Friday, August 12, 2016

76 106 113 239 666 | August 12, 2016, Katie Ledecky wins fourth gold medal at Rio Olympics

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Green Screen = 113; Scottish = 113

Why would they code '113'?  What do they know that we don't?

The headline also connects to the time of this record.

The U.S. Flag is 239-years old this year.  The country just turned from 239 to 240.

The name 'Katie Ledecky' has a tie to 'prophecy'.

Again, the U.S. Olympic team had 106 returning medalists for the Rio Games.  The most famous of them, Michael Fred Phelps II.

It is no coincidence that the top two swimmers for the U.S. Team have the prophecy code in their names.  Kathleen's full name also has gematria of '235', the first three prime numbers.  Interestingly enough, we've been looking at those numbers in a different perspective, also connected to the 'prophecy' code, in regards to a political assassination.

I don't think there is any assassination riddle here, I just want to show the pairing of those same numbers in another place.  My thought is that they have some greater significance when paired together, that I don't yet understand.

Her birthday is March 17, a date that can be written 17/3, a lot like '173', which is the 40th prime number.  173, 40th prime number; United States = 40

3/17/1997 = 3+17+19+97 = 136
3/17/1997 = 3+17+(1+9+9+7) = 46 (Hero)
3/17/1997 = 3+1+7+1+9+9+7 = 37 (American)
3/17/97 = 3+17+97 = 117

Her birthday is the 76th day of the year, also a parallel to Michael Phelps.

Her new world record is very 'American'.

United States of America = 84 (8:04:79)


  1. Zach check out the Atl / Wash game - total script.
    Atl gets their 44th win - in Wash (44th pres) snapping 14 game losing streak in Wash - Stephan Strasburg loses - had his win streak break 7/21 - 21 games later on 8/21 he loses again - record (15-3) = 12
    Atl area code orig 404 / 33rd parallel - Wash 3-3 since all star break... final score tonight 8-5 / (13 total) ... atl record 44-72 diff of 28 ( age of Strasburg ) 72 like 7/20 Strasburg birthday also -

    1. No, thank you for the knowledge

    2. Max I am confused how can Wash be 3-3 since all-star break?

  2. I have a friend that works on NBC's cut scenes. Tonight he was hoping Ledecky didn't win so he wouldn't have to work tomorrow. He said they get paid either way even if she loses. But think about all the pre-production going into it. Of course they're not going to throw money away

    Also can you decode the Georgia Guidestones and 8/14/2016?

    1. 8/14 is an interesting date:
      it's 227 days since start of year 139 days til end of year

      8/14/2016 - 8+14+20+16 = 58
      8/14/2016 - 8+14+2+1+6 = 31
      8/14/2016 - 8+1+4+2+1+6 = 22
      8/14/16 - 8+14+16 = 38

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    1. Katie LeDecky-111, 666, 572(Skull and Bones, Leap Year)

  4. The balding hairline is a dead giveaway.

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    1. Lmao I missed that one too.. @ LOA

    2. Amphibian-73, 160

      Sequential hermaphroditism-299, 1104

      Marine Life-92(Reverse)

      What happens in the Pool, stays in the Pool. The Gene Pool that is.

    3. Lol

      Katie=46 like Girl, Body, and Frog. Just to really hammer down the story that this dude is a Girl, they named him Katie(Girl).

    4. A Boy Named Katie--126

      Changing Lanes- -114

      Water Fairy--126

      Male Siren--96

      Bi Land and Bi Sea--228J

    5. I get the feeling that since Katie here is already putting up Boy Times in the pool, that shim just may become the first Olympic athlete to compete as both sexes. Unbeknown to the masses, shim is already a him, so it won't be to much of a transition for the little guy.

      Olympic Transition--232, 1091

      That 232 is a positive sign that an athlete willbdo just as I've said. It is a numerical palindrome, and 23 is the number of chromosomes we get from each parent. See the symbolism? 232.

      Kinda like the word SEXES.

      Sexes=72=World, Marriage, Lover, Money, Lust, Couple, Magnetic, Charisma, Looks, Origin

    6. Brittney Griener will play in the nba too.

  6. Katie= Katherine Middleton, Hurricane Katrina
    Beginning of "The "Reaping," HILARY Swank plays a character named Katherine and walks out of a building with the word Middleton on it. Filming was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina.
    666, the film is about devil worshipers who pretend to be Christians.

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    1. Kate Lane Gen Her
      Katie Lane
      Its all in there

    2. One if bi Land=91(That's for Bruce's male gold)

      Two if bi Sea=109(Once KD wins as a boy and girl)

      And shim's 19!