Tuesday, August 9, 2016

33 137 | The 'green' pool at Rio Olympics, August 9, 2016 +Same times as report of unsafe U.S. drinking water

This is part of a ritual.  Notice down people the poster in the stadium for the swimming is blue and green.  This tribute connects to the date numerology.

8/9/16 = 8+9+16 = 33

Washington State is the only one with a 'green' flag.  The state is named after 33rd Degree Master Mason George Washington.

What I'm wondering now are what nations have blue and green flags?  What do the blue and green Olympic rings symbolize?

Something's missing here.


At the same time, these headlines are also running.



  1. Surely theres more to this..

    Like you said its clearly a ritual, just out of interest what happens when you mix green with blue? I suppose it turns turquoise which is also known as aqua?

    Obvious connection with aqua and water, i'd love to know what the symbolism is behind these things - Probably some worship to some god because of how the stars have aligned for a certain day.

    Need to brush up on my astrology, astronomy and the study of the gods haha!

  2. So the five Olympic rings represent the 5 continents that par take in the games.

    What we dont know is which continent represents what color but i'd put a large bet that each color does symbolize a continent - but they obviously wont share that knowledge.

    The green pool next to a blue one - Perhaps is symbolism for an up coming divide between the major continents? It comes on a date with 33 numerology that is often a number connected to sacrifice and war.

    Wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't foreshadowing that start of a future war.

    Interesting though, who won the events that took place in the green pool? Maybe theres some clues in the names/nationalities.

  3. Blue screens and green screens
    both colors are used in television as background.