Thursday, December 29, 2016

45 99 217 | The New England Patriots and all the "45", "99" & "217" I am seeing

Everything I decode lately is coming back to 45, 99 and 217... I am worried... because I fucking hate the Patriots.  I hate them so much I'm about to do a rain dance for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Remember, Eli is in his 13th season, throwing to #13, the league's biggest star.

Eli Manning is Tom Brady's kryptonite.

Eli = 17 (2017)


  1. Patriots are gonna at least win the conference. 4 playoff qb's in the AFC are bums (Mcgloin,Smith,Moore,Savage), big ben is the only one with any talent that they may let beat their golden boy. It's who they're gonna play that leaves room for error, Giants have a strong narrative, falcons have a decent narrative and if Romo comes back then the cowboys do also. To me Giants-Pats seems like the most logical right now.

  2. Think of what is going on with Israel Right Now. It's All a nod to Albert Pike and Tom Brady.

    Quarterback" in the English Reduction system equals 45

    Albert Pike" in the English Ordinal system equals 99

    Albert Pike" in the English Reduction system equals 45

    99-45= .. 54 ..

    Pike Born in Boston.

    Thomas Brady " in the English Reduction system equals
    45 / 54

    Thomas Brady " in the English Reduction system equals 45

    Look for a 54 total Score Combined. Pats Win 34-20

  3. Raiders could be a dark horse. Mcgloin made his first career start against the texans and beat them 28-23. Which is 51.

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    2. McGloin was Joe Paternos last qb before he died.Paterno died 1/22 which would be the date of the AFC championship.Matt Mcgloin played one more year for penn state where he had a great season.The new coach that took over Penn State was Bill Obrien the current head coach of the Houston Texans..
      Mathew James McGloin=211
      McGloins birthday 12/2 Looks exactly the same as the date AFC championship game and joe paternos death date 1/22.
      From 12/2 to 1/22 is 51 days..

      Penn state=33
      Paterno dead a span of 33 days from his birthday
      Possible Paterno tribute through OR (Oakland raiders) OR=33 ,

  4. Miami = 45 and 99 as well. I've been finding a lot of clues for the Dolphins lately.


  6. Its the 16th Game in the 16th year so what does that mean..106 is the magic(33) number. four teams in line for the 106 who's getting it?

    1. Others will be sacrificed to the mighty 511(Saturn/EL/Chronos) in Superbowl 51.

  7. It's the 97th nfl season
    Dolphins - 97
    Forty four years later - 97 (44 years ago Dolphins perfect season)
    Forty five years later - 97 (Lost super bowl 5 to Dallas)
    Miami vs Dallas - 45
    Nrg Stadium - 45
    Miami - 45
    Adam Gase - 45/51
    Dark horse - 45
    45 years since Cowboys Dolphins super bowl

    Dolphins vs Cowboys - 87
    Dakota Rayne Prescott - 87
    Super bowl fifty one - 87
    February fifth - 870

    Matt erickson Moore - 214/1033
    Dallas area code 214

    Super bowl six rematch - 98
    Two thousand seventeen - 98

    Dolphins versus Cowboys - 96/114 (s as 10 = 114)
    Ninety seventh nfl season - 96/114
    Epic upset - 114
    Year of the upset - 114

    Dallas upset - 31
    Houston - 31

    This was written 12/30/16

    1. Jay Ajayi #23
      Backwards 901101

  8. We will see if they get the 106...Or get the dreaded death sacrifice 115..

  9. Interesting that I just saw this because I just wrote something on Jeremy's and as I was researching I found the numbers 45 and 99, but I didn't know what it was referring to so I didn't post it. I just went back to see if the words i looked up were still on ridingthebeast I realized I already closed the tab.

    There is a movie out it theaters right now called "Manchester By the Sea". I watched it a couple days ago and I saw some things that I wanted to share that connects to the New England Patriots.
    I just wrote about it on Jeremy's blog so I will just copy and paste it here.
    I have a little bit of information that I came across while watching the movie a few days ago called Manchester by the Sea. Now I'm going off memory because I saw this in theatres and the scenes went by quickly so bare with me.
    The main character in this movie is a handy man who lives on the east coast. He is a younger brother and an uncle. Soon into the movie he gets news that his brother passes away which leaves him charge of all the arrangements that one has to deal with post a family death. He soon finds out that his brother made him the sole guardian of the teenage son. Throughout the whole movie it switches from past to present tense.

    The most prized possession that the older brother owned was a fishing boat. In the opening scene it shows that the three of them fishing on the older brothers boat. I forget the full name of the boat but the word that stuck in my brain the most was the word Claudia.
    In the movie, the main character is a sports fan. A couple times the camera turned to a tv. I noticed that he was watching a basketball game. It was a basketball game and the announcer was saying the name Isiah Thomas, the pg of the Boston Celtics. I forget who the Boston Celtics were playing but for a split second the camera showed the score right before Isisah Thomas was about to lay it up and in. I noticed the score of the game was 100 -104. I believe the Celtics were playing at home. The interesting thing was that they showed the score right before Isiah Thomas layed it up and in which meant the score became 100-106 with the Celtics leading.
    Prophecy= 106
    There only one other thing that I remember that I wanted to remember. During the film it showed that the teenage son had a fan flag of the Minnesota Vikings hanging on the wall.
    I'm not sure if that has any relevance since the Vikings are out of contention now.
    But either way I would like to watch this movie once again because I think it has a lot of hidden messages encoded in it.
    Also, the main character(the younger brother) apparently had 2 daughters of his own that were burned in a house fire. And we've been hearing about all the fires that have been in the news lately.

    I hope I can rewatch this as I know I've missed a lot. But could this have something to do with the Patriots in the Super Bowl since they showed the score of that game with the Celtics 106 points?

    Also, Celtic=25,52
    It also showed a little bit of a hockey game where the Boston Bruins were playing.
    Bruins=83(like football)
    Manchester, New Hampshire has the coordinates of 42N 71W

    I just looked up Manchester, New Hampshire and the first thing that popped up is "Conviction of a Cop killer caught in Manchester."
    This killing occurred on November 20, 2002. Like 11/2.. wow
    The name of the cop that was killed was Officer Mobilio=83(football),137(33rd prime)
    Manchester is the tenth largest city in New England.

    1. Great Post Iarine.

      I laughed a little when I heard they were filming a movie based on the Boston Marathon scare entitled.... you guessed it, "Patriots Day". Sharing the same EG "Donald J Trump" and "Nebuchadnezzer" which is interesting to me because his Babylonian rule lasted approx. '21' years (possibly another clue for those pesky pats)

      Also, JG as "Thirty Three" AND "Kurt Russell" who happens to be born in '51 and is from Massachusetts

  10. Lol steelers ain't winning shit. If you can claim that numerology is the best over gematria you little white cracker bitch! I WILL DESTROY YOU WITH MY ALL MIGHTY HAND. FUCK YOUR 33! 33 times up your white ass hole! Stop smoking that shit you dumb fuck!.....anyways here's your chance to prove it! Tell everybody for free who you have this year to win SUPERBOWL 51 FOREALS!!!. If you can claim you are ACCURATE THEN SPILL THE BEANS FOR FREE!!! We all will witness it here. No ones stealing shit if you are right we will follow numerology now! Prove your self and if you wrong stop TROLLING AND WORK WITH US GEMATRIA TO BETTER EACHOTHERS KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING SO WE CAN BE ACCUARATE AT ANYTHING.

  11. i called pats back in 09 they won in 2016 when trump becomes president follow numerologynow on twitter n


  13. i hope you are right @mikemanning i want steelers to win it too

  14. When is Trump assassination ?

    Can the colts make the playoffs?

    Will Hillary steal back the election ?

    How long can Zack live in that Meth lab?

    No one breaks into crack ��!

  15. Another observation for celebs / people with a Feb 5 Bday
    interestingly enough, "Trayvon Martin" (died at '17' yrs; father is a MM) and we know he shares the JG as "Dallas Cowboys" (The Fallen Son; shares JG as 'Long Horns")

    So this is curious. A hint to Miami v Dallas in Houston (home of the long horns)

    1. "Zimmerman" (now 33 yrsold) EG = 672 = Houston

      kid was killed feb 26, a span of '21' days from his born date

      Zeke Elliot age 21 wears #21 born in IL the 21st state of amurikkka

  16. Mike Manning you are completely worthless when it comes to sports picks, all the times I've been on this site, I don't think there's one time I've seen you make a correct pick. What's worse is you always make it out to be a 100% for sure pick neither though it's way more often than not that your pick is wrong, and all I've ever seen are incorrect picks from you. I can get a 5 year old to pick teams and you two will have similar records.

  17. Anybody remember the patriots logo prior to "93" (pat patriot)
    Looks like a star of david!
    Open the mind.

  18. Green bay packers gm retiring this off-season ted Thompson check this out he's from texas he played with the Houston oilers from 1975-84

    Nfl stats
    146 games played
    8 games started
    8 fumble recoveries

  19. Should the Pats v Giants SB51 happen...
    and the Pats get a win out of three appearances against them...
    that's 1/3 or .3333...etc

    currently, giants = 2/3 = .666666...etc (remember this for later)

    Jacoby wears #7.. a football player's number appears once on front/back and once on each shoulder pads. My initial observation is 777 = perfection, sanctification, consecration, truth

    'Scientific materialism' = 217 (february, '17)

    'Truth' carries a SG of 87. I've been saying expect Gronk's return to the Pats this year for the Super Bowl.

    Gray; SG = 51 (do the Patriots wear Gray jersey's against the Dolphins on new year's day or during their super bowl run ?)

    Duration of Gronk's successful surgery, which took place in 'LA' (JG = 21; L=50 + A=1) to the day of the super bowl is 66 days !!!


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