Monday, August 22, 2016

26 106 | Gary Sanchez, New York Yankees, fifth fastest player in MLB history to 8 HRs

Here is another child of prophecy.  Today, August 22, 2016, he hit his 7th and 8th career home runs, and his 8th came in only his 66th major league at bat, ranking him fifth all-time in the fastest to 8 HRs.  His accomplishment comes 102-days before his 24th birthday.

12/2/1992 = 12+2+19+92 = 125
12/2/1992 = 12+2+(1+9+9+2) = 35 (Yankees)
12/2/1992 = 1+2+2+1+9+9+2 = 26 (Yankees)
12/2/92 = 12+2+92 = 106 (Prophecy)

Gary = 7+1+9+7 = 24
Sanchez = 1+1+5+3+8+5+8 = 31
Gary Sanchez = 55/64

Gary = 7+1+18+25 = 51
Sanchez = 19+1+14+3+8+5+26 = 76
Gary Sanchez = 127


  1. Off topic: since I don't know your email address.

    Did you see Kobe Bryant announced his 100 million dollar company he opened with a partner at the New York stock exchange?

    1. Something odd going down with all that
      Plus LA declared 8/24 the 236th day of year Kobe Bryant day.
      August twenty fourth=284
      Two thirty six=284

    2. This story says 8/23 is the 236th day of the year. That 8/22 illuminati card did not happen.

    3. Yes it's correct I forgot to mention that 8/24 is usually the 236th not on leap years.

    4. You can say his bday this year is on the 236th day. Either way they made sure to hit the dates with something, "kobe day "his birthday leap year non leap year they got it..flexible every year

    5. True. If the card game happens tomorrow they can use the leap year claim. But there was an economist magazine with an 8/22 that obviously did not happen.

    6. If anything the dates 5/23 and 8/22 are dates to look for next year especially if trump get elected and I hope he does so the masses can get mad

  2. Watch the yankees win the ws in yhe next 2 years . There tryna create the same thing they had in 96 with jeter Rivera etc

    1. Doubt it. 27 championships....MLB=27, 27 outs in a game per team...what might happen is the Yanks go to the ALCS or something in a few years and Judge, Austin, and Sanchez will do something to earn "choker labels" so that the average baseball fan can continue to make fun of the "whiny, butthurt Yankee 'fans'"thus distracting them even more from what really matters.