Tuesday, December 27, 2016

108 109 119 213 | NBA box scores, Christmas Day, December 25, 2016

233 points, the 13th Fibonacci Number.

All Seeing Eye = 119
LeBron James = 114

Golden State Warriors = 108
109, the 29th prime; Ohio = 29 (LeBron and Curry, Akron, Ohio boys)

*The starters for the Cavs had 84-points.

Spurs = 93; Saturn = 93
Saturn = 119 (Francis Bacon Gematria)

I don't see it off the top of my head.

213 points, LA vs LA?  LOL.  (213) is the LA area code

Recall, Kobe Bryant scored 60-points to close out his LA career, 213-days after Moses Malone dropped dead at age 60, September 13, 2015.  Kobe's 60-point game was April 13, 2016.



  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/Numerologynow/status/813852287491854337

    1. https://twitter.com/CantStopGeorge/status/813910116210720772

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    1. I said why she would die today if she was to die in my video I made the day of her hospitalization. So in other words, I already covered it.

    2. Word, I thought that's why there was nothing new with that topic...

    3. do you see anything with her parents .eddie fisher and Debbie Reynolds. I overheard a convo that her parents (Eddie fisher,debbie Reynolds)were like brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ,where Eddie fisher left Debbie for Elizabeth Taylor, I thought that was interesting since Pitt and Angelina split this year so I had to apply some numbers
      From their split this year 9/20 to 12/27 is 14 weeks
      From Eddie fishers birthday 8/10 to 12/27 is 140 days (14)
      Add the end dates it's 14 weeks 1 day (141)
      Or a span of 141 days from Eddie fishers birthday to the death of Carrie fisher

      Elizabeth Taylor was born in London and moved to LA in 1939 (39) 1+2=3 2+7=9 (39)

    4. Follow me on twitter @The_NFLprophet just cashed a 3/1 winner$$$!!!

    5. NFL PROPHET- I paid $5 for ur picks for shits and giggles and ur just downright horrific omg I cant believe u are still here!! U lost 2 5+ point favorites in the NBA out of 2, U had Seattle last week on money line lost outright SMH, Titans on money line and lost outright and 2 other favorites that won...and u make outragious claims that u keep winning, WTF u still doing???

    6. NFL PROPHET- BTW, That doesent include the other games u lost under different names a few months ago, u just suck really bad thats why im taking the time to comment,,,if u won 50% of the time I wouldnt bother, but ur less than that picking big favorites LMFAO, I paid $5 to know this so the jokes on me too:)

  3. gary called 11 straight nba finals while zacc steals pix from him follow numerologynow n gematriafrauds.com

  4. Notice the sum of the cavs game was 217 - Obviously eluding to there up coming 2017 final.

    Interesting that this was Cav's 23rd season win, Lebron's number against the team we know their facing in the final. Might be something to remember, also to add the next match up between these two teams is in Golden state 23 days after.

  5. The NBA is strange compared to the NFL.

    93% of the public had the OKC to cover 4 1/2 over Miami. And, guess what? OKC covered. That was free money that Vegas gave to everyone.

    Why didn't they just move the line to even out the action?

    There is some key piece of information that is STILL missing to all of this, to make sense of it all. I thought Gematria, numerology, color coding, key dates, and word play would be enough. But, there is something more.

    1. itz real numerology n chinese astrology da only real factors not gementria shit follow numerologynow on twitter and gematriafrauds.com

    2. Nba is operates on a star scale if a team has a 'superstar' that sells a lot of products the Nba will reward that players team by letting them be in games where they should be down 10 or 15 points just so that people will watch what the superstar does when its crunch time. They arent as concerned with how much % on what team its more so the fact that people hate on westbrook because of who he is as a player and person and they know people want to see him either lose or do something amazing to lead a win and cover spreads. Unfortunately going against public usually isnt a good strategy against these kinds of teams rather I would wait for them to play against a good all-around team and look for spreads against these teams that are giving points on the spread and have a near to 50% money so that more ppl are trying to either trying to get paid out by seeing the all-around team beat the superstar team out right or trying to watch the superstar team cover a spread against the all-around team. Another good strategy for NBA is to bet the first half spread of a team on a back to back then hop on the other team for the 2nd half spread.

    3. For example today okc plays in memphis spread at mem -2. Mem pg mike conley might make his return tonight it is still unknown weather or not he will see action but Im thinking he will make an attempt which may raise the line to mem -2.5 or -3. Most people know Memphis has a good home court advantage by now so many are trying to take that to the bank thinking the bookmakers are on their heels and adjusting due to the return of Conley and anyone who knows basketball well would be correct in thinking if memphis wins they will cover a -2 or -3 spread however I would expect OKC to walk away with the win tonight due to the amount of betters laying money on memphis -2 which vegas makes $ on the -110 spread no matter who wins and they also have a fair amount of inexperienced betters on okc +2 which the books like to see cause not everyone thinks for sure that OKC can keep their win streak going at memphis though over 50% is on okc moneyline the books will pay out to these betters because a lot of them are bias bandwagon betters that pick superstars teams over the all-around teams. This is yet another trap game for anti-superstar/westbrook betters out there in my opinion. The truth is the griz will prob not play conley as much in his return if he makes one tonight it will have likely have little effect on the outcome of the game as he wont see very many hard minutes coming off injury. A lot of times betters try to fight trends but i would rather hop on the okc trend a couple more games while people are still out there hating on them and betting against them. Should be an entertaining game though for everyone with vegas waiting in the shadows to get thier $ at the end of it all.

    4. A good way to tell is based off the line and the situation heading into the game for both teams. If mem had a line of +2 or more and they werent seen as 'having a chance' and conley (memphis' best player) wasnt on the fence about playing then Id prob be on grizlies becuase the odds would be against them, with $ pouring in on okc though they still hold a significant homecourt advantage. Im not 100% sure okc will win but its worth the risk of betting on them to keep winning with plus money odds in my opinion.

  6. 2017 is gonna be a huge year for Ohio as Zachary Hubbard pointed out we will see Ohio State win the playoff Cavs back in the finals. I think the Cleveland Indians will beat the Cubs in a rematch of last years world series also the Columbus BLue Jackets NHL team in Ohio has a 13 game winning streak right now.

    1. u forgot one thing... gary is from ohio n he born in snake year which is rooster friend which 2017 is year of rooster follow numerologynow on twitter and gematriafrauds.com

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