    Giants vs eagles score 43!

  8. They certainly marketed him according to their product. I remember Old Saint Nick in Germany growing up had a lot more colors going on.

  9. Saint Nicholas=54(sun)/144.

    Also 72 with s-exceptions. Money=72, which people go crazy spending on this day.


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