Tuesday, May 3, 2016

43 69 113 191 223 | Afeni Shakur, mother of Tupac, dead at age 69, May 2, 2016

Let us start by decoding the name Afeni Shakur Davis.

Afeni = 1+6+5+5+9 = 26
Shakur = 1+8+1+2+3+9 = 24/33/42
Davis = 4+1+4+9+1 = 19/28/37/46
Afeni Shakur Davis = 69/78/87/96/105/114
Afeni Shakur = 50/59/68

Notice Afeni Skahur Davis sums to 69 and she has passed at age 69.

Afeni = 1+6+5+14+9 = 35
Shakur = 19+8+1+11+21+18 = 78
Davis = 4+1+22+9+19 = 55
Afeni Shakur Davis = 168 (New York City)
Afeni Shakur = 113

Remember the following;

Mainstream = Dishonest = Green Screen = 113

Read about the '113' "mistaken timestamp" on the image released of the night of Tupac's death by the mainstream media.

Also, remember Tupac started his mainstream hip-hop career in New York City with Digital Underground.


I'll have to get more information on her birthday.  Notice she was born in '47, same as Hillary Clinton.  I bring that up in light of her having name gematria of 87, connecting to the name 'Clinton'.  She has died on a very interesting date, May 2, 2016, typically the 122nd day of the year, but this year the 123rd day.

5/2/2016 = 5+2+20+16 = 43 (Dead 19-weeks and 1-day from Tupac's death anniversary)
5/2/2016 = 5+2+2+0+1+6 = 16
5/2/16 = 5+2+16 = 23
5/2 = 5+2 = 7 (Complete)

From her date of death, to Tupac's anniversary date, September 13, is a difference of 134-days, a number seemingly having to do with destruction that I still can't quite fully put meaning to.  Perhaps it has the same meaning as '34' which is connected to murder.

Murder = 4+3+9+4+5+9 = 34

The number 'thirty-four' also reminds of the sum of the score in this year's past Super Bowl, which had a major black panther tribute, as predicted by this blog.  Afeni Shakur was a member of the Black Panther Party, which was Masonic controlled opposition.  Recall 'San Francisco' hosted the Super Bowl, not far from Oakland, where the Black Panther Party was established.

San Francisco = 19+1+14+6+18+1+14+3+9+19+3+15 = 122
Dead on May 2, typically the 122nd day of the year

It is also a span of 4-months and 11-days, connected to assassination.

The 19-weeks and 1-day stands out as well in light of her dying on a date with 43 numerology.  Recall, 191 is the 43rd prime number.  We learned this relationship when the North Carolina Tar Heels went down to Villanova in the championships, with Villanova scoring 43-points in the second half, after scoring 34-points in the first half, exactly 191-days after the Pope departed Philadelphia, where Villanova, a Catholic School, is just miles from.

The current Pope "Francis" is the first Jesuit Pope, known as the 'Society of Jesus'.  Society of Jesus has gematria of '191'.

The Pope departed Philadelphia September 27, 2015 and Villanova won the college championship April 4, 2016, a span of 191-days.

As they say, all roads lead to Rome.

Also, in case you have never noticed this before, again, Tupac died on September 13, written 13/9 in many parts.  That date is a lot like the number '139'.

Notice the time of death.  In military time, that is 22:30, a lot like '223'.