Tuesday, December 27, 2016

CNN's 'People we've lost in 2016'



  1. I just want to point out that there's 118 people on the list

  2. Same numbers as with Carrie Fisher article.

    People We've Lost" in the English Reduction system equals 64 / 73

    People" in the English Reduction system equals 33

    We've Lost" in the English Reduction system equals 31

    We've Lost" in the English Ordinal system equals 121

    The Time of The Article. 7:21 AM

    Seven Twenty One AM" in the English Reduction system equals 67

    Seven Twenty One AM" in the English Ordinal system equals 220

    David = 22

    October Twenty Fourth" in the English Reduction system equals 93

    Twenty Fourth" in the English Reduction system equals 60

    Carrie Fisher Dead @ 60.

    From this Article print Until Carrie Fisher Death. 64 days.

    People We've Lost= 64


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  4. Carrie fisher died 137 days after Kenny baker the r2d2 actor

    1. Kenny baker dies 119 days before the premier of rogue one
      Carrie fishers birthday is 1 month 19 days before rogue one

  5. Ran a food one of your old vids zack


    1. December 24th 1977 the raiders played the Baltimore colts

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  7. 118 people on that list, might we see one more death before year end?

    1. I'm sure there will be. Probably on the last day of the year. 12/31/2016 has numerology of 79 and 16. Sixteen=33 I wonder if we can solve the riddle...maybe we can guess who it will be.

      Right away I just thought of Smashing Pumpkins. They have two songs on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness that are numbers. 1979 and Thirty Three. Billy Corgan=118/55. Smashing Pumpkins=74. And I happen to have the CD so I pulled out the booklet to mellon collie and looked up the song thirty three. The lyrics are very interesting...but the image on the page is none other than the vesica pisces, or the Mandorla=33. How about that. Looks like Corgan knows some interesting stuff. He's definitely got an inside track...he turns up on the shill Alex Jones channel sometimes. Such a bummer...always loved the pumpkins.

    2. The queen. Or Obama. Big one. Also, possibly, "terrorist" attack in public place in USA. Maybe times square n.y.e. maybe trump tower.

    3. I agree Elmer Fludd...gotta be something really significant coming. The Queen's number has got to be coming up soon...might not be this year....but things look bad for her.
      This is sort of random, but I also have my eye on Norah Jones. Her birthday is 3/30/1979. That's some bad juju with the numerology of 12/31/2016 coming up. Plus her name also=47. 47 and 74...big numbers encoded a lot and certainly a lot lately.
      I keep finding weird stuff syncing up with the Mellon Collie album and everything else that's been going on lately. Corgan has said that he wanted that album to be like Pink Floyd's, "The Wall"...which also released in 1979. So much "Wall" encoding lately.
      You could be right about New York for New Year's Eve too...it might be too early to hit New York City again...but honestly who knows. The other city I'm always watching is Dallas. The parallels Dallas has with NYC are interesting and the numerology of Dallas fits with the theme. Dallas Texas=118.
      This is definitely and interesting riddle they have laid on us here!

    4. Oh I just realized that Norah Jones is actually from the Dallas area too. She grew up in a suburb of Dallas and even went to college at UNT in Denton, just outside of Dallas. Weird...just something to remember...just in case!

  8. Carrie's mother just got put into the hospital due to breathing. She's probably #119.

    1. Yep...there she went...she was just reported dead.

  9. On a lighter note, maybe they have all retired to celebrity island. Here is a Bavarian Beer commercial that enforces that concept.

  10. Be sure to toast to Mr. Hulseman at your New Year's Eve party this Saturday.



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