Wednesday, August 10, 2016

223 | The "223" deaths of John Saunders and Flip Saunders for the 2016 NBA Finals

Flip Saunders passed October 25, 2015, in Minnesota, being born in Cleveland, OH, February 23, 1955.  John Saunders passed August 10, 2016, the 223rd day of the year.

Notice where YouTube has frozen my video.


  1. I believe some research needs to be done outside of sports in relation to John Saunders.

    Saunders = 101, 606
    Assassin = 101, 606

    John Saunders has the exact same gematria as Donald J Trump = 888, 148, 49

    John Saunders born 2/2 = 33rd day of the year
    Being a leap year there are 333 days left following his b-day.

    George Washington & Trump = 88

    George Washington Masonic Temple in Alexandria Virginia.

    It's the only Masonic building supported by all 52 grand lodges of the United States.

    The cornerstone and the building itself has everything in it from the bible to replica of the arc of the covenant. It's floors are represented (very recently in some cases) by everyone from the Knights Templar to the York & Scottish Rite to the Order of the Demolay.

    It measures 333 ft. 101 meters. Assassin

    It sits on Shooters Hill.

    Shooting = 44
    Kill = 44
    Lone Gunman = 44

    It is our First Presidents shrine.

    George Washington Masonic Temple = 143
    George Washington's Masonic Temple = 144

    First and Last = 44, 791, 143
    Alexandria = 44, 791, 534, 89
    Virginia = 534, 89
    Pokemon = 89, 534
    End times = 89, 534

    Trump's campaign HQ is in Alexandria Virginia

    It's on 675 N Washington

    N Washington = 144
    George Washingtons Masonic Temple = 144
    And everything else Zach has coded 144

    Six seventy five = 69 (keystone)

    If John Saunders death isn't foreshadowing an Assassination of Trump or our 44th it is worth scrutiny regardless.

    It's not always about sports people.

    C-span ran a segment on this Temple on 12/21/2010 to mark the 100th anniversary of the creation of its governing body.

    12/21 = 33

    12/21/2016 will mark the 106th anniversary

    106 = prophecy

    The Tall Cedars of Lebanon (high level masons) symbolizing the tall cedars used to build the Temple of Solomon have a huge hand in this Masonic temple.

    Temple of Soloman = 69

    In the Olympic opening ceremony Hoda Kotb of NBC remarked "Alexandria Virginia" as soon as Team Egypt walked out. Her mother is Egyptian.

    The Temple has drawn significant attention from supposed "well known turrurists"

    1. The motto of The Tall Cedars of Lebanon is "Fun, Frolic, Fellowship"

      FFF = 666

      John Saunders was Canadian American.

      Canadian American = 666

    2. Forgot to add...

      King James = 89, 534
      Alexandria = 89, 534, 44
      Virginia = 89, 534

      GW Masonic Temple modeled after the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt.

      Remember Hoda Kotb, Alexandria, and Team Egypt

      Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt = 33(0)

      Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt = 14(0)4

    3. Trump climber "Steve from Virginia" is Michael Joseph Ryan from Great Falls, Virginia just outside DC approx 25 miles from Alexandria Virginia and Trump Offices.

      Great Falls = 101, 606

  2. The photo with Saunders and Landry Jones, the sooners QB also connects to 223;

    The photo was taken January 1st, 2011;
    the final 2 date numerologies for that photo date are a lot like 6/13 hannah storm's birthday and the 33 is important also.
    1/1 to 2/2 (Saunder's Birthday) is 33 days like the numerology of 33 for the day.
    1/1 to 8/10 is 222 days later or 7 months 9 days like champion 79 O, Landry Jones and the Sooners won that bowl game in Glendale Arizona; Glendale = 33 R like the span before his next birthday on that date (1/1).
    Glendale, Arizona = 144 O, from 8/10 to the next 1/1 is 144 days later.
    Finally 1/1 of this year to and including his death date (8/10) is 223 days like how today was the 223rd day of the year and how Flip Saunders had a 2/23 birthday, he's probably been picked since that photo 5 years ago.

  3. Nice connection. Flip Saunders announced he had cancer last year on the 223rd day of the year also. Andrew Wiggins born on 2/23 as well. The NBA season begins on 10/25 this year and so does the World Series.

  4. A Rod's last game is this week. He played 22 years and is a 3 time MVP (322 / 223)

  5. The Moon Calendar date of 10/1 (assassin) is April 4th or 4/4 (shooting, kill, lone gunman). It is also a common date for assassinations. MLK etc..

  6. regarding the picture of the 3 cavs, it's not just the 223 across their jerseys, it's that they are templars in the dessert, searching for the holy grail.