Monday, August 1, 2016

19 52 59 86 113 121 | Wilt Chamberlain, the symbol, in his '59' sweater +Reader Contribution +Dead by the numbers

Is that the '666', 'prophecy' salute?

Have you ever noticed that it is the entertainers so often doing the '666'?

Wilt Chamberlain would end up dying 52-days after his birthday, having played the majority of his career with Philadelphia, the city named from the book of 'prophecy', Revelation.

That's Wilt Chamberlain sporting the '59'.  He set a lot of his records on dates with variations of '113'.

Negro = 59; Slave = 59; Blues = 59
Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Green Screen = 113

The same man who left the comment below, sent me the picture.  So cheers to you good man!

If you turn 1999 upside down, it creates a 6661 sequence.

8/21/1936 = 8+21+19+36 = 84 (United States of America)
8/21/1936 = 8+21+(1+9+3+6) = 48
8/21/1936 = 8+2+1+1+9+3+6 = 30
8/21/36 = 8+21+36 = 65 (Philadelphia)

10/12/1999 = 10+12+19+99 = 140
10/12/1999 = 10+12+(1+9+9+9) = 50 (America)
10/12/1999 = 1+0+1+2+1+9+9+9 = 32 (America)
10/12/99 = 10+12+99 =121 (Revelation)

Remember, Philadelphia is the city name from Revelation, the book of 'prophecy'.  Wilt died 52-days after his 63rd birthday.  He played the majority of his career with Philadelphia.

Prophecy = 52


  1. Beltran to Rangers. Decode please. Thanks

  2. I remember when Wilt Chamberlain claimed he slept with 20,000 women. The claim was made in his auto biography called "A View from Above" that was very controversial at the time, As a kid I remember the controversy because it was right around the time Magic Johnson made his HIV announcement.

    A View from Above = 67 (blood sacrifice)

    1. I forgot to mention yesterday that Chamberlain died at age 63. His birthday was 63 days before his book release.

      Along with his book title being a 67. He won first championship in 1967.

  3. @mike manning

    Yankees are just clearing space, they have nothing to play for but wildcard. They have played 104 games lol

  4. They were mocking the sheeple using Wilts off the court scoring and thus proving magic never had HIV

  5. Travelers Championship
    August 4 - 7, 2016
    end date 8/7/16 8+7+20+16= 51
    "Travelers Championship" in the English Reduction system equals 107=17
    "Russell Knox" in the English Ordinal system equals 170=17
    May 21, 1984 birthday to final day 47 days which is the 15th prime and also the reflection of the final day numerology.

    Let me what you guys think. Still learning so any input will help.

    1. Love the work that you do Zach. It has really opened my eyes to the world. Can't watch the news or sports without looking or listing for numbers that have meanings LOL

  6. Ichiro going to get his 3000 hit in wrigley field.hd a strong feeling that would happend when he was wiffing on the 15th n 51st pitches of games..what's up with the hits and Miami this years Stanton win hr derby ichiro 3000 hits they have Barry bonds tribute vs McGwire game synced up with derby
    Don mattingly=55
    Barry bonds=55
    Stanton born on 11/8
    Barry bonds=118
    Giancarlo Stanton=302
    Chicago Cubs haven't opened up a season In California since 1984 32 years ago.

  7. In '58 & '59 Wilt 'The Stilt' Chamberlain would Start His Basketball Career with The Globetrotter's. where he got the name The Big Dipper.

    Globetrotters" in the English Reduction system equals 59

    The Big Dipper" in the English Ordinal system equals 119

    The Big Dipper" in the English Reduction system equals 74

    Big Dipper" in the English Ordinal system equals 86

    Big Dipper" in the English Reduction system equals 59

    The Stilt" in the English Ordinal system equals 113

    Wilt The Stilt " in the English Reduction system equals 51

    1. KU won the championship in '88 and '08 which are 31 and 51 years after he lost to undefeated UNC in '57 title game in triple OT. that loss was said to deeply haunt him which is why he didn't return to Lawrence until shortly before his death. KU is essentially the birth place of basketball and they are typically the team of sacrifice, in the big game, for teams that seek/achieve validation. soooo many programs over the years got their first championship against KU or had to face them along the way. lots of years KU bows out in the elite 8, particularly under Bill Self.

    2. also, the striking similarities between Wilt and Deandre Jordan remind me of Nate Thurmond and Lebron.

  8. I have just bet another 10k on 7-1 odds on Texas. I originally had 5k at 20-1 odds. Its looking good fellas

  9. @ Mike
    I trust your picks because you usually get it 100% on the money. I have not watched baseball since Barry's last year. I am watching Yankees vs Mets and the announcer just said " Rangers are loaded and they are capable of tearing any team up" ironically you picked them earlier. Props!!!

  10. @ Mike

    Did you check out the OJ Howard quote from bama referring to 2017 championship?

    I think Bama beats Ohio st or Michigan for Saban's Sixth natty ties bear Bryant. Who do you have in CFB?

    1. I dont think Bama will win, they are the fav and dont have alot of experience coming back other than Foster and Howard on offense. I bet LSU 12-1 to win it all. I think Clemson will lose along the way and not make it. I like Spurs Cavs as well with Cavs winning next yr. GS is a betting trap

    2. I just checked the Odds.. Lsu is 15-1 the Sec gets love as usual but 12-1 was interesting it's the Baylor Bears . I am a huge CFB fan and that stands out as an anomaly !

    3. RG3 was traded to Cleveland and his NFL future is on the ropes

      Baylor coach was just terminated for covering up sexual assaults and all kinds of ncaa violations

      Several players have transferred or decomitted ,

      The intern head coach is a company man

      One of their biggest star defenders is going to trial for sexual assault

      The program is basically getting death penalty

      How the F#%^ are they 12-1 in a conference the big 12 that does not have a championship game
      And Oklahoma is loaded.

      12-1 is insane , im curious what's up

  11. Baseball without watching I had
    Cubs vs Indians or blue jays
    Bama over Ohio st or Michigan
    Patriots vs Carolina (repeat of 2004)
    Seattle vs Pittsburgh (2005 rematch)
    Gatling upsets bolt
    Spurs losing to Cavs 2017

    1. I think Pitt is being overlooked big
      time by people on here. I could see Pitt or Colts from AFC and GB Minn or AZ from NFC. My best bets

  12. Mets have the giant (31) carved in the outfield.

    I understand piazza hall calling but 13 and 31 keep popping up since the start of the nba playoffs.

  13. @zack

    You mention Texas Aggies or Miami Hurricanes being tied to the Armstrong murder..

    I think it's the Dolphins.

  14. Big 12 is expanding, no way they win the Championship before that. Then there would be no reason to expand. Their sacrifices now will be for the fututre but not this upcoming year