Monday, August 15, 2016

39 118 | New York car crash at Madison and 118th, a tribute to Federalist Paper No. 39... and Super Bowl 51?

Someone sent me this story who lives in New York and says it was a suspicious accident.  Could we be getting NFL clues through car wrecks again?  As you read the article, remember that Madison sums to '39', the big 'NY' number, and this year's Super Bowl is in '39' Stadium, or 'NRG' Stadium.  Also, look at the cross street, 118th St.

Madison = 39; MSG = 39; NY = 39; New York = 39; Empire = 39; 7/26/1788 = 39; NRG = 39

James Madison published Federalist Paper No. 39 on January 18, or 1/18.

Also, as I pointed out earlier this year, if the Colts and Giants faced each other in the upcoming Super Bowl, and the Giants defeated the Colts, the record would become 11-losses and 8-wins all-time head to head.  The Super Bowl would also come exactly 118-weeks since the teams last played each other. Read about it here:

Let us not forget that Madison made 39-proposals that became the Bill of Rights on June 8, 1789, a date with 39 numerology.  6/8/1789 = 6+8+1+7+8+9 = 39


  1. Look into Sunday night football and Monday night football on 10/18/2015 and 10/19/2015
    Sunday was ind vs ne (187 days before Prince death)
    Monday was nyg vs phili

    1. Thats really good Bundy420 (Getting Baked = 420..JUST KIDDING, HAHA) ... And of course 187 is police code for MURDER

    2. Thats really good Bundy420 (Getting Baked = 420..JUST KIDDING, HAHA) ... And of course 187 is police code for MURDER

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  3. With all these new york in Minnesota connections what its ny jets vs vikings in sb 51

    1. Their QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is 33 years old, listed at 223 pounds on, and was born in Gilbert, Arizona (on the 33rd parallel). Currently has 113 games under his belt. This guy has all the numbers.

  4. A "livery vehicle"?? What is this -- Britain ... Or the 1700's?? Very strange choice of words ... wouldn't "delivery" have been more appropriate for American readers?

    HARLEM (in Bacon, all caps) = 213 ... Reduced = * 33 *.

    34+27+44+38+31+39 = 213 ... 7+9+8+2+4+3 = 33
    Both reduce to 6.

    The crash happened "just after 6 a.m."

    This "non-story" was STILL deemed "newsworthy" 11 hours later.
    11 X 60 (minutes) = 660 ... 660 + 6 (HARLEM reduced) = 666

    Unusual amount of coverage -- especially since it contained no REAL info of importance ... & included the (requisite) grainy photo.
    Was this an attempt to "explain" the closure of that intersection -- when maybe it was actually closed for "Some Other Reason"?

    Other than that possibility -- & this appearing to be one of their "coded messages" -- there doesn't seem to be any purpose in running this story. I guess viewers were "supposed to assume" that it was Just A Slow News Day in Harlem on 8/11/16 ... Lol!
    ;D :D

  5. I am thinking Eli wins, then they make it again the following year and he loses on his way out. Mannings become 5 for 8 all time in Superbowls. I even think Eli loses to the Pats in SB 52. The Vikings numbers are for the hosting of SB 52, not a trophy. All considering Oblivion didn't predict the next SB being the last. A nuke in Houston would be a great storyline.