Wednesday, August 10, 2016

18 27 33 47 52 54 59 61 67 78 89 223 | John Saunders death at 61, August 10, 2016 (Ritual for 2016 NBA Finals & Cavs, maybe more) (+Flip Saunders connection)

Ask yourself, why is this the shot for the death of John Saunders death?  There is a clue here possibly for college football.  College football is not my strong suit at all, REMINDER.

Also, him passing at age '61' reminds me of one thing right away.

Finals = 6+9+14+1+12+19 = 61

Let us not forget how Flip Saunders was sacrifice at the beginning of the season for the Cavs.  I need to look into this name Saunders...

Also, recall how the Warriors and Cavs met in Game 7 of the NBA Finals with 610 points apiece.

John Saunders has died 52-days after the Finals concluded, June 19, 2016.

6/19/2016 = 6+19+20+16 = 61 (6+1 = 7, Game 7...) (LeBron's 7th NBA Finals)

Golden State = 122; San Francisco = 122; Freemason = 122.... 73 wins, 7 weeks, 3 days

With regards to '52', that connects to Cleveland breaking the streak of 52-years without a sports championship.  It also connects to the ritual sacrifice of Muhammad Ali at age 74, after 52-years of being named after the 'prophet'.

Game 7 was played in California at 'Oracle' Arena.  That stadium is 106 feet tall.

Both LeBron and Steph Curry are from Akron, Ohio.  So was Nate Thurmond who played for the Warriors and the Cavs and who died 27-days after the NBA Finals, after LeBron scored 27...

103, 27th prime (Cleveland's 103rd game of the season was Game 7)
Anton Yelchin died at 27 before the game, with birth numerology of '103' plus more

Warriors 106th game
106th Father's Day Ever (LeBron, the 'Godfather')
6/19/1566 = 6+19+15+66 = 106 (King James's birthday numerology)

Now let me show you the 'Oracle' connection to John Saunders.

The Warriors home winning streak ended at 54-games the same night the Cavs got their 54th win.

Notice he was born February 2, the thirty-third day of the year.

February Second = 156; Thirty-Three = 156; As Above, So Below = 156

2/2/1955 = 2+2+19+55 = 78 (NBA Finals = 78) (Cleveland = 78)
2/2/1955 = 2+2+1+9+5+5 = 24
2/2/55 = 2+2+55 = 59 (Kill) (Negro) (Slave) (Blues) (Black Mamba) (Michael Jordan) way more...

Recall that Cleveland became the first team to win the NBA Finals on the road in Game 7 since 1978, when the Washington Bullets defatted the Seattle Sonics in Washington State.  78

8/10/2016 = 8+10+20+16 = 54 (Oracle) (ESPN)
8/10/2016 = 8+10+(2+0+1+6) = 27 (LeBron's points, Game 7) (# of books in New Testament)
8/10/2016 = 8+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 18 (6+6+6) (The NBA Finals = 666)
8/10/16 = 8+10+16 = 34 (One) (139, 34th prime) (Freemasonry = 139) (Triple Double = 139)

And his name.

John = 1+6+8+5 = 20
Peterson = 7+5+2+5+9+1+6+5 = 40/49
Saunders = 1+1+3+5+4+5+9+1 = 29/38/47 (Ohio = 47)
John Peterson Saunders = 89/98/116 (King James = 89) (Warriors lost with 89)
John Saunders = 49/58/67 (Revelation/Warriors) (Freemasonry) (Blood Sacrifice)

John = 10+15+8+14 = 47 (Ohio)
Peterson = 16+5+20+5+18+19+15+14 = 112
Saunders = 19+1+21+14+4+5+18+19 = 101 (Philadelphia)
John Peterson Saunders = 260
John Saunders = 148 (888, English Gematria)

John Saunders began with ESPN when he was 31-years old, he has died 30-years later.  LeBron James just won the NBA Finals at age 31, becoming the first member of a team to come back from 3-1 in the NBA Finals.  They were the '33rd team' to be in that position.

Basketball = 31
LeBron 31-years old
Cleveland comes back from down 3-1...
John Saunders began working with ESPN at 31....

Interesting post time.  Death = 228; United States of America = 228

Last point, it is no coincidence ESPN anchor  Hannah Storm broke the news for ESPN earlier today, coming from 'Rio'.

Again, this connects back to the Championship of the Cavs.  Remember, they finished the regular season with 57-wins.  Villanova earlier in the year earned their 57 tournament win all-time winning the championship.

The name 'Storm' also ties in nicely with the August 5, or 8/5 opening to the Rio Games.

'85' also comes back to Basketball.  Remember how Villanova won the men's hoops championship for the first time since '85, winning 31-years later...

Basketball = 22/31/40/85

Another important observation, is that John Saunders has died on the 223rd day of the year, August 10, 2016.  It reminds of how Flip Saunders, from Cleveland, died just before the start of the season, born February 23, 1955.

Masonic = 223
The Synagogue of Satan = 223

Flip Saunders died exactly 239-days before the Cavs won the NBA Finals.

Torah = 239
Golden Gate = 239
U.S. was 239-years old when Cavs won


  1. another top story on CNN - the water park incident - was followed on the same page by an elderly couple married 63 years dies minutes apart, in the same room.

    she passed at age 87 at 5:10
    he passed at age 86 at 5:30

    apparently the family read Psalm 103 during 'a beautiful act of God'. they didn't quite finish the verse.

    Jeanette De Lang = 51 a lot like the time she died 5:10, 51

    Henry De Lang = 113 like the coded propaganda this is

    at the end of the article is this little tidbit:

    Earlier this summer George and Ora Lee Rodriguez, married for 58 years, died a few hours apart at their home in San Antonio, surrounded by family -- and holding each other's hands.

    notice the 58 and 63 years duration of the marriages. very suspect.

    1. The theme of elderly couples dying while holding hands is DIRECTLY lifted from the end of the Robin Williams movie "BICENTENNIAL MAN" -- about an android/robot who fights to be Legally regarded as "Human".

      Interesting it ran alongside the Water Park story -- because I'm STILL unable to find ANY info about REP. SCOTT SCHWAB'S "PARENTS".

      It's like he suddenly fell out of the sky ... Wiki says he was born in Kansas ... but other sites say DETROIT, MI.

      NO info on the WIFE EITHER -- except for THIS "Ironic Coincidence" ...

      ** Last year, "MICHELE SCHWAB" --
      (SAME unusual spelling of the 1st name)
      ACCIDENTALLY DROPPED HER SON INTO A CHEETAH EXHIBIT -- at an ANIMAL PARK ... She was overwhelmed by her 3 BOYS ...

      Now -- Google REP SCOTT SCHWAB & click on IMAGES ... On Line 7, 3rd image from left (unless it gets shifted around -- then hunt for it) ...

      There's a totally BIZARRE PIC -- showing Schwab being interviewed on camera ... the pic incorporates the "whole picture" -- & shows a "FULL SHOT" of him -- WEARING A SHORT BLACK SKIRT & SITTING WITH HIS BARE LEGS CROSSED (!!??)

      Photoshopped? I don't know ... it links to: --a Kansas City news site with the logo "41 Action NEWS". The report was posted @ 9:38 PM on 11/5/15 & updated @ 5:04 PM on 11/6/15, by DIA WALL ... titled,"KS Representative Scott Schwab defends / email criticizing Olathe School District".
      Can't help but wonder: Just How Deep IS the BULLSHIT stacked in Kansas?

      Someone's laid some elaborate tracks here ... in spite of (or to cover up ..?) the VOLUMES OF "MISSING INFO".

      My Question: WHO IS "SCOTT SCHWAB" ... & ... Besides having been a "Sales Trainer & Lobbyist" for a Big Pharma Co -- one that's listed ONLY as being "In The Forbes *50* ... WHERE DID THIS GUY ORIGINATE FROM?? ... And His WIFE, too?? ;D :D

    2. I'm fresh from Kansas, spent 15 years there. we can talk about all sorts of stuff from sports to news, I'm sure to have something to contribute. I have friends and family from all over the entire state.

      Michael FRED Phelps. fucking seriously? I didn't know that until yesterday.

      FRED Phelps and the hatred, what a joke.

    3. It is an older tale then Bicentennial Man, people have always longed to die with their true love. And it does happen, though I doubt naturally in this case.

    4. True -- they sure didn't invent the idea -- I just found it interesting because of all the weirdness surrounding Robin William's death. Call me a contrarian, but frankly I don't see ANYTHING "beautiful" in those stories. I'm fed up with this Death Culture.

      What I see are subtle storylines being doled out to start softening people up for the Next Big Agenda -- The Right To (ostensibly) "Choose" When & How You Die. (Also a theme in "Bicentennial Man".)

      And overall, I'd bet these "heart-warming stories" DEPRESS more people than they make all warm & fuzzy inside. Besides those without a spouse, how many will be left with the realization that -- in all likelihood -- they will die alone in a nursing home ... because THAT'S the REALITY of how our "Advanced Society" ACTUALLY treats their elders.

      Sorry to be such a bummer about this, but Facts Are Facts ... unless our culture undergoes a momentous change, that's "The End Times" we ALL have waiting for us.

      And don't EVEN get me ranting about the onslaught of "Cancer Kids" media -- guaranteed to ruin ANY parent's happy mood within seconds ...

      The Big Questions Still Are: Who the hell ARE "Scott & Michele Schwab" -- & DID she drop her son into the Cheetah Pit at the CLEVELAND ZOO on 4/11/15?? Lol, lol ;D :D

    5. Good stuff, I totally agree, that syrupy dying together holding hands thing makes me think of Siamese/conjoined twins.

    6. Reminds me of the Suicide Booths in Futurama. Same concept. It is all about giving up, letting go, giving in to the inevitable. But if you know what I know then you know you live forever. And no, you don't need a Bible or anything.

      Why be a burden when you can be free? Maybe Ill be an Suicide Ad-man in my next life.

      Just kidding, I wanna be Thanos.

  2. Maybe nothing, but I find it intersting his famous brother is Bernie Saunders which reminds me of Bernie Sanders. Bernie played for the Quebec Nordiques who turned into the Colorado Avalanche(Denver). Also John Saunders played hockey for the Western Michigan Broncos. The NFL season opens up with Panthers vs Broncos on Bernie SAnders 75th bday as well.

    1. 8/10 to 9/8 is 29 days...Football=29

    2. Greg Jennings just retired too. Western Michigan

    3. 10/29/07, Jennings caught game winning bomb from Favre, at Denver,

      Game was 13-13 in overtime. Favre's "36th" game winning drive.

    4. If it helps, 8/1-9/8 (8+1+9+8=26) 696 hours. 696+(6+9+6)=717

    5. Check out who built the Broncos Indoor training facility

  3. in regards to Psalm 103

    This psalm was traditionally performed during the celebration of Matins of Saturday by the order of St. Benedict, probably since its founding to 530.

    530 and the husband's 5:30 death time? hmmmmm.

    1. Today is also a span of 53-days since the NBA Finals.

      Religion = 53
      King James = 35/44/53

    2. In 35 days Beyonce, AC/DC, and Adelle are all performing concerts each in different places September, 14th

  4. Today is the sixth month 10th day as in 61 his age

  5. Originally, there were ten months in the Roman calendar, which was basically a lunar calendar. The ten months were Martius (March), Aprilis (April), Maius (May), Iunius (June), Quintilis (Fifth), Sextilis (Sixth), September (Seventh), October (Eighth), November (Ninth), December (Tenth

  6. All this death means is tribute to the Boston red sox winning tonight over the Yankees. Game just started 0-0

  7. 8+10+20+16= 54 today's numerology, syncs with oracle, 54 game winning streak and the Cavs 54th win

  8. From Hannah Storm's birthday (6/13) to and including today is 59 days, a number coded across Black people all throughout history, no coincidence she broke the news.
    Hannah Storm also got her job at ESPN May 10th 2008;
    May 10th to and including today is 93 days like propaganda and Saturn, the keeper of time.
    Today 'August tenth' equals 39 R a flip of 93.
    'May tenth' 106 O (prophecy 106 O) another reason she was chosen to break the story.
    February 2nd (Saunder's birthday) to May 10th is 98 days later or 3 months 8 days later like death 38 O.
    His birthday and death date have the same gematria written out;
    'February Second' 156 O
    'August tenth' 156 O

    1. Awesome work! Very well done, way to go the extra mile. Brilliant.

    AUG 11-14

    "tpc deere run" in the English Reduction system equals 57
    "steve stricker" in the English Reduction system equals 57

    Tournament final round 8+14+20+16 = 58
    Steve Sricker is rank 85 a reflection of 58


  10. Oklahoma beat Alabama 45-31 in 80th sugar bowl in New Orleans in 2014 big upset.

    Bama is the title favorite this year and OU has potentially the next Heisman qb.

    Coach Saban was one of the first to hold a presser to remember Saunders.

    Saunders is well known for presenting the championship trophies in college football and nba finals.

    Maybe rematch or something happens at the sugar bowl this year