Saturday, August 13, 2016

52 112 | LA Rams win first game in LA Coliseum, August 13, 2016

Is it a coincidence that Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is back in action for the first time in 22-years, the season the Super Bowl is in 'Houston'?

Notice the Rams won with a score summing to 52-points.

California also has that '52' gematria.

The last time there was a Super Bowl in the Los Angles area, the Cowboys won with 52-points.

That was in '93.  We know about '93' and time.


  1. The last super bowls played in Los Angeles county (rose bowl)
    cowboys won with52 lpoints like today's game
    Nyg won with 39 points
    Redskins won Washington redskins =112
    Steelers won with 31

  2. When I think of Los Angeles coliseum .

    Raiders=74 Masonic

    Carl Lewis ran 100m in 9.99

  3. Hey zach. You should do a weekly blog during the NFL regular season.. making picks for each game. Like they do on fox, espn etc. See how many games you get right total at the end of the season. And release a YouTube video like Wednesday night or Thursday morning before the weekly games begin. That be hot if you can get almost all of them right.

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  5. Hello Zach, any numbers on Chris Barry the son of DC's late Mayor Marion Barry?