Saturday, August 13, 2016

14 33 125 | Mark Teixeira's August 5, 2016 retirement announcement, "Teixit" (Former Ranger)

This announcement comes 125-days from the start of the MLB Season, April 3, 2016.

Due to rain delays, the Yankees season began April 5, 123-days before Mark's announcement.

Conspiracy = 123

Notice the 4-months and 3-days as well.

New York Yankees = 191 (191, 43rd prime number) (Mark = 43)

Mark Teixeira began his career with the Texas Rangers, reminding of A-Rod's retirement with the Yankees, who came to the Yankees from the Rangers.  He retired two days after Prince Fielder who was on the Rangers.

Remember, '14' means 'end'.

End = 5+5+4 = 14

The name 'Teixit' is also funny.

He has a life lesson number of '33'.

4/11/1980 = 4+11+(1+9+8+0) = 33

He was on the Yankees team in 2009 that won the franchise's 27th World Series.

MLB = 13+12+2 = 27


  1. #1 sports writer Zachary k hubbard deep dark truth facts

  2. rangers looking like the Texas team going to the WS. I'm still waiting for the Astros to go on a sick run.

  3. Hey Zach, new to your work and I love it. Did you happen to see the story on CNN about Castro?

  4. Retired at age 36 and is 6' 3" tall

    Prince fielder will collect 106m after retirement

  5. This is also interesting...

    Teixeira = 91 (EO), 46 (ER)
    Chicago Cubs = 91 (EO), 46 (ER)

  6. If you type Chicago Cubs wins the world series it equals 2016 in english gematria.

    1. Sure it does: English is 6 times Simple English:

      Chicago Cubs wins the world series - 3+8+9+3+1+7+15+3+21+2+19+23+9+14+19+20+8+5+23+15+18+12+4+19+5+18+9+5+19 = 336

      336 * 6 = 2016

      Or in English:
      Chicago Cubs wins the world series - 18+48+54+18+6+42+90+18+126+12+114+138+54+84+114+120+48+30+138+90+108+72+24+114+30+108+54+30+114 = 2016

  7. Francisco Mejia has a 50 game hit streak for the Lynchburg Hillcats
    Lynchburg VA and Liberty University
    Mejia means messiah
    Jerry Falwell, fake dummy Christianity
    Interesting stuff there

  8. I went to mall in my area. And went to one of the sports shops. I took notice they had an abnormal amount of Colts and Vikings shirts, jerseys, hats and stuff. Must be preparing for the bandwagon fans.

    1. My local teams are steelers, giants, ravens and eagles. Seeing a lot of colts and vikings stuff made me laugh.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Well, that's an interesting clue.

    4. Ed.. I thought it was really odd. I mean. You see the normal local plus Dallas cuz they "America's team".. a bunch of rookie jerseys.. but I rarely see Colts Vikings stuff there. Before last year, Carolina stuff was rare.. but then last season I took notice to more stuff before the season even started. Take a walk into your local sports store.. if you take notice to similar stuff.. maybe that's a sign.

  9. Waiting on josh Hamilton now born 5/21 announced season ending injury 5/25 (5X25=125) probably be 125 after that on September 27

    September twenty seven=122
    Joshua's holt Hamilton=122
    One hundred and twelfth=122

    First NFL game back in la county in 22 years
    La county=63


  10. Chicago Cubs Texas Rangers" in the English Reduction system equals 98 / 125

    The World Series Start's October 25th (10-25) (125)

    one twenty five" in the English Reduction system equals 66

    World Series = 66

    Check out the 1998 Ranger's Season. in Light of the 98 /125.

    2016-1998= .. 18 ..

    Eighteen" in the English Reduction system equals 46

    Teixeira " in the English Reduction system equals 46

    Four Six" in the English Ordinal system equals 112


  11. Check this out... I know the Nationals are now being thrown in the hat because of their ties to the Rangers, so let's look at Bryce Harper, the Nationals star.

    He just came back from a "five game absence" due to a "stiff neck".

    Harper = 66 (EO) (World Series), 39 (ER)
    Bryce Harper = 119 (EO)
    Stiff Neck = 93 (EO), 39 (ER)
    Five Game Absense = 639 (EG), 117 (EO), 63 (ER) (2016)

    I still like a Rangers vs. Nationals narrative. Cubs are still favorites, but if the Cubs aren't in there, I see the Nationals as the next in line.

    1. Dodgers connections with Magic being 57 until today, his birthday? Vin Scully and the retirement narrative as well.

  12. Teixiera is also 36, and was born in Annapolis, Maryland which is very close to Washington DC!

  13. Ranger-213 Jewish

    Always makes me think of the
    Air Force Rangers--138, 447J