Thursday, August 11, 2016

58 118 139 | Schlitterbahn, where the congressman's son was killed on the water slide ''Verruckt"

Notice the emphasized words.

199, the 46th prime (Sacrifice = 46)

Please read my first decode on this story, where this death appeared by "murder by numbers":

The names of the witnesses decoded:

Jess Sanford = 40/49/130 (Washington = 49/58/130)
Melanie Glocke = 58/67/112 (Freemasonry = 58/67/139) (112, alt dialing code for 911)

The names of the witness reminds that this seems to be a federal conspiracy, perhaps a warning.  The father of the deceased son is a congressman from Kansas.

As for the name of the slide, it connects to 'death'.

Death = 118 (Jewish Gematria)

New York City = 168 (Height of slide)

The name of the park in gematria is identical to 'freemasonry'.

With regards to this being Kansas, it reminds of how Lincoln was nearly assassinated at the Willard Hotel, just before the Civil War, just after Kansas became a state.  That was February 23, 1861.

Willard Hotel = 58/139
Ford's Theatre = 58/67/139 (Where Lincoln was assassinated)


  1. Been witnessing (58) this week. Sunday Jim Furyk shoots a record (58) at the Travelers Championship. Yesterday Trump Tower Man tries climbing (58) story Trump Tower. Today the Nasdaq closed up 23.81 minus the 23 from 81 (58).

  2. I am getting a feeling that these waterslide/roller coast death stories are some kind of twisted child birth inversions. Just with the slides and the tunnels and the blood it seems to fit. Some kind of rebirth thru death symbology.

    1. if 10 is the god number in numerology then perhaps a 10 year old son can be interpreted as god son or god's son. seems to run somewhat parallel to your commentary. I was contemplating this earlier which reminds me of Nas, the musician, and his whole shtick as 'God's Son' with the tattoo to the album to the constant references. THAT in turn has me thinking about whatever lies in store in the HBO limited series 'The Night Of' whose main character is Nasir and takes place in NYC.

      "in the Q'ran it's says Nas is the man, Nissa is the woman ya know. it was written."

      from the Nas album, It Was Written.

    2. Interesting. HBO also has a new Matrix-type show coming out called WestWorld. Very creepy looking.