Monday, August 8, 2016

29 34 44 50 79 88 113 187 | 10-year old boy falls to death and world's tallest water slide, Kansas City, Kansas (Son of Scott Schwab, Kansas Congressman)

Right away, the numbers of significance.

Water Park = 41/50/113
Kansas City = 32/50/122

Water Slide = 44 (Kill = 44)

Kansas City, Kansas has '187' gematria.  The numbers connected to homicide.

In this case the suspicious story is about the death of a congressman's son, August 7, 2016, a 'Sunday'.

8/7/2016 = 8+7+20+16 = 51 (Federal) (Conspiracy)

Sunday = 84 (United States of America = 84)

I was just watching this on CNN, and the slide he supposedly fell from is completely enclosed, so I'm quite certain the story is complete bullshit.  But was the son of the Congressman ritually sacrificed?  I notice the Congressman himself is 44-years old.

The name 'Scott Schwab', or SS, is right for Government.

His name and his date of birth connect back to 'murder'.  Notice he was '34' years old when his son was born.

Kansas is the 34th state, the last to enter the Union before the Civil War.

And his July 9, or 7/9 birthday, again, connecting back to murder...

7/9/1972 = 7+9+19+72 = 107
7/9/1972 = 7+9+1+9+7+2 = 35
7/9/72 = 7+9+72 = 88 (This news comes on August 8, the death of his son)

The death comes 29-days after his 44th birthday.  2+9 = 11

Kansas = 2+1+5+1+1+1 = 11/29


  1. Good stuff.

    Below is unrelated but wanted to put it out there...

    Interesting Google doodle lemonade ducks ice lemon the duck ALS backstroke mini-narrative going on today.

    At 9:30 tonight is 100 m backstroke. 19 yr old American Kathleen baker (Crohn's disease) lane 4 "ipanema" girl (according to NBC) swimming tonight.

    Backstroke = 33
    Lemonade = 33 (they gonna make some ALS ice bucket challenge lemonade tonight if baker wins with Crohns)

    Gold medal = 37
    Baker = 37
    Crohns =32
    ALS = 32
    Ipanema = 32

    One hundred meters backstroke = 113
    Kathleen baker = 113, 50
    Ducks in a pond = 50 (this one was for fun)

    Emily seebohm is prob her biggest threat

    Just an FYI sorry to hijack.

    1. Got 113nd into 2nd place.

      Silver's good, but it won't generate the excitement needed to fund another Ponzi for Disease Control and pump & dumps.

  2. Headline on NBC nightly news reads

    "Waterslide Tragedy" = 79

    Murder = 79

    Dad Congressmans Scott Schwab Bday = 7/9

  3. Water slide is another piss joke.
    The Urine Nation
    Pee in a cup so they can test it.

    Cupping is the hottest new health trend at the Reno Olympics, accordian to JRR Tabloidian, check out the big red circles on Michael Yelps.
    I C U P

    Scott Schwab is a Nazi name.
    Although Schwab sounds like a penis, butter it's the name of an area in Southern Germany, Swabia.
    Schwabians are the Simmdwarves who grow the sausage trees for the Overlords. This guy Scott must be one of their tallest dwarves. He looks like he really enjoys his work, doesn't he. Mmm sausage!

    I know this is true because I just now made it up, and as I have learned from my dear old Uncle Dick (I learned it from you, okay! I learned it from watching you!)
    Facts don't need anything to back them up just like paper money doesn't need gold to back it up. Fuck it. Just say "according to experts..." and then insert your lie.

    Also, I think the word son is an acronym. We think of it as meaning male offspring but I don't think they do, not in these BS propaganda ditzinfo anyway.

    1. According to experts -- 216/90/987

      Now you know why Cleveland is full of "experts".

  4. More great stuff!! EVERYWHERE we turn there are stories with WATER - related themes. (I C U P -- loved that one!!)
    "Cupping" has so many directions --

    -- it's what Justin Timberlake did to Janet Jackson's exposed breast ...
    -- male athletes wear a "cup"
    -- Cupertino, CA
    -- some dialects (like Welsh?) would pronounce it "COOP"
    -- as in RECOUP losses
    -- COUP

    I think I'm starting to get the hang of this ... & I love it!! Lol ;D :D

  5. The GOFUNDME account went up right away -- set up by their co-conspirators "The Church". (5 Fast Facts ...) has TWO separate "articles" -- one for the parents & one for "The Kid".

    Yet media can't seem to agree on how many kids they ACTUALLY have ... Some say 3 ... Others say 4 ... Even "This Kid's" AGE has discrepancies ...

    Would ANY Public Official REALLY just turn their kids loose in a giant park in a Big City -- with NO "protection"?? (Never.) Had this actually happened ... & if the parents were Lower Caste or Minorities, we'd already be hearing the pundits screaming about "Neglectful Parents" ...

    One supposed "witness" kept saying the boy "Looked Too Small" ... Yep, DUMMIES can be hard to "flesh out" -- especially if they're designed to "Fly Through The Air" ...

    I say the CHURCHES -- those who CONSPIRE to Raise Funds Based On These Fraudulent Claims -- ought to ALL be investigated & shut down .., but THAT will never happen. How "convenient" that this boy "Attended Private School" -- through THEIR CHURCH. That means it will be virtually impossible to know if this boy ever actually existed at all (I THINK NOT ...)

    And they claim that "The Brother" told a park attendant: "I just saw my brother die on one of your "ATTRACTIONS" -- then he "ran off to find his mother". Seriously?
    No tears or hysterical screaming??
    "ATTRACTIONS"? What KID (or Adult, for that matter) -- who's supposedly just witnessed the Death Of The Sibling He Was Ostensibly "Watching Out For" -- would EVER use that terminology??
    And then he "just ran off"?? REALLY?? NO ONE grabbed him & held him there ...?? Give me a break!!! ;D :D

  6. I just moved from KC to San Antonio and have been to both of the Schlitterbahn parks in each city. Verrukt is FULLY enclosed, there are strict weight guidelines as well as height and age - they don't fuck around with that safety stuff, too much liability. also, the rafts have SEATBELTS on them.

    My brother called me to talk about this a few hours ago. From what he said, the child was apparently decapitated and there were pictures of blood along the side of the slide. I call bullshit. that slide is off by itself, in the back of the park and the wait is hours long. I've been there time and again. the riders don't get tossed around, the rafts don't fly up, people don't get ejected from it. I've seen hundreds of people come down that slide and not even the slightest of issue. this is all contrived and when he told me it was a politician's son - instant thoughts of ritual sacrifice, however real or fake the sacrifice itself.

  7. Thanks for sharing what you know -- it really helps to have this added info. If this HAD BEEN "Real", then it sounds like TONS of people would've seen something awful (& would be posting their pics). Certainly there would've been more than the same one or two "witnesses" they keep quoting!

    Given what you've contributed, my guess is that none of this "REALLY" happened. Your version of how they operate these rides sounds legit ... & they're sure not going to be careless on a day when "Lawmakers" are all over the park (wouldn't they be EXTRA vigilant on those days??).

    My guess is also that THIS "kid" never really existed at all -- he's as fake as Adam Lanza.

    IF however -- for the sake of argument -- there actually WAS such a kid as Caleb Thomas Schwab, then I'd say he's currently in a kibbutz in Israel -- starting his "new life" & receiving his instruction as a future Warrior For Zion.

    Their "Church" -- the one that was so quick to set up a GoFundMe account ("for the family") -- IS A ZIONIST CHURCH ... an Evangelical Christian supporter of ISRAEL & "ZION".

    For anyone who may be unaware, Zionists aren't ALL Jews -- MANY in this country are Evangelical Christians & MANY are Mormons ... combined with the Jewish Zionists, they add up to a LOT OF ZIONISTS -- with MANY in positions of power.
    It was Israel's Prime Minister -- Benjamin Netanyahu -- who described America's Christian Zionists as "Useful Idiots". Israel wants their money & support -- but has no respect for people so easily fooled. The Christians meanwhile, believe that -- eventually -- they will "Convert the Jews to Christianity" (not gonna happen ..,).

    The statements issued by the family & by the Church were enough for me -- they hit all the usual "key words" ... Hearts broken/ torn apart/ etc.; Happy he's "with his savior"; & especially -- Comforted because they "KNOW They WILL See Him Again" ... You hear these EXACT same lines Over & Over again -- always IMMEDIATELY after "The Tragedy" (when MOST people would still be numb with shock).
    I first noticed this after the "Cassidy Stay" event a few years ago -- & it's remained a consistent feature ever since.

    Thanks again for sharing!! ;D :D

    1. yeah man, I went looking for photos of the park as well and although it's not proof positive, the only photos are of emergency vehicles parked near the slide, from the vantage point of a helicopter? maybe a high flying drone?

      cmon man, reason and logic have to come into play at some point here. you're trying to tell me that a body was FULLY decpaitated and yet there's no blood to be seen, anywhere? can't sell me on the idea that they don't show that stuff - we get pictures of fake blood in hoaxes on the reg. again, this is all bullshit.

      fuck what you heard, this ride doesn't do what the story claims. it's one big drop with a smaller ascent and subsequent decline to the finish. the rafts come down pretty quick and literally never catch air. it's just like the log ride at Disney World or whatever, just faster. you plow through water on your way down, not catching any air or hang time. there are so many levels of safety in terms of number of employees who work a given ride, the signage that clearly states the ride restrictions and the repeated checkpoints on ride restrictions. and that's for the slowest, most casual rides. the more dangerous ones are even stricter in terms of following safety protocol.

      I also noticed that the KCK location has been sued '3 times in the past' and incurred fines totaling $96,000 but they settled for $66,000. 96 and 66, of course.

    2. More great info -- this is officially a HOAX! Which actually makes sense when you realize that NO ONE attains a position of power anymore UNLESS they're "Part Of The Club". Therefore staging a hoax would be EASIEST when the park is full of nothing BUT "Members".

      I'd bet that any park workers who AREN'T "Members" we're given the day off -- under the guise of not having the right "Security Clearance" to be around all these "Special People .. aka .. Lawmakers". For those who don't believe such a vast area can be tightly controlled -- THAT'S how they do it ... by subtly restricting access to "Members Only".

      Suddenly the name of that "Members Only" clothing line makes sense, lol!

      The info about those "fines" is priceless ... they're literally a Badge Of Honor -- Advertising the TRUTH about this park!
      Much like wearing those crappy M.O. (Members Only) jackets was the beginning of "Commoners" "WEARING A BRAND" As A (perceived) Status Symbol (hmm ... M.O. also means Method of Operation!). Reminds me of The 80s -- when TRUMP suddenly burst into the National Spotlight -- & the Stupid Sheep were conned into "BRANDING THEMSELVES" with Overpriced Clothing! Lol

      One thing's for sure -- NO "Fines" we're ever ACTUALLY paid -- unless it was in the form of DUES to Masonic Lodges.

      Here's a thought -- maybe this is an "Opening Statement" before launching into "Negotiations" about taking over some OTHER property controlled by the park's owners (or even about obtaining a controlling seat on their Board ...)?? That IS how EXTORTION generally works ... usually beginning with a PUBLIC display of some POTENTIAL, "Tragic Possibilities" -- with Promises of More To Follow if the Extortioner doesn't get what they're after ... Just another possibility to consider ... ;D :D

    3. Adam Walsh is another decapitated head kid hoax, remember John Walsh hot of America's Most Wanted.

    4. hell yeah man, that was used to scare the public at large. worked wonders for us growing up.

    5. keeping up with this story as it goes along the conveyor belt.

      KILL = 17/44/89/264

      police called it in at *2:34*

      multiple references to 17 from the slide's height in stories to the reference of Pat Pettey , whose district covers the park, and her 17 year old grandson.

      Riders on Verrukt are required to be *54* inches tall

      There are *264* steps on Verrukt

      Speeds hit 60 - 70 miles per hour (6-7) (blood sacrifice)

      The article I'm reading has an embedded video thats 1:52 in length or *112* seconds.

      His dad is in his *13th* year as a selected official.

      I wonder if the 168 foot height is a tribute to New York City or whether it has to with the KC Royals beating the Mets or perhaps a shout out to Hillary on "elected officials day" at the water park.

    6. now here's a follow up of some family that apparently has season tickets and goes to Schlitterbahn all the time. according to this story, his harness came of last year and his wife was there to perfectly document this. now, this allegedly happened last year and they didn't file a complaint or anything with the park yet the now plan to do so after the reported death of this little boy. the guy's name is Kenneth Conrad.

      Kenneth Conrad from KC. of course.

    7. now they're putting these two young women in a video embedded in the CNN article that last 1:46 or 106 seconds.

      title of the article -

      Water park witness: I saw him slide down "and then I saw the blood"

      she goes on to talk about how she was able to wriggle free from the velcro seatbelt super easy with no problems. bullshit.

    8. Thanks for sharing the updates! Have you seen anything at all about WHO Scott & Michele Schwab ARE? I can't locate ANY info about HIS PARENTS ... or even find Michele's maiden name. Something's rotten in Denmark when a politician can serve for 13 years & his background is still a mystery.

      Damnit -- don't voters WANT to know where their puppets originate from? Lol, lol.
      Noticed that FIRST he was APPOINTED to fill a vacancy ... Then he RAN UNOPPOSED ... Now, if those aren't indicators that he was PLACED in office FOR A REASON -- then I don't know WHAT it is ... except that it sure LOOKS like he's a "Manchurian Candidate" ... ;D :D

  8. No blood is one of their calling cards now. If I say its a duck, it must be a duck.

    Nine days after the successful Heaven Sent Lucifer falls reenactment, a SON who is a combo of Cain and Abel(Caleb), falls to his death. Also, two more sky divers fell to their deaths yesterday.

    I haven't looked into this one totally, but the facility was located at the 23500 block of Highway 99. 235 is bad news.