Tuesday, August 9, 2016

187 organizations funded by George Soros are attacking Donald Trump


Do I even ened to elaborate?


  1. Was watching an old episode of the Sopranos that aired on 5/31/2001. In it the ladies are sitting around discussing Hillary and how she is a role model to all women.

    Episode is called Amour Fou--110, 660, 617

    It aired 5640 days
    15 years 5 months 8 days
    805 weeks and 5 days before the election day.

    Any thoughts on 558 or 855?

    Also, Hillary and Bill did an odd reenactment of the Sopranos final scene in 07.


  2. watching Gilmore Girls with my lady there's a season four episode where Lorelai is talking to her daughter and says something like "see ya when Hillary's president".

    Gilmore Girls coming back later this year after final season in 2007.

  3. also the lotto numbers and date correspond nicely to 187 coding.