Thursday, August 4, 2016

33 | 'The 33 Gender Identities', an Australian Sex Survey

It's a subtle reminder of who is cramming this agenda down our throats.


  1. check out the cartoon for kids on Disney dx called gravity falls the whole show is a Masonic program and one episode called "time travelers pig" talks about going back in time to change numerical anomalies to alter the future pretty tripped out.

    1. That's the cartoon with the all seeing eye in the pyramid, right? Lol

    2. They are just introducing our children and teens to the Masonic symbols.

  2. The movie Multiplicity starring Michael Keaton (who also played Batman and Birdman) clones himself twice.
    The first clone named Lance is business guy very efficient left brained
    The second clone (third MK) is named Rico and he's more feminine "gay" decorate, cook, etc
    Then the two clones make a clone (4th version) named Lenny who is kinda retarded but perceptive. He can cut past the social blah blah and see the problem best.

    Dumb movie but interesting lesson on heridity. Like Mendel's peas

  3. Eve came Adam

    Adam came from Eve

    Both are correct.

    You're welcome 👽

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