Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12 26 36 201 | Tom Brady's 201st win against the Rams, December 4, 2016 +Super Bowl 36 Tribute

Tom Brady just got win #201 against the Rams.

Guess what Rams sums to in Jewish Gematria?

Notice 201 are a reshuffling of the numbers that make up '12', the number 'Tom' wears.

Notice Tom won with '26' points, on the date with '26'.  It was his 262nd game. God=26/Mason=26

Ten = 39; Tom Brady is 39-years old

Also, notice that despite playing only 23 less games than Tom Brady, Drew Brees has 66 less wins.  That's because we're in the era of the 'Patriot Act' and the NFL is scripted.

Also, this win comes in the 97th season of the NFL.

Bill Belichik = 97; Coliseum = 97 (Where Rams play, who returned to L.A. this year)

Last point, the sum of the game was 36 points.  Tom Brady defeated the Rams in Super Bowl 36, the first Super Bowl of his career.


  1. Glad to see you using my work 👍 In your format ...

    1. Really... who are you?

      Do you have a website or YouTube channel?

    2. Brady won his first game back sum 46

      Brady has 4 wins in 6 Super Bowls

      With a win goes to 5-2 on 2/5 the GOAT!

    3. Zacks picks

      Colts vs Giants ( Vikings ) dark horse
      Note: thanksgiving loss by the Vikings Zack
      Declared them out and going to SB52!

      My picks

      Patriots vs Giants (Dallas/Seattle) dark horse

      Patriots 3-1 favorite
      Giants 20-1 like 201 wins for Brady or Eli 's record after the Goat wins SB

      Patriots will be underdogs against all except Seattle.

      Earl Thomas out free safety=660 or 66

      Rob Gronk out Tight END= 87 wears #87

      If they meet in the SB this would be the match up

      But we will all hear how deeply missed both players are for each team

      Earl Thomas was not 100% in the last SB either.

      I don't hate ZACK we just see things differently


  2. I mean for how many posts he has conpared to the rest.

    I think it is safe to say, he is Zachs biggest fan.

    It is ok to admit to truth in life Harry ^_^ Don't be scared of the mirror.

    1. He's here to make sure his bet is still good by trolling the pick the other way to convince himself and others that follow him that the bet that zach pick is still the pick that zach is following. Insecurity kills People inside. As you can see he's trolling every post related to sports. Pathetic ain't it!

  3. Brady can't win 12 straight this season because the Patriots lost to Seattle two weeks ago. If they were to win out, the would win 6 straight regular season games and three playoff games. The 25 is interesting however.

  4. 98 weeks from deflate gate game.. 1/18/15 to 12/4/16
    Tom Brady =98

  5. 201 is the area code Giants stadium is in.

    1. Patriots vs Gmen 3rd and final time Brady take ELI down ! Finishes 1-2 Eli will be 2-1

  6. Thx lil bundy!

    Brady has 21 (4) zero ints TD games

    He will destroy the Ravens on MNF

    Gets win 202 like 22 his number of playoff victories

    Will throw for 4 TD's extend his record 22 (4) plus TD games

    Brady is (5-1)vs Ravens make it 6-1 like 16 Montana

    Brady is 123-211 passing att

  7. Brady is 10-3 vs colts reg season (113)

    4-1! In playoffs going to make it 5-1 SB51

    1. Andrew Luck is 0-5 vs patriots, with a win in the playoffs he will be 1-5. boom!

    2. Winless=606 boom


      Andrew 0-6

    3. 9/12/2010, colts vs texans, ok andrew luck birthday, 9+21+20+10=51

  8. Capri= 47

    Brady's vacation in Italy

  9. The old patriots logo looks like a STAR OF DAVID...
    ya know the soldier hiking the ball.


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