Wednesday, December 28, 2016

33 93 226 318 | The "coincidence" of the time I uploaded my house damage, 2:26, Christmas Morning

I just looked at the clock and it is 3:18 my time, Pacific Standard, just north of Seattle Washington.  That gave me a sensation.  Just as I noticed the time, I had observed for the first time, the time stamp of where I had recorded the damage to the outside of my house, after arriving back from Portland.

Notice the time is 2:26.  I did not mean it.  It was not intended.  It was just getting back, taking the photo, and putting it on Facebook because that was the easiest and quickest way for my mom to see when sending through my cell phone (pictures don't show up in her texts and she can't figure out how to get them out of her email), who was curious and worried.  And sadly, yes that really is the most easy way for her to get there at this day in age.

Remember, Christmas is truly Saturnalia.

Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93
Saturn = 93 (Christmas is truly Saturnalia)

Also, I was visiting with my sister, who was born December 7, myself, July 21.  Write those dates out....  12/7.... 7/21...  those dates are 226-days apart.

Also, I was in Oregon when this happened, the 33rd State, established February 14, 1859.

2/14/1859 = 2+14+18+59 = 93

That's pretty wild.

My mind is actually blown.

I remember now.  People said I was lying about the home being damaged, so I took this photo from the outside in the middle of the night.  So this was just shortly after I returned home, my mom wanted to see the damage, and only because people were saying I was lying about the house being hit.  I thought I would wait until the morning and spare my mother the grief before she went to bed.  That said, she really wanted to see it, so there it was, posted, at 2:26.


After I made this post, a YouTube subscriber drop of somewhere around 20 to land me at 37093...

What else I am reminded of is when the lightbulb went on in my garage earlier this year:

This video was uploaded February 24, 2016, 10 months to the day.  It was also 304-days, or a span of 305.


  1. Seems to me more of a sign that it isn't the right thing to do when you are doing things because people are telling you to do them. Hate seeing what happened, but fuck proving it to anybody. Times are only going to get tougher, TS.

    1. I am trying to help people see what is going on.

    2. The Little Magician Strikes Again. Ignore 63.

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