Tuesday, December 27, 2016

33 38 93 | Germany evacuates 50,000 people on Christmas to defuse massive bomb

The scare was the fear of death!

Checkout the gematria of 'fifty thousand people'.

Remember, Christmas, is Saturnalia.

Saturn = 93; God's Son = 93; Crucifix = 93; Propaganda = 93

Oh brother, notice the name of the city, Augsburg.


As I've learned recently, these people love to pull their stunts on the holidays.

Home burglarized just before Thanksgiving....
Home crashed into on Christmas Eve...


  1. looks like an old hot water tank to me ... but what do I know ... I've only been plumbing for 25 years

  2. u been exposed zacc shillary stein born in telaviv israel
    follow numerologynow on twitter and gematriafrauds.com

  3. "Bomb" or no bomb -- it's hard to believe that 50,000 people would willingly abandon their Christmas Day at home -- & endure all the inconvenience that entails (such as what to do with their pets?) ...

    ... For the "diffusion" of a bomb that had lain dormant for over 60 years (despite construction all around & above it).
    Not to mention the fact that if it truly had been an emergency -- they would've evacuated them as soon as it was found.

    Again -- an example for using SOME TRUTH to help sell the "story" -- whether it's a full-blown hoax or a Psyop against the people.
    Yes -- Europe DOES have a lot of unstable, unexploded ordinance under the ground ... much of it DELIBERATELY BURIED.

    IF there's ANY "Truth" to this at all, then shouldn't people ask how it remained undiscovered for so long?

    Possibly because it's location ALWAYS HAD BEEN Well-Marked -- & was known to many -- but now that bit of Real Estate has been slated for "development".

    Cheaper to remove it on the public's dime -- by pretending it was "suddenly discovered" ... constituting a "public emergency". (I could be wrong -- but I don't think so ...).

    And they willingly stayed away for 9 HOURS??

    Plenty of time to search each residence & make any necessary "changes for the future". Such as PLANTING incendiary-LIKE devices.

    Think there's a good chance that "another bomb -- that they missed" will go off in the future?

    I sense the priming of an area for a possible future False Flag.
    But maybe that's just the paranoid atmosphere of our era talking .

    1. Good info. Re: future f/f - I'd think of it as prudent, vigilant and strategic rather than paranoid.

    2. Thank you for saying that -- sometimes it gets hard to tell where that line is. Lol! :D

  4. Before Germany entered Poland to start WWII, the Pols had killed a estimated 50,000 Germans. Must be some parallels here. Looks like some foreshadowing for WWIII.

    1. Not too surprisingly, that's info I hadn't heard about before.

      Been meaning to learn more about parts of the war that were skipped over in school -- & you just gave me a good place to start. Thanks for sharing this -- will be looking into it further. ;D

  5. Augsburg is the third oldest city in germany.

    "Augsburg is the only German city with its own legal holiday, the Augsburger Hohes Friedensfest (high Joy fest?), celebrated on AUGust 8 of every year. This gives Augsburg more legal holidays than any other region or city in Germany."


    Bavaria is where the actual illuminati started.

    Is Germany now "pregnant" with the black truck that RAMMED the VAGINA place, the ROGUE ONE's, "baby?" LIGHTNING (Thor) hit Berghain August 30th this year. Something big in germany August 28-Sept. 25?

    "First we take Manhattan, then we take berlin." LEOnard Cohen.

    1. Very interesting info -- once again Germany is front & center.

      All this "AUG" referencing makes me think of things like
      ... Reading the AUGERIES ... & AUGERING Out Holes ...
      AUGMENTING the Situation ... & Breast AUGMENTATION.

      Versatile Prefix isn't it? Lol

    2. also, August 8th = 88.
      And of course there is WALmart (=88) in Augsburg, just as there is WALmart supercenter in Berlin. WALLs everywhere..

      I think you are on the right track. Somehow germany is relevant now.

      how 'bout AUGmented reality.

    3. AUGMENTED REALITY -- Of course! Should've been at the top of the list! Lol

      That's the kind of cognitive dissonance that rattles me -- missing the obvious.
      Especially when that's EXACTKY what ALL of this so-called "news" REALLY is anyway.

      You also mentioned something else that ought to be obvious --
      WAL-MART'S everywhere.
      In typical American fashion, I never THINK about their presence in Europe ... even though I KNOW they're there.
      Strange, isn't it?

      They really do seem to be an arm of governmental influence ... exactly WHAT government -- from WHERE -- I'm not sure though. Perhaps the GLOBAL Government.

      Makes me wonder if ALL of this "Wall Talk" -- especially Trump's declarations -- are actually referring to WALMART.

      "Build That Wall", eh?
      Keep adding MORE WALMARTS across the globe -- whether "The Locals" want them or not?

      That IS their Business Model -- & it's been the MOST successful TOOL for DESTROYING LOCAL, INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES -- without armies & bombs -- maybe ever in the History of the World.

      I think YOU'RE on to something VERY important here --

      Physical "Walls" are a thing of the past ...

      ** ECONOMIC WALLS ** are How It's Done NOW.

      It's SO OBVIOUS -- & makes SO much SENSE!

      Thanks for giving my brain a well-needed jolt! :D

    4. You're welcome :)

      Someone pointing out something rather obvious, something you already knew, is what we all need every now and then.

      Berlin wall had me thinking about Berlin wall-mart,
      the evolved wall 2.0, from physical walls to augmented walls, being "CONSTRUCTED" everywhere, as you said.

      Need to digest all this some more.


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