Saturday, August 6, 2016

57 62 119 | Team USA basketball wins 119-62 over China, August 6, 2016

Mason = 62; Torah = 62
All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119

Notice they won by 57, 119-62.

Fifty-Seven = Super Bowl = Championship

This comes on a symbolic date, August 6.

Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86


  1. Rio cycling road race, Greg Van Avermaet, Belgium, Jakob Fuglsang, Denmark, Rafal Majka,Poland is 232 Pythagorean Gematria.
    major contenders accidentally fell off their bikes around the course

    1. Camera was following them the whole damn time to except when they made the turn and "fell"

    2. Yes yes I saw this I wouldn't be surprised if they jumped off the bikes then the camera turned onto them lol little bastards

    3. Yea everything is such bullshit in this Truman showish world it eerks me

  2. I know zach the Mann has elaborated and done work on lindy infante and the hall of fame game and right after the Super Bowl there were graphics of the colts and 112 that's how the world should know zach is the first one to call colts and throw Vikings in the mix with giants just wanted to mention that real quick and also ask a question

    Lindy infante died 10/8/15 that's 6 months and 13 days before Prince
    613 is the 112th prime number and we know the other things that sums to 112

    My question is even though it is 6 months and 13 days can you still read it as 613? When I read the months and days or even years sometimes as a whole number it sure as hell fits groovy with the connection

    Another example

    Irvin favre=124
    Died 12 years and 4 months before Prince who dies on 4/21

  3. Aroid retires with (696) HR

    Interesting number lol

  4. The Chicago shooting with the chest cameras and the only footage missing from all the cops is the shooting lol