Thursday, April 4, 2019

47 | Christopher Darden, aka Shitty Cuz, to be represented by Christopher Darden, April 4, 2019 news

The man with the April 7, or 4/7, like 47 birthday, is going to defend Eric Holder, aka Shitty Cuz.

Recall, Shitty Cuz was arrested in the Bellflower neighborhood.

This news comes on a date with 47 numerology, April 4, 2019.

4/4/2019 = 4+4+20+19 = 47

Read about the larger 47 ritual here:


  1. This event is unfolding like an episode of "Seinfeld" = 74 (eo). And ... the LAPD Chief is "Michael Moore"? Absolutely ridiculous and deliberately confusing. In the future, algorithms will expertly scramble these "overlapping details" & rewrite all of it to suit a specific agenda. The "storylines" (& "history") will all appear seamlessly "truthful" ... unlike real truth -- & real life -- which can be shown from multiple perspectives. Unless we commit to honing our innate skepticism (& teaching it's value to future generations), there will soon come a time when people will disregard all information that isn't presented as a neatly wrapped package.
    The notion of questioning the prescribed dialogue is under fire, & in some places it's already illegal. When the populace can no longer process any thoughts other than the propaganda, Orwell & Huxley's "future" will be reality.
    Question Everything ... & Disregard The Obvious Bullshit. :D ;D

  2. The funny thing is he'll win this case seeing he lost the other big one in the 90's All 90's themes R kelly Tupac, OJ ,Steve Kerr

  3. He went against a murderer in the 90s now he representing one this is a weaker re-run


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