Tuesday, September 3, 2019

93 112 | Year of the Black QB, ESPN story, September 3, 2019

 Year of the Black QB = 83; Football = 83

Notice the emphasis on 'They make the game exciting'.

112 / 113 / 238 / 383 (76th prime) *San Francisco = 76

Chiefs = 112
Super Bowl = 112

Scottish = 113 

Read about Odell Beckham and 93 in light of this story coming on September 3:

*The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 2, Black History Month.


  1. theyll still fall short. But thats another reason to involve the Niners, being that SF/ HP Newton thing.

  2. Nick Bosa, Jason Verrett, return to practice. Six players have new jersey numbers

  3. 49ers Head Coach Shanahan Won't Put the Brakes on Quarterback Garoppolo's Scrambling

  4. Zach- why did you change the quote from "they make the game exciting" to "they make THINGS exciting"? When you change the quote you change the gematria value.

    The 112 and 113 are still present, but the ordinal values changed to 238 and 383 (76th prime)

    1. I made a mistake, but I fixed it. When I saw it summed to 112 and 113, I thought I put in the right phrase because I knew it summed to that from hours earlier looking at it.

  5. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/navi-mumbai/navi-mumbai-fire-breaks-out-at-ongcs-gas-processing-facility-in-uran/articleshow/70954048.cms

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  7. "Luck Comeback" = 100 <<< Which Season?


    "Match" = 142
    "Coded Name" = 142
    "Andrew Luck Day" = 142
    "Black Operation" = 142
    Comeback Signal Code" = 333, 142


    "Decoy Player" = 1668
    "Andrew Luck Day" = 1668
    "Four Hundred Fourty Four" = 1668 <<< 4-4-4 ?
    "Knowledge is Illumination" = 1668
    "Agenda Message from the U.S. President" = 1668
    "NCAA Division One Football Championship" = 1668

    444? It is the 100th Season. Write Out 100:

    "Hundred" = 74, 444
    "The Key" = 74, 444

    "Andrew Luck Denver Broncos Back Up QB This Year" = 609, 444
    "Coming Agenda to Citizens of the United States" = 690, 444
    "American College Sports Championship Winner" = 609, 444

    "Planned Make America Great Again Tricks" = 609, 888
    "Gematria Communications" = 888
    "Top Secret Operation" = 888
    "American Goy Idiots" = 888
    "Group A Patriots" = 888
    "U.S.A. Tragedy" = 888
    "Counts Days" = 888

    "Triple Eights Sequence" = 911 <<<

    "Make America Great Again Operations" = 911
    "Three Four's Agenda Signal Code" = 911 <<< 4-4-4?
    "Mind Control Operations" = 911
    "Use Illuminati Cards" = 911
    "Freemasonic Symbol" = 911
    "NFL Points Tribute" = 911
    "Natural Disasters" = 911
    "Division" = 911

  8. 1993-94 AFC title game
    Chiefs fall to Bills

    Shady is now on the Chiefs ... chiefs are not going to
    Super Bowl neither are the 49ers who went in 94

    Just remember king Harry called it early REMATCH

  9. Zach u need to look at the Kiko Alonso trade from dolphins to Saints

  10. Zach u need to look at the Kiko Alonso trade from dolphins to the saints

    1. He was born in Newton Massachusetts and his nickname is goldilocks. I think his birthplace is more important than the team he goes to.

  11. You know what? After further review. Dwayne Haskins and the Redskins might have a decent year. Not SB, just playoffs.

  12. Andrew Luck= Abraham Lincoln..

    Luck, Hogsett, Indiana= the original NFL team in 1920 was the Hammond PROS, (ham). The Colts will make playoffs no matter who QBs.
    But they're making a big deal about black QBs. Washington Redskins will make it too . Luck (Lincoln, born in washington, is stepping down for the black QBs

    Luck day 9/3

    During the Civil War, Union supporters in President Abraham Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois asked him to speak at a rally on ""September 3, 1863"". Lincoln could not attend but wrote this letter to be read at the gathering by his long-time friend, James C. Conkling.


    1. Notice how nobody responds to you? Cut this crap Ram. Your not helping.

  13. I hate to say it but black quarterbacks' are decoys this year. They already tipped their hand with black shame for Willie Taggart and Charlie Strong. Teams with black quarterbacks' won't make playoffs. Only one team... take your pick.

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