Thursday, August 11, 2016

54 57 75 | MLB Standings 75-days from October 25, 2016 World Series (Will re-evaluate picks August 29, 2016)

Today, August 11, 2016, marks 75-days until the World Series start, which is October 25, 2016.  These stands were set after yesterday's games, August 10, 2016.

8/10/2016 = 8+10+20+16 = 54 (Baseball = 54)

The gematria for 'World Series' are as follows:

World Seres = 57
World Series = 66/75 (S-Exceptions)
World Series = 147 (Simple English)

In case I'm right about Cubs and Astros, he World Series beginning on October 25, 2016 bodes well for Chicago Cubs at this moment, along with their record, having played 112-games on this crucial date as the season winds down.  Houston = 112 (Possible opponent in Cubs World Series)

10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71 (71-wins)
The Curse of the Billy Goat is from 1945, 71-years ago (Illinois = 45)

We'll revisit the standings on August 29, 2016, 57-days until the World Series start.  By then I should be able to evaluate the worth of my Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros pick.  Something that dawned on me recently is I made a major miscalculation in saying this was the Astro's 54th season.  They're 54 years old, but this is their 55th season, so that might very well 

You might recall how the Astros opener ended up being played April 5, or 5/4, with a win over the Yankees, the leagues most winning World Series team.


  1. LeBron signs 3 years 100 million for the Cavs.

    1. So he's stuck in Cleveland for 2 more years atleast. That doesn't bold well for the Warriors. The King to 3-Peat in Cleveland?

      31 Mil first year
      33 Mil the following year
      3rd year most likely player option.

    2. I just love the symbolism if the Cavs meat the Warriors for a 3rd time in a row at the NBA finals...

      It stinks a long, long way of armed forces and a planned 3rd World War.

      WAR and warriors. Cavaliers more like a re-wording of a modern military Cavalry...

  2. Astros getting rocked yesterday 5-0 when the Center for Weather Control rained it out and wiped the slate clean for a needed do-over.

  3. Just watched your vid about the Trump Tower climber, "PLANNED PROPAGANDA ..." -- & was thinking how that vid would be a great Introduction video for newcomers.
    It's got a lot of really good & varied info ... & your sign off -- Explaining to people What Action they CAN Take ... & Reminding them that the Individual Is NOT POWERLESS -- was classic (& actually uplifting!)

    Even after these election theatrics are over, This Video will be just as relevant to the next "situations" that arise.
    Voting on EVERY level is a controlled farce ... & I've come to think that the little fiefdoms awarded to their lackeys at the local level are far MORE dangerous to us -- because they DIRECTLY affect us in our everyday lives.

    GREAT Video Zach!! ;D :D

  4. Re: Your "PLANNED PROPAGANDA ..." video (Trump Tower climber) ... @ 5:00 you're pointing out all the 101 's ... could this be referencing a planned event in CA -- somewhere along "The 101 Highway"? Something to watch for ..l ;D :D

  5. Zack, maybe this could end up as just another example of "Cain Enterprices" just changing from Plan A to Plan B?

    We will have to wait of course, to see the fate of Houston Astros this MLB season to make any conclusions...

    The thing here is that maybe we now draw too much attention to their system of lies and rigging, and they want to make some statement cases to make the "community" that tries to expose them look like fools...

    If I were in your shoes Zack, I would be kind-of-proud if the Houston Astros reached the World Series, you called it early based on your experience studying the system. But..... as the situation is now... I would be ten times more proud if the Astros did not make the playoffs...... Because that would mean that you have been an integral part of the "movement" that forced Cain to change his original plan for the MLB season.

  6. Astros not making it lol. rookie mistake, its Texas