Saturday, August 6, 2016

38 58 59 187 | The death of Dr. Dre's son 187-days after his 43rd birthday, August 23, 2008

Dr. Dre's son passed August 23, 2008, a date with '59' numerology.  Dr. Dre was '43' at the time and had just put out his 'Beats headphones'.

The Chronic came out exactly 43-weeks after Dr. Dre's 27th birthday, December 15, 1992.

***Obama is the 44th President, but only the 43rd person to be President

11/4/2008 = 11+4+20+08 = 43 (Lincoln was born on the 43rd day of the year)

8/23/2008 = 8+23+20+08 = 59 (Negro) (Kill)
8/23/2008 = 8+23+(2+0+0+8) = 41
8/23/2008 = 8+2+3+2+0+0+8 = 23
8/23/08 = 8+23+08 = 39

The date has significant numerology, but it is the '59' that stands out above all.

Remember, Motown came out in '59.  In the film 'Straight Outta Compton', Dr. Dre's character says "Now just 59 more lines to go" after Eazy-E delivers his first line with confidence, in the 31st minute of the film.  Eazy-E would die at age 31.

The date August 23 can be written 23/8.  The '38' next to each other stands out.

August 23 is also the 235th day of the year, a number seemingly connected to assassination.

Making matters worse, his death came 187-days after his father's 43rd birthday.  Something tells me the death was a ritual sacrifice and a tribute to Dr. Dre's first album, 'The Chronic'.  2008 is also the year his 'Beats' headphones released, that eventually made him rap's first "billionaire".

The song that clowns Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, put out by Eazy-E, is called 'Real Muthaphuckkin G's, having a gematria tie to his birthday, February 18, or 2/18.

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg sung about '187' on the song Deep Cover, and the number is coded into one of their hits, 'Nuthin but a G Thang'.

Notice his son died in 'Woodland Hills'.

Dre's first album was 'The Chronic'.

Freemasonry, that terrible 'secret society' that kills its own.

Remember, '33' is the number of Freemason obsession, and Compton is on the 33rd parallel.