Sunday, April 14, 2019

14 22 23 43 76 83 102 | Tiger Woods rigged Masters win, April 14, 2019, as predicted

The master numbers are 11 and 22.

Tiger last won a major 11 years ago.

He won his first masters 22-years ago, in 1997.

This was a no brainer, as discussed last August, 2018.

Regarding 22...

From 1997 to 2019 is also a span of 23 tournaments.

This was the 83rd Masters.  83, the 23rd prime

Keep in mind Tiger is 43-years-old.  43, the 14th prime

He last won the Masters 14-years ago.

For a few more sick jokes, this is the 400-year anniversary of slaves in America.

See Acts 7:6

And again, 14.

 The tournament began 102-days after Tiger Woods birthday.

Notice Tiger won his 15th Major, 15-weeks after his birthday.

Related, read about the death of Ari Irawan for Tiger's scripted win:

*Ari died on 4/7.  47, the 15th prime


  1. You say it was 11 years. It's not really but guess what i found. It is exactly 11 years to 2019-06-16 and to that day is 2 months and 2 days like 22 so you are right anyway :D

  2. It is 11 years since his last major. Have you heard from Derek at all? Je did a video about wizard of oz syracuse and my family about a month ago. We been texting since feb. He hasn't posted or texted in over a werk. I hope he's ok.

  3. "As Predicted?"

    Whatever......Except there was only 1 person who made a solid prediction using Gematria Only, before anyone else. The person whose work is Shit, Garbage, and Pointless....Who was That?

    "Thirteen Under Par Scores"=====275 <<<Tiger Shoots 13 Under Par (275)
    "Thirteen Under Par Champion"===275
    "April Fourteenth Score Code"====275

    "Eighty Third Masters Score"==333, 288 <<< 72 + 72 + 72 + 72

    "Eighty Third Masters Score Code"====135, 414 <<< April 14th
    "[Thirteen Under Par] Code Numbers"==135, 414
    "Tiger Woods"=================135

    "Winning Fifth Green Jacket Code"=====414 K <<< On What Day?

    "Thirteen Under Par on a Date [April Fourteenth]"===444, 528 <<<
    "The Secret Manufactured History Code Number"===444, 528
    "Coming Agenda to Citizens of the United States"===444
    "Do What thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law"===444
    "Hello from the New World Order Government"=====444
    "New World Order Government Agenda"========= 444 RO
    "Project for a New American Century"===========444 RO
    "Hollywood"===========================444 S
    "Agenda Title Codes"======================444 J
    "Signal a Deception"=======================444 J


  4. The movie Event Horizon came out in 1997

  5. Pretty cool jake!

  6. He will also take my credit for when the Bucks win the NBA this year. Which he has said nothing about. NOTHING. I have talked about it forever. I will post links for proof when it gets a little closer.

    AS PREDICTED, Zach's tagline. - Insane Unknown


      He (Zach) took out my slurry on 14's that made it into this actual post. I'll find my copy to re-post. Theres other Bucks juice on there


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