Thursday, April 11, 2019

58 | Oakland Athletics win 3 straight and make Baltimore Orioles 5-8 on the season, in 5-8 finale

As predicted, the Baltimore and Oakland series has finished with Baltimore having a record of 5-8.

Notice the score of the game, 5-8.


Oh, and don't overlook the 11 hits to 4 hits on the date April 11, or 11/4.


  1. Nice work Zach!! Im not a troll or a hater. I just point out what others in our community have riddles for. Like NRB and the others in our daily chats. I listen to all in the chat and their opinions. I listened to yours the most. You do a great job and i look forward to learning from you more and more. Like i do from Chigozie, Dan, Martinson. Thanks you..


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