Sunday, December 25, 2016

38 49 55 | Joey Boots, of Howard Stern show, found dead at 49, December 24, 2016

Howard Stern Show = 75/93/210
Joey Boots = 36/45/126; Joey = 19/55*; Boots = 17/26/71

Sacrifice = 46/55/73

Christ = 77; 7x7 = 49; Lord = 49

No cause of death.  No trauma.  In his home.  Arsenic?

I cannot find Joey Boots birthday.

He was remembered for saying "Baba Booey".  That phrases connects to Howard Stern's full name.

Caskets often go 6' deep, are 8' long.

1/12/1954 = 1+12+19+54 = 86 (Symbol)
1/12/1954 = 1+12+(1+9+5+4) = 32 (Baba Booey = 32/86) (America = 32)
1/12/1954 = 1+1+2+1+9+5+4 = 23 (Symbol)
1/12/54 = 1+12+54 = 67

Joey Boots death at 49 came 49-weeks and 4-days after Howard Stern's birthday.

It was also 347-days, the 69th prime.

Life and death, 69.


  1. InsaneUnknown is going to love this one.

    1. Ha ha lol, lol. Honestly, yeah. I'm not gonna read too deep but I will reiterate that I called the flexing of the schedule bout 3 or 4 weeks back for this upcoming Packer vs. Lion Division Championship. Will be a new year's dandy.

    2. Is sacrifice good or bad then?

      Also what am I missing on the queen? Is she dead and not pronounced yet? I need to get up to speed on that.

  2. I hate proffessional sports!! Had bullshit rigged Chiefs/Broncos game on in the background. With 1:46 left Chiefs scored to make the score 33 to 10. I told my wife watch this guy purposely miss this extra point. Shit is so obviously rigged! Why can't brain dead, retarded Americans see the obvious! It's such a joke when you see what's going on...

    1. Seriously is sick and so obvious once you see it

  3. Yeah we can see it, but we still don't know shit!

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    1. This is the second DJ to die in New York in the month of December.

      39 yr old Jean Paul Guerrero aka DJ Jinx Paul was a radio personality for Mega 97.9 was killed on 12/19/2016. In what has been labeled as a "Hit and Run Incident".

      The incident happened around 4 am and an unidentified female was seen driving a Nissan Maxima (age range 20 to 30's).Mega 97.9 is a Spanish language radio station. Guerrero leaves behind a 6 yr old son.
      December 19, 2016 = 67 (12+19+20+16=67)
      #67 is the 19th prime
      "Spanish Language Radio Station" in English Reduction =119

      "Six year old son" in the English Reduction equals 63
      The divisors of the #63 sum to 104
      "Hit and Run Incident" in the English Gematria equals 1042

      "DJ Jinx Paul " in the English Reduction system equals 40
      "Kill" in the English Ordinal system equals 44
      "Four am" in the English Sumerian system equals 444

      "Thirty Nine Years Old" in the English Reduction equals 97
      "Jean Paul Guerrero" in the English Reduction equals 79

      "Jean Paul Guerrero" in English Ordinal system equals 187
      "Hit and Run Incident" in English Ordinal system equals 187

  5. Yo zach cavs warriors game summed up to 217

    Illinois area is 217


  7. Ok, now I am very intrigued by this...

    Wack Packers
    53 total members
    24 living members, after JB'S death
    16 deceased members, after JB'S death
    13 unofficial members

    ‘Super Bowl LI’ = 53
    ‘John Goodman’ = 53 performed with Blues Brothers at S.B.31 halftime, the potential 20 year anniversary tribute
    (Super bowl) ‘Thirty-One’ = 53
    ‘Robert Kraft’ = 53 the Jewish Patriots owner
    ‘Thirty-six’ = 53, the 36th day of year is the Super Bowl

    24 – (2/5/17, 2+5+17=24)
    Brett Favre was 24th overall pick in 1993 draft,
    Brett Favre was the 24th Packer to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame,
    Russia = 24
    ‘GB vs. NE’ = 24
    Packer Hall of Famer Paul Hornung’s birth numerology (12/3/1935, 1+2+3+1+9+3+5=24)
    Aaron Rodgers Birth date (12/2) up to and including the super bowl is 2 months and 4 days..24.

    1. 'Wack Pack' = 24
      'Wack Pack' = 414, Milwaukee/ S.E. Wisconsin area code is 414
      I was a member of 'RoT414' 'rise of the 414' an ansi creating wannabe hack/phrack/phreak private message board group in my youth in the early 1990's when 2000 baud and 14.4k modems called eachother for downloading files. Those were the days, before Al Gore invented the internet.

  8. Relating to the now 16 deceased Wack Packers

    'GBP' = 16, team initials
    'Gaga' = 16, our halftime programmer lady
    'PED' = 16, 'Oscar performance' enhancing drugs

    But I'm not totally sold on my own connections, this guy looked ready for some heart trouble.

  9. Wait, 53, that's the football roster load in the NFL!!! 53 total members.

  10. Then relating to the official Wack Packer list from Howard Stern

    40 and 85
    ‘NRG Park’ = 40/85
    (Ed) ‘Hochuli’ = 40 and wears #85. His first Super Bowl that he ruffed was XXXI where Green Bay played New England. He runs the Referee club. He will be performing/reffing in the upcoming Super Bowl.
    ‘Five one’ = 40, admittedly a loose connect.
    ‘Bayou City’ = 40, Houston’s nickname, where NRG Park is and holds NRG Stadium.
    ‘Ed Hochuli’ = 85, yeah and wears that number..
    ‘Robert Kenneth Kraft’ = 85 (Pat's owner)
    ‘Green Bay, Wisconsin’ = 85
    Coach McCarthy’s birth numerology (11+10+1+9+6+3 = 40)

    1. 40 came from 24 living and 16 deceased official members. The other 13 were members at one point, but left off the official Howard list for varying reasons.

  11. 5-24-1967 birth date.

    5-24 to 12-23 is you guessed it, 213 days. The ultimate death number.

    Also 5 months and 1 day before his 50th birthday. 51. There it is folks.

    #213 was Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment that some of the bodies and evidence were found. In Milwaukee, WISCONSIN

    He had 'settled' a lawsuit with Whole Foods, $5 million. Earlier this year. Could have been a hit.


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