Thursday, August 4, 2016

41 47 66 83 91 187 | Death of Joseph WIlf, father of Vikings owner, age 91, August 3, 2016

The owner of the Vikings just lost his father at age 91, August 3, 2016.

Football = 83 (Tom Brady's birthday is 8/3) (Peyton Manning, born on 83rd day of the year)

8/3/2016 = 8+3+20+16 = 47 (First Super Bowl in 47th season of league)
*Super Bowl 51 will be the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era

Notice the current owner of the Vikings is 66-years old.  NFL = 66 (Jewish Gematria)

The first Super Bowl was played at the end of the '66 season, January 15, 1967.

1/15/67 = 1+15+67 = 83

Let us decode the owner's name.

Zygmunt = 8+7+7+4+3+5+2 = 36 (Zygi = 8+7+7+9 = 31)
Wilf = 5+9+3+6 = 23
Zygmunt Wilf = 59 (Kill = 59); Zygi Wilf = 54

Zygmunt = 26+25+7+13+21+14+20 = 126 (Zygi = 26+25+7+9 = 67)
Wilf = 23+9+12+6 = 50
Zygmunt Wilf = 176; Zygi Wilf = 117

Z = 26 = 8; W = 23 = 5; ZW = 8 5 (National Football League = 85)
26+23 = 49 (Revelation)

4/22/1950 = 4+22+19+50 = 95
4/22/1950 = 4+22+(1+9+5+0) = 41 (Super Bowl) (Prince and 41...)
4/22/1950 = 4+2+2+1+9+5+0 = 23
4/22/50 = 4+22+50 = 76  (Year of last Super Bowl Vikings were in, '76-'77)

With all the World War programming in the media, you have to appreciate the mention of Holocaust.

Holocaust = 33/42/114 (World War = 114) (Pearl Harbor = 114)

Let us decode the name Joseph.

Joseph = 1+6+1+5+7+8 = 28/37 (Wednesday = 37)
Joseph = 10+15+19+5+16+8 = 73

Joseph Wilf = 51/60/123 (Conspiracy = 51/60/123)

1964 foundation, eh?

Israel = 64
Zion = 64
Thelema = 64
Do what thou wilt = 64
Synagogue of Satan = 64

That means the foundation is 52-years old in 2016.  Recall, Denny Green died 52-days before the home opener on September 11, 2016, against 'Tennessee'.  Tennessee = 52; Prophecy = 52

His death comes in a span of 187-days from the Super Bowl.  '187' is often the homicide code.

His place of death also has a connection to Super Bowl.  That place is 'Hillside, NJ'.  Keep in mind the Vikings franchise will turn 57-years old in 2017, the year Super Bowl 51 is hosted in.  The Vikings host Super Bowl 52, at the end of the '17-'18 season.  Also, prince just died at age 57, on a date specific to Super Bowl, and the upcoming one in Houston.

Hillside, NJ = 8+9+3+3+1/10+9+4+5+5+1 = 48/57

Also, one last point about the Yad Vashem that he helped open.

Yad = 7+1+4 = 12
Vashem = 4+1+1+8+5+4 = 23/32
Yad Vashem = 35/44/53/62

Notice the Yad Vashem was built in '53.  Israel is a religious state.  We know who does things by the numbers.


  1. More Vikings coding! Good read Zachary.

  2. From the patterns so far, can pretty much guess it will be a NY Giants/MIN Vikings NFC championship game. But not sure which one will progress to SB51, sometimes looks like MIN Vikings but sometimes it also looks like NY Giants. They do play each other in week-4 in season 2016 in a Monday night game in Minnesota (the day before vice-presidential debate, the NFC/AFC championship game is usually like the '2nd-rank' game after the SB itself)

  3. The guy looks to be in his early 60's not even close to 90's. Seriously, how many "holocaust survivors" are still around? Such Bullshit but yes more coding for the Stupor Bowl.

  4. To me, this confirms that there will not be a Vikings Superbowl appearance. This is all just payment for the new stadium, the various blundering/dysfunctional storylines the past 5 years, and the Superbowl they are hosting. It is also a series of red herring connections made to swerve awakened people who are inclined to beat towards Minnesota and away from NY, which I also feel RFG is a part of.

    Stick with Giants/Colts.

    1. They seem to like to hint at about 4 teams who could win it. Remember when the case could be made for any of the remaining 4 teams this past year?

    2. Yep. Also, last preseason half of we Southerners were calling for the Falcons, which they were coded, only it turned out the city won the 2019 SuperBowl. Really, too hard to call this early, but documentation is good.

    3. I agree I think Giants are going to sb in remember rfg predicted pats vs Seahawks but it ended up being Broncos bs Seahawks so will have to wait in see on the Vikings

  5. Zymunt Wilf, there's a Jew if there ever was one. He and his brother supposedly got rich from commiting absurd amounts of real estate fraud (which they were never prosecuted for) it's entirely possible he sacrificed his old father, who was probably close to death anyway, for a Vikings super bowl.

  6. Im from Europe and can tell you that Odell Beckham JR has been visiting many famous soccer teams this off season. There basically are no headlines apart from that about the NFL because nobody cares about that sport. But sending out their biggest star to Europe in order to gain fans tells me he might be the star of this years SuperBowl. A NFL player visiting multiple soccer teams never happens, 99% barely know who a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning are, so building up this WWE character OBJ all over the world seems to be their plan.

  7. Dont be an idiot, nobody made him travel to europe lol

    1. Mike probably thinks no one made LeBron wear that Ultimate Warrior shirt either. Don't mind him.

  8. A lot of weird shit has been going on with the Vikings this year. Joseph Wilf's death could be a bad sign for the Vikings.

    Joseph Wilf dies at 91. Vikings = 91.

    Joseph Wilf = 123 (Hidden Hand) Jewish Gematria

    He dies 39 days before start of vikings season.

    39 is a sacred number in freemasonry. It's the highest possible magnification of 13. 13+13+13 = 39. 13 can be deemed as a good and bad number in freemasonry. Meaning Vikings could go to NFC Championship or Super Bowl but probably lose in either game.

    39 is a significant number associated with Joseph Wilf since he was Jewish/Zionist. 39 inverted is 93. Saturn = 93. Freemason's worship Saturn.

    Reminiscent to Denny Green, Joseph Wilf dies a day after a significant event for the Vikings. The Vikings "broke ground" on their new training facility on 8/2/2016.

    8+2+20=16 = 46 (sacrifice)

    Vikings break ground in Eagan = 123 (conspiracy)

    Others numbers not in Vikings favor is 121, 126. Vikings are hoping to play in franchises fifth Super Bowl.

    SB Fifty One = 121, 49 (revelation)

    Minnesota fifth Super Bowl loss = 121

    Indianapolis wins Super Bowl = 121

    NRG Stadium will host SB51.

    NRG Stadium = 126

    Minnesota loses fifth Super Bowl = 126

  9. Born on 4/22 , the 112 day of the year , day that Prince died

  10. Born on 4/22 , the 112 day of the year , day that Prince died

  11. I think palmer and fitz signing 1 year deals is interesting for next year, maybe they win.