Thursday, August 18, 2016

33 46 47 67 106 | Donald Trump's August 22, 2016, TIME magazine and Akron, Ohio (James A. Rhodes Arena)

Donald Trump is set to be the cover of TIME magazine, August 22, 2016, the 235th day of the year.  Notice the word on the potential cover, 'Meltdown'.  It has the same gematria as his destination for that same date, August 22.

Notice this article was written 11-days before the cover, August 11, a date that can be written 11/8, just like November 8, election day.  Death = 118 (Jewish Gematria)

On this same day, he is scheduled to be in Akron, Ohio for his campaign for President.

Checkout the name of the building he'll be in while at Akron.

The location matches the date of the event, Trump's birth year and the word 'sacrifice'.

8/22/16 = 8+22+16 = 46

That date can be written 22/8.

United States of America = 228; Martin Luther King Jr. = 228; Death = 228

Let us not forget this card from the Illuminati Card Games, 'Hit and Run'.

Notice the 235 on the car.  August 22, 2016 is the 235th day of the year.  '666', the other number on the card, also connects to prophecy, just like '106'.

Rhodes also has that special '33' gematria.  Think about JFK, shot in the middle of Dealey, Plaza, named after a 33rd Degree Master Mason.

If we go for the full name, James. A Rhodes Arena, it comes back to 'blood sacrifice' and 'Freemasonry'.

Freemasonry = 67; George Washington dead at 67...