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33 55 74 93 118 226 | Death of MTV's '16 and Pregnant', Valerie Fairman, December 21, 2016

Valerie Fairman = 71/134 (Catholic = 35/71); Valerie = 36/72; Fairman = 35/62

To close out 2016, a cast member of 16 and Pregnant has been found dead, on December 21, the Winter Solstice.  In this post I'll show you why.

16 and Pregnant = 51/114 (Conspiracy = 51)
Sixteen and Pregnant = 84/93/210 (Born in '93) (Crucifix = 93) (God's Son = 93) (Sun, 93m miles)

The Winter Solstice is relevant to the Jesuits and the Christian / Catholic faiths.

It was the Catholic Church, under the leadership of the Jesuits, that made the day of worship, SUNday.

The number 'sixteen', also connects to '33', like the date she was found dead on, December 21, in Chester County, or CC, or 33.

12/21 = 12+21 = 33
Chester County, CC, C = 3
*Catholic Church; Christopher Columbus

Americas = 33; People = 33; Person = 33; Society = 33; Order = 33; Destiny = 33

'33' is the age that Jesus Christ was supposedly crucified on the cross.  We'll get to that in a moment.

Further, this MTV star has died in December, just before Christmas, the Holiday dedicated to Jesus Christ.  In a moment, we'll get to why his birthday is celebrated many months from when he was supposedly born in the summer.

Sacrifice = 46/55/73

Not only does Chester County have the CC connection, it sums to '59', a number with a 'kill' connection.

Recall how '5' and '9' connect back to '42'.

The date of her body being found was a date with a life lesson number of '42'.

12/21/2016 = 12+21+20+16 = 69 (Arsenic) (Life and death, represented in 69)
12/21/2016 = 12+21+(2+0+1+6) = 42
12/21/2016 = 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+6 = 15 (Fifteen = 38) (Killing = 38) (Death = 38)
12/21/16 = 12+21+16 = 49
12/21 = 12+21 = 33

Did she get pregnant at 15?

Further, notice she was from 'Coatsville'.

Coatsville = 37/46/118

Coatsville's 118 gematria connects to 'death'.

It appears her birthday was October 6, 1993.

10/6/1993 = 10+6+19+93 = 128
10/6/1993 = 10+6+(1+9+9+3) = 38 (Death) (Killing) (Cross = 38)
10/6/1993 = 1+0+6+1+9+9+3 = 29
10/6/93 = 10+6+93 = 109

From her birthday to today's news is a span of 77 days, or 76-days later.  Master = 76

There's a parallel to the name Valerie and the name Jesus Christ through mathematics.

Again, the Biblical story is that Christ was killed on the Cross at age 33.  In truth, it is an astrological story that corresponds with the Winter Solstice.  Fast Forward to 19:34 to see how the Winter Solstice is the story of Jesus death, as well as his birth:

The Sun = 24/33/87

Science tells us the sun is 93 million miles away from the earth on average during the time of the orbit of the earth.  To the Occult, Saturn is the "keeper of time".

Remember, the young woman was born in '93.  Her initials, VF, connect to '226'.

V = 22; F = 6

The Crucifix is Jesus on the Cross.

Gematria is based on the alphabetic order, and the English language rolled out around the same time the United States was being established, July 4, 1776.  Even 'Independence Day', or 7/4, sums to '74'.

Out of the 50 States, only one sums to '74'.  It is Oregon, the 33rd State.  Think about it, Jesus on the Cross at '33'.  Believe = 33

Of course, there is another important '74', that relates to the death of this young woman.

All throughout history, the 33rd element on the periodic table has been able to kill people without a trace, that is 'arsenic', which has an atomic weight of 74.

It's an undeniable pattern.

Oh yes, and one last point about the 'virgin' birth.  It is a good story for a 'Book', about 'Jesus Christ'.

This story comes just in time for Christmas, remember Jesus, crucified on the cross.

Cross = 38; Masonic = 38; Jewish = 38

On Christmas, we give gifts.

42 line Bibles, 42 generations to Jesus

What would Jesus buy?

***When you sum the first 144 decimal points of Pi, it totals 666


  1. Excellent post -- incredible information!!

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  3. I was listening to the grinch song...its definetly written by a mason or touch you with a THIRTY NINE n half foot pole....arsenic sandwhich

    1. Pagan = 39
      Wicca = 39
      39 Books in the OT

    2. An article posted online from news stated that the reality star was living with her adoptive parents and she was one of eleven children.
      "Adopted" in the English Sumerian system equals 390
      "Eleven Children" in the English Ordinal equals 136
      (1)36 - One of 11 children & 6 is 9 upside down-911

      A TMZ article pointed out the following:
      "Possbile DOA" in the English Ordinal system equals 117
      (11)7- Eleven children
      "Cardiac Arrest" using S-exception 66
      "Died of an overdose" in English Sumerian equals 966

  4. Awesome work again. I didnt even know about this story...

  5. The Editor In Chief "Franca Sozzani" for "Vogue Italia" died yesterday battling a year long mysterious illness. She was 66 years old and "Anna Wintour" aka "Nuclear Wintour" wrote an article for "Vogue" in memory of their 30 year friendship. Sozzani and several photographers came up with the phrase "Supermodel". She was also known for dedicating a Vogue edition to Black Women and their beauty.
    "Franca Sozzani" in the English Sumerian system equals 918
    "Murder By Numbers" in the English Ordinal system equals 19

    "Anna Wintour" in the English Gematria system equals 1311
    "Thirty Year Friendship" using the S-exception equals 131

    "New World Order" in the English Gematria system equals 1488
    "Sixty Six Years Old" in English Sumerian system equals 1488
    "Nuclear Wintour" in the English Gematria system equals 1688

    "Year Long Illness" in the English Sumerian system equals 1122
    "Thirty Year Friendship" in English Reduction system equals 122
    "Vogue Italia" in the English Ordinal system equals 122

    Her only son Director Francesco Carrozzini was by her side. He recently completed a documentary about his mother titled Franca: Chaos and Creation.
    "Chaos and Creation" in the English Sumerian system equals 900
    "Anna Wintour" in the English Sumerian system equals 900

  6. Excuse the error:
    "Murder By Numbers" in the English Ordinal system equals 198

  7. She looks like a glassy-eyed mannekin. Some kind of "Real" doll.

    1. Good analogy -- she really does!! I had to look at that pic a few times because it looked so odd.

      Fits perfectly with the Mannequin Challenge -- they actually tell what's going on ... which just screws with our psyches even more.

      "Real Life Doll" ...
      "Kids Having Kids" ...
      Teenagers having babies because they want a "Live Doll" To Love ... One Who'll Love Them Back.

    2. Just a couple of years ago -- when that show was still "hot" -- there was a HUGE spike in teen pregnancies around here.

      I actually heard several say they had sent videos to MTV -- hoping to get on the show. Naturally they turned a deaf ear when I tried to explain that it doesn't REALLY work that way.

      Most of them were from the next county over -- where the teen pregnancy rate was already one of the highest (of maybe ... anywhere!).

      Even their high school girl's basketball team usually has some pregnant girls playing -- it's the only way to muster up a full team!

      Most of those girls from a few years ago now have more than one child ... none are with the original "dad" ... & those that aren't in & out of jail are bouncing from one shit job to another. Very sad.

      Way to go, MTV -- you did your part to seal the fates of a generation ... & ensure they'd always be under the thumb of The System -- before they ever had a chance to realize that life DOES have more to offer than squalor & struggle.


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