Monday, August 15, 2016

39 | Donald Trump made $39m running failed casinos, August 15, 2016 news headlines

This news comes on a date with '39' numerology.  In other words, it is another day of Donald Trump headlines by the numbers.

8/15/16 = 8+15+16 = 39

New York = 39
Empire = 39
NY = 39
7/26/1788 = 39
39-Floors at the United Nations in New York

Let us not forget the first Governor of New York, George Clinton, born July 26, 1739, emphasis on '39.

George = 39


  1. The Giants Super Bowl/39 connection is hilarious. I showed a few people that, and they still think that it's impossible to rig pro sports. They will continue to sleepwalk through life. As long as they have their "fantasy football", life is good.

    1. Well said I think fantasy football is the baby stages or later of programming to not care what happens just invest your emotions time and money into whoever plays fantasy obviously does not care who wins the game we can say that now imagine in ten years??

    2. Same as Pokémon Go. They prefer fantasy over reality. And we're the crazy ones, right? Ridiculous fuckin' world we live in, I swear.

    3. Yep ridiculous ain't the word, Just happy we are awake and aware of all this bs.

  2. Again The New York Harbor Regatta Sep. 16 .

    Thirty Nine" in the English Reduction system equals 61

    Thirty Four" in the English Reduction system equals 61

    Sixty One" in the English Reduction system equals 41

    9+16+16= .. 41 ..
    9+16+20+16= .. 61 ..
    9+16+(2+0+1+6)= .. 34 ..
    9+1+6+(2+0+1+6)= .. 25 ..

    41+61+34+25= .. 161 ..

    September Sixteenth" in the English Reduction system equals 83

    September Sixteenth" in the English Ordinal system equals 227

    227-83= .. 144 ..

    Friday September Sixteenth" in the English Reduction system equals 119

  3. Cmon are they going to sacrifice trump or not???

    We need some action, tired of the clues .. JKJK

  4. Colt Anderson birthday 187 days after Prince death date and tribute to Prince death and Super Bowl 51 ,187 days before death.

    1. Score ended with a sum of 61 points

      The next day on Monday night it was nyg vs phili

      Obj had 61 yards (numerology of Prince date of death)
      Demarco Murray had 112 yards (Prince died on 112th day of year)
      Jennings has 63 yards (Prince died in 2016 when u add 1-63 it sums to 2016)
      Cooper had 76 yards (Prince was a blood sacrifice=76)

      All those were the leading yards gained passing and rushing for each team..

      These were the 2 prime time games on that weekend 10/18 and 10/19
      Whole lot of clues in those two games

  5. Kris humphries was a world class swimmer from Minnesota. He got tired of beating phelps ass over and over to become a mediocre nba player.
    Phelps won a SILVER medal and Ryan Lochte comes in 5th he now wears SILVER hair that looks trumpish. He's robbed at gun point in Rio in a TAXI and authorities are now questioning the TAXI DRIVER. Robert Deniro said Trump is totally nuts like his character in TAXI DRIVER, in raging Bull Deniro said " you never knocked me down Ray" Phelps got his Olympic hair cut done by RAE at a black barbershop in Atlanta called VINTAGE. Phelps had suction marks and the Virginia kid used suction cups at TRUMP Tower of Babel since Trump babels and hates babies but phelps baby is boomer and The other Boomer on ESPN is retiring this year so is phelps.

    Just connected a few stories of the week, I'm certain there's more anyone else want add on?

    1. Which is all tied together by the Olympic pool fiasco, one pool blue and pristine while the other turned foul and green. How does blue go green? Yellow of course. As in the blues took the piss to the rest of the world.

      Blue=40, 227(Men as Gods)
      Yellow=92(Reverse, Nations)
      Take the Piss=133

      Piss on the Globe=166, 996
      Yellow and Blue=151, 906, 1667(Galaxy Wheel)
      Make Green=79, *474*, 183
      Yellow and Blue Make Green=230(Phelps has 23 Golds), 1380, 1850
      Go Green=194(Earth), 71(Dreaming)
      Its Not Easy being Green=233, 1085
      Being Green=86(Symbol)200

      Fuck Green=90, 356(Fox)

    2. Wade in the Water=156(Thirty Three, Six Six Six)
      Trouble Gunna Happen in the Water=333

    3. It's interesting that the Brazilian flag is Green and Yellow.
      So Blue + Yellow make Green

      Normally I'm looking at Red + Blue make Purple or the color or royalty.
      How about Red + White + Blue make Lavender. The color of Prince.

      So maybe to coding is showing us that the Northern Hemisphere will be ruled by royalty some day, while the Southern Hemisphere will be ruled by Green Socialists.