Thursday, August 4, 2016

55 84 129 | Obama responds to Trump about Presidential Election being rigged, August 4, 2016 (His 55th birthday)

Obama's been putting a good spin on all the mainstream lies shoved down American's throats at a nation level for going on eight years, following George W. Bush who always put more of a "coked out and slightly drunk" spin on things.  True vertigo.

Happy birthday, Obama, you're the national highway speed limit, 55.

Satan = 19+1+20+1+14 = 55 (Heaven) (Cloud) (Sky)

Let us not forget how Obama connects to 'America', with his '8/4', or August 4 birthday.


  1. Yo that aberdeen goal in soccer is the most obvious ball technology ive seen

  2. And he is born on the 216 day of the year 6x6x6 = 216

  3. Given their love of ironic duality, I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did speak the truth with both statements mentioned in the title & subtitle (i.e. "We don't pay ransom" ... & ... the elections aren't rigged).

    Technically & semantically, one could argue that the elections CAN'T be "rigged" simply because there ARE NO "real" elections.
    When a vote is placed, it doesn't REALLY go anywhere at all. Just like punching numbers into a stand-alone calculator, the machine may SHOW a "RESULT" -- but in reality it's NEITHER SAVING NOR TRANSMITTING ANYTHING. Every supposed "tally" is actually just the reading off of a preset figure that was determined to "sound right" for the scripted Final Scene ... long before the sham "election".

    Re: The "Ransom Money" -- not so long ago I would've thought that payment to "Iran" was bribery money. But now I'm awake enough to realize that such deals are NEVER revealed to US. But since this WAS fed to us via their media, it's obvious that the ENTIRE STORY IS 100% FALSE. Besides, let's be realistic -- that ain't enough money to get excited about ... not in THEIR world. This bit if fiction was nothing more than coded messaging wrapped inside a ritually significant Jewish timeframe.

    January is TEVES -- the 10th month in the Judaic calendar system. The 8th, 9th, & 10th are regarded as 3 days of Historically Significant Destruction.

    8th -- when Ptolemy of Greece (supposedly) "Forced" the Sages to Translate The Torah -- producing The Septuagint (& they're STILL engaged in "revenge" for that!)

    9th -- the date on which the Jews claim that "The Leader Of Christianity Was Born". (Non-Jews might ASSUME this means "Jesus" ... but given their noticeable lack of specivity, it would be wise to wonder exactly WHO they ARE referring to ...)

    10th -- known as The Day Destruction Began ... referring to Nebuchadnezzar's attack on Jerusalem -- beginning the seige that would result in the walls finally being breached 3 years later. (Also why Carter's similar hostage crisis occurred at the same time -- a "revenge script" reversed to depict Non-Jews confined against their will).

    More of The Grand Mocking -- "I can't help it if I tell them the (literal) truth & they STILL won't believe me ... heh heh heh ..." ;D :D

  4. The people who complain about rigged elections are usually the ones who lose.

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

    Well, no shit.