Tuesday, August 9, 2016

42 44 53 64 96 106 144 181 | Michael Phelps, the manchurian swimmer, wins his 21st gold medal, August 9, 2016 +Boomer Phelps


Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86; Republic = 86; Citizen = 86

I remember his first Olympics, on the TV they put up a graphic about how his body couldn't have been engineered anymore perfectly for swimming.  Strange the name people call him by corresponds with his height of 6'4".  Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64

6/30/1985 = 6+30+19+85 = 140 (Number often coded with '106')
6/30/1985 = 6+30+(1+9+8+5) = 59 (Slave)
6/30/1985 = 6+3+0+1+9+8+5 = 32 (America) (7/4/1776)
6/30/85 = 6+30+85 = 121 (Revelation) (Revelation is the book of prophecy)

This win comes 40-days after his 31st birthday.  31 is the 11th prime.  'Master number'.

As I mentioned above, his birth numerology is often paired with '106'.  The full name of Michael Phelps II has gematria of '106', and he was one of '106' medalists returning to the Olympics for the U.S. Team.  The U.S. sent 555 athletes  USA = 3+1+1 = 5

106, the number of 'prophecy'.


Notice the mention of 'Boomer Phelps'.  Today, August 9, the date of his dad's big win, is the day that leaves 144-days left in the year.

There's a relationship between 'swimming' and '144' as well.

With the s-exception, 'swimming' sums to 53.

Swimming = 1/10+5+9+4+4+9+5+7 = 44/53
8/9/2016 = 8+9+20+16 = 53

Boomer Phelps was born May 5, or 5/5, 2016.  Notice above this big win for his father comes 5-weeks and 5-days after his own birthday, June 30.

1+2+3+4....+63 = 2016

From his son's birthday to today is 96-days, go figure.

Remember the connection between '42' and '96'.

Michael Phelps is born on June 30, the 181st day of the year, the 42nd prime number.

Muhammad Ali was the big sacrifice for the upcoming Olympics, dying June 3, 63-days before the state of the Summer Olympics.  He is remembered for opening the '96 Games in Atlanta, on the 33rd parallel.

8/9/16 = 8+9+16 = 33 (Cassius Clay = 33) (CC, 33)

Muhammad Ali also died 139-days after his birthday, connecting to Freemasonry, and the start date of the Olympics, August 5, 2016, or 5/8.

The first Olympics of modern times were April 6, 1896, the 96th day of the year.

'42' connects back the word 'new' as in 'new world order'.

New = 5+5+5 = 15
New = 14+5+23 = 42

The U.S. capital, Washington D.C., has the 555-ft tall Washington Monument, and the 5-sided, 5-floored, with a 5-acre court in the middle Pentagon.

Muhammad Ali died 67-days prior to today, the 96th day of Michael Phelp's son's life.  George Washington, died at age 67, and was a 33rd degree Master Mason.  Who 'Washington' is named after.

Freemasonry = 67 (Washington dead at 67) (Blood Sacrifice = 67)
Washington = 49/58 (Revelation = 49) (Freemasonry = 58)


  1. Zach, it is also interesting that Michael Phelps is making a triangle with his body. https://imgur.com/a/OGJ2V

    1. Great work!
      Triangle = 41; Pyramid = 41; USA = 41
      It is a span of 41-days from his birthday.

    2. Hardee's foreshadowed the US Athletes in the olympics by selling one of their foods for $5.55

  2. Hey Zach. First time poster, but have been listening and learning from you for about a year now.

    Not sure if you have already covered this or are aware but,I just got home from work, turned on the T.V for kicks (I don't normally watch T.V but since the Olympic coverage is currently going on NBC figured, sure why not) and saw Michael Phelps compete in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay. I saw the results along side the timeclock and immediately knew the jig was up. (The clock looked like it actually paused for a second or glitched possibly but it most likely served to attain the desired digits. Shame I didn't record it.)

    Michael Phelps - 1st place 7:00.66

    I then come here to your blog and low and behold there it is.


    Just wanted to contribute that little nugget to your masterpiece. Appreciate the work! Stay strong and keep it up!

    1. Awesome first post, thank you friend!

    2. ripped cap -- 88/52/282 (Trump -- 88)

  3. Did anyone else notice how his swim cap ripped in half and he had to use a black one during the mens relay for his 21st gold. Is there anything to that Zach that you see? I looked to me like he ripped it on purpose

    1. I didn't watch but I'll look into it, another great heads up!

  4. Replies
    1. Fixed Olympics--160, 960

      Rigged Olympics--162, 774


      Global Hypnosis--174, 1044

      The Left Hand Does Not Know what The Right Hand is Doing=509, 3144

      Matthew 3:6

      Matthew Chapter Three Verse Six=338

    2. The Pool of Siloam--181, 549(Sixteen)

      Siloam--69, 414, 200

    3. The Book of Matthew Chapter Three Verse Six--2610

  5. U said something about it going to be 577 in jewish calendar in two months. 577 is the 106th prime

  6. The Jewish new year of 5777 will be celebrated sundown October 2 to sunrise October 4.
    Note: 5777 + 223 = 6000

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  7. Coincidentally, today (August 10) is the 223 day of the year with 143 days remaining. Expect some Skull & Bones shenanigans.