Sunday, August 7, 2016

26 51 58 | ESPN NFL front page, day of Hall of Fame Games, August 7, 2016

Last year at the time of the Hall of Fame Game, Frank Gifford died, formerly of the Giants.  This year it is a member of the Colts who lost a family member the day of.  That was my February pick for this year's coming Super Bowl, Colts and Giants.

One last point, the man shown, Eli Apple, has a slight riddle within his name in connection to the upcoming Super Bowl.  I also did project Eli Apple to the Giants in the 2016 draft in the highly rigged and highly transparent NFL.

Eli = 5+12+9 = 26

It was 26-weeks from today to the start of the Super Bowl.

Eli is also the name of the QB of the Giants.

Actually, one last point.  Today has '51' numerology.

8/7/2016 = 8+7+20+16 = 51

It is the year of Super Bowl 51.  Here are words with '51' gematria.

McAdoo = 51 (Hired on date with 51 numerology)
Conspiracy = 51
Houston Texans = 51


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    2. It's because when I first made the post, I thought he was wearing #30.

  2. The Colts and Vikings are now the odds on favorite to meet in Super Bowl 51 at 10:1. It use to be something around 35:1. Seems like my online bet website just got a tip lol

  3. Interesting numbers for the Hall of Fame game today. (8/7/2016) After the death of the Vikings owner's father Joseph Wilf, I'm starting to have some doubts that the Vikings will reach Super Bowl 51.

    8+7+16 = 31 (Houston)

    8/7: 87 = (super bowl Fifty one) (forecast)

    forecast: predict or estimate (a future event or trend)

    7/8: 78 (prognostication)

    Prognostication: the action of foretelling or prophesying future events. Also on the Packers wiki is states the number 112 as a stockholder.

    112 = Houston

  4. Interesting, Hall of Fame game canceled, due to poor field conditions.

  5. They cancelled cause Rodgers didn't want to play !!! Hahahhaha hahahahaha

  6. Stick with your original call and instinct Zack.

    Colts and Giants superbowl, with Giants going out on top, is probably the best betting tip found on the net in a decade. I have found some connections in the early NFL history that backs it up, but please give me a couple days more to make a compilation for review.

    Also Vikings winning next year follows the same narrative, completing a three year super bowl ritual started with Manning and Broncos this year. Prince is just a little part of it, because the real issue here is the fight for the crown. Who will bee the (vi)KINGS of the earth.

    1. If the Vikings went next year, they'd be the first team to represent in the Super Bowl they were hosting. I feel like that is 'due'.

    2. Yes it is!

      I just call them the KINGS now, drop the VI if you get my point.

      Please also take into consideration the following:

      "LAST SUPERBOWL" in the English Reduction system equals 48
      "END" in Jewish Gematria Equals 49

      When you look at it, the Stephen Strasburg 13 game winning streak and Dennis Green checking out at the tail end of this, it is actual a prophecy of the end of football (Green born in 49).

      Super Bowl 46, 47 and 48 is the last three superbowls planned to be played, and it is a combined 3-part ritual for the KINGS, of rulership of the earth.

  7. Colts:
    3×15×12×20×19=205200 (252) 25 & 52 Prophecy

  8. Is there a chance of colts not going superbowl? Or is it a lock?