Monday, August 1, 2016

58 74 84 87 147 163 | The killings of Toya Wright's brothers, July 31, 2016 (Lil Wayne & Hillary Clinton related)

This appears to be an Illuminati sacrifice for Hillary Clinton's upcoming Presidency.  Toya Wright has the same birthday as Hillary Clinton, October 26.

Notice the emphasis on 'I never felt pain like this before'.  It connects to the name of one of her two brothers killed.

The other brother also has name gematria connecting to 'death'.

163, 38th Prime Number.  Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38

They were both killed on a date with '74' numerology, connecting to masonic-jewish ritual sacrifice.

7/31/2016 = 7+31+20+16 = 74 (Masonic) (Jewish) (Rapper)

If this was a ritual sacrifice related to Lil' Wayne's rap career, let us not forget that 'rapper' also has gematria of '74', like 'Jesus', like 'Cross', like 'Makaveli'...

These deaths also come 58-days before Lil Wayne's 34th birthday, which happens to fall on the same day as the Jesuit Order's birthday, September 27.

Jesuit = 84; Sunday = 84; United States of America = 84
Freemasonry = 58

It is also a total span of 59-days from his birthday.

And with regards to it happening on a Sunday, and Lil Wayne being born on the Jesuit Order's birthday...

The mention of 7th Ward makes me think of '49'.  Recall, Will Smith died on 4/9 and then the young player for the New Orleans Pelicans died 49-days later.


  1. An Aside;

    But I was wondering if you were going to do anything or had even heard about this guy who did a 25,000 foot skydive with no parachute. The whole thing has a Baphomet fall from Heaven theme going.

    42 Year Old
    Luke--49, 235(Rising)
    Akins--54, 150(Perfect match for Islam or the Devil's Religion)

    Luke Akins---103, 358

    The whole performance was called
    Heaven Sent---113, 994

    And is being called his

    Coming Out Jump--177, 1062, 1379(Heavenly Father, Conspiracy Theory)

    You'll like this one.

    1. Also aired on FOX for a lil more Lucifier Love.

    2. Post up, check your spelling on his name. Good work though!

  2. When I saw this story my first thought was the Bengals RB Rudi Johnson and backup QB Josh Johnson who now plays for Baltimore. There was also a RB Rudy Johnson who played for San Fran and Atlanta.