Sunday, August 21, 2016

33 42 49 66 84 96 | Team U.S.A. men's basketball wins gold, August 21, 2016 (41-days from Kevin Durant's birthday)

Notice the U.S. Olympic team won with 96-points.  Again the divisors of '42' sum to '96'.

Rio = 18+9+15 = 42

It is interesting that Serbia went down with 66-points, they are a relatively new nation, having their independence recognized June 5, 2006, a little more than ten years ago.  Recall the U.S. involvement in helping establish the red, white and blue nation of Serbia.

Kevin Durant was again the leading scorer for the United States.  Remember, on July 4, he was the big news for joining the Warriors, and his birthday is also September 29, or 9/29, a lot like 'United States of America' in Jewish Gematria.

The big Gold win for team U.S.A. basketball comes in a span of 40-days before Kevin Durant's 28th birthday.

Or 39-days after.  Notice the connection between '39' and Nike as well as 'empire'.  Nike was who made the U.S. uniforms.

Kevin Durant, the star of the U.S.A. team these Olympics, also has a U.S.A. connection with the team he joined on July 4, 2016.

Steph Curry announcing during the NBA Finals he wouldn't play for Team U.S.A. is making more sense with the ongoing Kevin Durant narrative.  There would have been '4' members of the Golden State Warriors on team U.S.A. as well; Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant +Steph Curry.  When Curry made the announcement, Durant was not on the Warriors yet.

From July 4, 2016, the day Durant joined the Warriors, the U.S.A.'s birthday, until today, is 49-days later, also connecting to Kevin Durant.  '49' has been a big theme in these Olympics, one of the numbers of prophecy.

Of course '49' also connects to 'Warriors', the team originally from Philadelphia, the city named from the book of prophecy, the book of Revelation.

The U.S.'s 121st Gold Medal was also won by the U.S. Basketball team, lead by Kevin Durant.

With regards to Serbia losing with '66', Revelation is also the 66th book of the Bible.

It was also June 6, 2016 that Steph Curry said he would not play for the Olympic Team.  That was 10-weeks and 6-days earlier (Prophecy = 106), or 76-days.  Master = 22/31/76

Notice Durant scored 30 on 10-19 shooting and 5-11 on 3PT attempts.

All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119
Saturn = 21/30/93/511

I saw a bit of the game early on, and it truly felt like the Serbian team was playing purposefully idiotic.  Again, the world of professional sports is staged by the same gang worldwide so it should come as no surprise.

Closing points, the scores of the U.S. versus Serbia basketball games have all had interesting scores, let's revisit.

United States of America = 84
President = 110

Now let us see the '33' with the men's games in the scores.

When you sum 1-13, it totals 91.  94 is the reflection of 49.  Revelation = 49

Notice that between the two games played the U.S. won by a total of 33 points, 3 in the first, 30 in the second.

Also, if you add the scores Serbia had, they sum to a total that matches with 'United States'.

91+66 = 157

The U.S. points sum to '190'.  Synagogue of Satan = 190; Star Spangled Banner = 190

Finally, the score of 96-66, summed to 162, correspond with the 'The End'.  This match ended the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.