Sunday, August 14, 2016

33 113 | JFK Terminal 8 evacuation of August 14, 2016, a false alarm

Here's another reference to JFK, a man who was assassinated.

Until 11:30 PM, eh?

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Green Screen = 113

JFK airport was dedicate to the deceased President in a span of 33-days from his death.  Let us not forget that he died on 11/22, in Dealey Plaza, named after a 33rd degree Freemason.


  1. I noticed JFK movie is playing on pivot channel

    1. I noticed that as well. Something's up.

  2. @ Zach - what is the best way to define the value of a day to sync with gemartria values?

    Ex: 8/15/2016
    8+15 = 23 , 8+15+16 = 39, 8+15+2+16=41, or simply 15 or combos of diff methods??

  3. Hey Zach, this is unrelated to this post but I found something last night. I was watching the movie "Strange Brew" last night. The movie is about two guys trying to stop an evil guy from controlling the world by putting chemicals in beer. Anyway during the court scene the judge hits the gavel to end the court session and the picture of the Queen falls down off the wall in a very obvious manner. I thought it was symbolic so I looked into it. That movie will be 33 years old this year on 8/26/2016. Right after that scene you see the two brothers wrestling, one in red and the other in blue. The brother in blue "steam rolls over the other" There is the 2016 Election narrative coded 33 years before.
    Strange Brew = 51 1050
    Queen Elizabeth = 150 1500
    From the (33) year anniversary of the movie till election day is 74 days (74) and get this (1776) hours.
    Wow 74 and 1776!
    From the Queen's Birthday until the (33) year anniversary of the movie is 18 weeks 1 day (181) I am sure there is more to this. There is even the Black vs White hockey match where the bad guy makes them fight each other by manipulating them with music.

    1. I am noticing a lot of events and movies that happened in 1983 (33 years ago) are having connections to this year.

    2. A lot of movies from that year are set in Chicago of course (Risky Business, National Lampoons Vacation, many more) "The Outsiders" even has a character in it named "Dallas"

    3. Also Red + Blue = Purple for royalty coding. Red vs. Blue for some Hegelian dialect to re-establish the British Empire.

    4. Purple -- 88 SE -- which is why we see a lot of 88 in Queen Elizabeth coding.

    5. The dates are creeping me out. Does the Queen fall and the new queen Hillary takes over on election day, 1776 hours (74 days) after the movie that hints at it turns 33 years old. weird!

    6. Red vs Blue = 3d glasses one red eye, one blue.
      Rock em sock em robots
      I've red that putting blue and red next to each other is overwhelming for the human eye so red+blue together pop out to eye and other things recede which explains 3d glasses.

      In textbooks they usually show veins as blue and arteries as red or vice versa.
      Veins and arteries are pathways for circulating blood. Like rivers. Currents, currency.
      Our money is green
      On the color wheel the negative of green is a pinkish lavender color.

      JFK the first and only Catholic president. Catholics have their lists of 7 vices and 7 virtues.
      I think it most likely the Jesuit's running the US. Green is associated with envy and they keep us running after that almighty dollar.

    7. Jesuit = 84
      United States of America = 84

    8. Red + Blue = Purple ... (Pythagorean/Simple) Purple = 88 = 16.

      Other (Pyth/Simple) 88's:
      Trump, Elizabeth, Blue Blood, Mormon, Walmart, Moscow, California, Maryland, Poison, Sport, SCOTLAND ... ;D :D

    9. the outsiders - 163
      dallas Winston - 163


    Playing around with alphabet, I noticed that the word highjack is basically right there beginning at 8th letter and ending on 11th.
    8+9+10+11= 38

    JFK, John "Jack" Kennedy being assassinated makes sense because in the fictional narrative we r fed, America was essentially hijacked that day from "Camelot" to what we have now.

  5. Another interesting thing is that the Francis Bacon 38th letter is L.

    El is supposedly the word for God, but saying the letter L out loud sounds the same.
    We should investigate phonetics more. Because the way a word is pronounced can often times be different from the way it's spelled. Plus, accents contribute to the way a word sounds. Even if you are just reading something you are still filyering those words thru your brain in your own accent just like hearing someone talk on TV. That might contribute to the mass hypnosis, the visual and sound being out of sync.

    1. Colorado is the 38th state.
      What does Colorado have besides tall mountains that most other states don't? Legal marijuana, not just for medical but just cause u should be able to have it if u want it aka freedom (even tho the prices they want to charge are outrageous but still at least u won't get arrested. So it's still crumbs of freedom but better than most states have.
      Some pigs are more equal than others, right?
      Why do I have a hard time even finding it in my shit hole state and am threatened with arrest yet others in the SAME country have no problems.
      This nation is schizophrenic.

      Plus think about the name
      Color- ado.
      What is racism about? Skin color.
      Ring around the collar.

      Lots of signaling going on with Colorado. I think the name is supposed to mean red so perhaps it's a nod to native Americans.

    2. The State of "CO" is The Home Base of CENTRAL OPERATIONS (CO) in the US. It's the "Central Office" from which the "Commanding Officials" / ie. Chiefs of Operations run things -- without the hassle of media attention.

      In Bacon, C O = 29 + 41 = 70 = 7 ... Reduced: 11 + 5 = 16 = 7
      7 = G ... & ... 7 = Z (in Jewish). G & Z -- the Masonic Zionists signature.

      CO is also the abbreviation for COmpany & COrporation. States USED to be abbreviated with the first 3 or 4 letters of their name ... Colorado was Col., Tennessee was Tenn., California was Cal.
      (I'll have to find out when the switch to 2 Capital letters was made, but I think it was in the 80's?)

      The "crucial parts" of CO sit atop a massive DOME of GRANITE. Granite is comprised of CRYSTALS -- very important when dealing with COmmunication, COmputers & ALL "Modern Technology".

      CO is also home base for the: "U.S. Space COmmand".
      (Which is NOT related to NASA ... "NASA" is the Psyop fed to the Public.)

      US SPACE COMMAND operates the ACTUAL Programs involving Space / Frequency / Dimension / Weather.
      Truthfully, there IS A LOT of "Off World Traveling" going on -- but the methods used have NOTHING to do with the gadgetry being "shown to the public" -- ie. remnants of the Cold War Era ... such as rockets, capsules, modules & shuttles.

      Knowledge & use of FREQUENCY MANIPULATION ... is KEY to what REALLY originates from CO -- because it facilitates:

      COMMUNICATION -- both On & Off "this world"; both overt & "hidden". (One) aspect of Chemtrails is that they provide a "Communications Platform" that is Secure -- & which dissipates with the wind ... necessitating the need for:

      WEATHER CONTROL -- USGS & Weather Command are both centralized in CO ... due to it's secure & impenetrable location ... & again, aided by the Granite / Crystalline topography ... which makes it the perfect site for:

      COMPUTING / DATA -- this is where the actual SUPER COMPUTERS are located ... where unimaginable amounts of data are collected, sorted & stored.
      (Wherever you see Man-Made Lakes & Dams, forget the notions we've been "FED" about water "resources" & flood "control" (notice how many devastating floods STILL occur -- in spite of "Flood Control"??) ... & forget allusions made about secret "nuclear" facilities. "Super Computing" requires constant access to large amounts of WATER ...
      The occasional "threats" raised via (engineered) flooding & "radiation leak" (scares) create "windows of opportunity" -- allowing Federal &/or Military units to Seal Off specific areas ... & enabling them to perform their "duties" without the "threat" of Public Scrutiny.

      "FREQUENCY" is a catch-all term for MANY areas -- Sound Waves & Acoustics, Light Waves / COlor / Perception, TIME (control & distortion), etc.
      It's no longer a secret that Manipulation of the Frequency in our Environment affects people both Mentally & Physically. Our Military & Police have powerful, portable devices capable of emitting FREQUENCIES that make people agitated or ill. (Even shop owners have been caught using them to "discourage teens & loiterers" from hanging around their storefronts!)
      Jewish scholars believe that In The Beginning, God Made "A Sound" -- & that sound was "A FREQUENCY" ...

      CO is also known for: Cheyenne Mountain. (Made infamous by the "Stargate / SG-1" TV series ... the ONLY show Created with the Assistance Of: "US SPACE COMMAND" ...) "Cheyenne" may be the Most Famous "Mt." -- but it's definitely NOT the Only One being "utilized".

      Great points on ALL of these posts!! ;D :D

  6. Replies
    1. L = 50 in Roman Numerals
      1966, 50 years ago
      Lucifer = 1966 in Strong's Concordance
      Luke 10:18
      10/18 = .5555
      555' = 6660"
      555 US Olympians
      Lightning from Mt. Olympus, Satan falls like lightning
      2160 year record broken by Phelps, when Britain had 6 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals
      6x6x6 = 2160
      666 = Satan
      Saturn = Satan
      No-El: Christmas, No Satan

  7. The New York Harbor Regatta is Sep. 16th 33 Days from August 14th.

    False Alarm" in the English Ordinal system equals 88

    False Alarm" in the English Reduction system equals 34 / 43

    Thirty Three Days" in the English Reduction system equals 79 / 88

    Thirty Three Days" in the English Ordinal system equals 205

    Sailboat" in the English Ordinal system equals 79

    Sailboat" in the English Reduction system equals 25

  8. Contract by the number

    Trail blazers guard CJ McCulum 4yr 106mill

  9. roses are red
    Violets are Blue(lavender )

    Matter and dark matter

    Everything is cloaked in this matrix, we are getting our truth from JEWTUBE.
    The program is the same.
    Half truths with a dose of censorship but they're serving it on THEIR TERMS not ours.

    Free minds are not free.
    Everyone must elevate to the right frequencies. Look within its INSIDE not out there. They want to suck us in or drain our thoughts. Look within.

  10. Re: Prunella's comment about using Phonetics -- there DOES seem to be some kind of application going on with that ... perhaps only in Certain Themes??

    Has anyone else noticed lately how AWFUL today's kids are at SPELLING?? And how NO ONE in the Educational System seems to care (the "intent" is all that matters ... "computers" will "fix the rest" -- an actual QUOTE from a "teacher"!!

    Creating a Nation of "Non-Spellers" is THE "Perfect Solution" to THWARTING the SPREADING KNOWLEDGE of GEMATRIA.

    If people can't spell "properly" then Gematria will NEVER be accessible to them (& -- it will be even EASIER to convince people that it's "all bullshit").
    Computer-assisted "Spell-Check" is barely useful anymore -- whatever "alterations" they've made since it's introduction (because it USED to actually work -- 100% of the time!) ... they've created A System that spews out gobblety-gook as often as it provides a "correct" option.
    Also "Not-So-Helpful-After-All" is the way devices will automatically INSERTS their OWN interpretation -- of what The System THINKS you want. Unless you make proof-reading a habit, you're going to get some strange results.
    (Case-in-point: when Prunella posted "highjack" instead of "hijack" above.)

    Great as they are in many ways, our devices -- & the "text speak" we're encouraged to use -- WILL make us "dumber" (or at least we'll APPEAR that way). Unfortunately, we'll have to be vigilant about ALL "devices" -- especially those that make big "promises" to "Help Us"! ;D :D

  11. Good spells or bad spells are the same @MSfyy

    This language is a spell cast onto everyone. It's part of the deception.

    Great work!

    1. Good points -- now that I actually pay attention to Words & Spelling, I grit my teeth whenever I see words like "four" & "forth". Spelling "correctly" in today's terms DOES literally mean "Spelling To Suit The Gematria". Reading old texts shows that in earlier forms of "English" the spelling WAS more PHONETIC.

      This could be construed as a double-edged sword -- to know how the Gematria is being used by today's Spell-Casters, we have to spell as they do ... & to NOT spell as they do could -- in a sense -- break the bond ... but can that happen while their control is still so well-entrenched?

      Perhaps we should strive to do BOTH -- equally well. Use their system to break it ... with phonetics as a back-up. My fear however, is that with phonetics alone we will LOSE a great deal of our ability to communicate WELL (for example: "crazy" is now an all-encompassing word, meaning many varied things -- each one requiring "explanations" to ensure the context. Having an actual word for each meaning -- as other languages do -- aides in clarity of communication.

      I almost suggested we should study Spanish as a backup, but then remembered that Spanish was NOT the Official "Common Language" of Mexico until AFTER World War 1. They had to insist on Government Schooling (much like the U.S.) in order to TEACH the children SPANISH. Until then, every region spoke the NATIVE DIALECT of their area (Indigenous Languages).

      It seems as though just about everyone got "NEW Languages" handed to them at some point ... all within the last few hundred years. Perhaps -- with the aid of Gematria as a Tool For Good -- we can Reinvent the English Language. It's a tall order, but then so was Inventing English ... So it's definitely "Doable" -- ie. something we ARE capable of (see what I mean about "explanations being necessary"?! Lol) ;D :D

  12. a youtube channel named 'adam saleh vlogs' filmed a vlog of his as this happened [filmed in high quality] as him and his family was there when the JFK airport incident happened. he has seen in past wearing clothing that says 'obey' and another with the owl-sign on it