Wednesday, August 17, 2016

13 41 45 61 | August 17, 2016 news headlines, Breitbart and FOX News taking over the Donald Trump campaign

Again, this is the candidacy for the 44th person to be POTUS.

POTUS = 19/28/91 (Barack Hussein Obama = 64/73/82/91)

Today's date synchs perfectly with 'right-wing'.  

8/17/2016 = 8+17+20+16 = 61

Right = 9+9+7+8+2 = 35
Wing = 5+9+5+7 = 26
Right Wing = 61

The story is about how Donald has been using Roger Ailes, recently departed from FOX News for political advice, and from the head of Breitbart, another pro-Republican publication.

Today also has '41' numerology, connecting to Breitbart.

Recall the significance of '41'.

This nation began with '13' Colonies, we have 13-stripes on the flag and we are programmed in public school, K-12, for 13-years.

Where I grew up, Portland, OR, the channel was FOX-13.


  1. Anyone Else thin Ailes Looks just like Alfred Hitchcock.

    Roger Ailes" in the English Reduction system equals 55 / 64

    Alfred Roger" in the English Reduction system equals 64

    Alfred Hitchcock" in the English Reduction system equals 72

    Alfred Hitchcock" in the English Ordinal system equals 126

    Ailes Hitchcock" in the English Reduction system equals 63 / 72

    Ailes Hitchcock" in the English Ordinal system equals 126

    If you know anything about Hitchcock you'll have heard he was not so polite to Women on his Film Sets. As The stories go. I Don't understand all the parallels yet but I'm working on it. Help would be appreciated.

    1. Alfred Hitchcock made 44-films in sound. Brother Berg just wrote a post about him the other day, check it out at extra capsa.

    2. There is a great documentary on HBO right now about Hitchcock. I wonder why he is on the shared mind?

  2. Trump back to Virginia on this crucial weekend... Will hold rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia on Saturday 8/20 just outside Alexandria, Great Falls, and DC.

    Fredericksburg = 235 (235-666 Illuminati card)

    Great Falls = 101 (Tower climber)
    Alexandria = 44 (Trump Campaign HQ)

    Interesting Trump making his Virginia rounds into 8/22.

    1. Clarification:
      Fredericksburg, Virginia = 235
      Fredericksburg = 74

      Alexandria = 44
      First and Last = 44

      Washingtons Masonic Temple up the road in Alexandria,

      Hillary looking like she could die on her own,

      and Trump on disappearance watch,

      They might actually be able to pull this thing off... "By the Numbers"

      CNN steals Zach's line when speaking on the Louisiana sinking in 69 gabillion gallons of water.