Thursday, August 4, 2016

74 82 88 187 | Donald Trump's 'purple heart' from Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman

Notice the Purple Heart's creation is credited to George Washington  in 1782.

Soldier = 19+15+12+4+9+5+18 =  82 (Barack Hussein Obama = 82)

Trump and Obama & "Make America Great Again":

Donald Trump was given a 'Purple Heart' in Ashburn, Virginia, on August 2, or 8/2.  The only two ways to receive that award are to be injured or to be killed in service.

Recall how Trump parallels George Washington.

George Washington = 187
GOP Convention began 18/7, July 18, 187-days before inauguration day, January 20, 2017.

George Washington = 88 (Trump = 88) (Purple = 88) (Elizabeth = 88)

The 'purple' also reminds of Queen Elizabeth.  Donald Trump came out to Queen on July 18 at the GOP Convention, 88-days after Queen Elizabeth's birthday.

From 1782 to 2016 is 234-years.  234+432 = 666

They didn't specify what branch he was in, because he wasn't in the military.

And one last thing, remember what I said about August 22.  With that in mind, look at the number on the sign.


  1. He was in the civilian division of the military like we are IMO. They don't tell us because we are the test audience like Nielsen families
    Unbiased because we don't know anything.

  2. What is one thing we all have in common? Most all of us grew up watching TV and listening to the radio. We have all seen and heard hundreds of commercials. I can recite commercials jingles from childhood by heart sing all the theme songs of all the ads and shows etc..

    Hey Koolaid!

    Church of the Poison Mind
    Culture Club
    Boy/Girl George

    Charlotte Sometimes
    The Cure

    1. Those jingles NEVER leave your brain ... EVER!!

      BEST Culture Club song -- "TIME (CLOCK OF THE HEART)" ... !!

      You're on fire today -- awesome! ;D :D

    2. It's the MHz !

      @ prunella jones

  3. Who was America's first movie star handsome made for TV president? JFK the first and only Catholic and martyr the first presidential Snuff film star.
    Kennedy means bad head.
    Head blown apart like a Piñata. It was a made for TV sorrowful mystery like Who Shot JR. We are the children of that event.

  4. Fred "The Dorf" Dorfman ...

  5. Lincoln's assassination ushered in/occurred around the spread of the light bulb, movies, phonographs, etc..and the amazing culture possibilities that came with it.

    Artificial Light gives you power over day and night. You can confuse and blend the two. And that gives you control over time. IMO.

    1. Yes! Great points all around ... especially about artificial light as a tool to manipulate time perception ... Brilliant Insight!

      Throughout his entire lifetime -- Greater Than 99% of the population ONLY knew "Lincoln" from DRAWN IMAGES.
      Always thought it strange that such a FAMOUS president would have so few photographs ... while the elite of the 1840s & 1850s were constantly utilizing this new technology.
      Even "common" soldiers of the War Of Union Oppression (Civil War) had pics made -- so it's not like it wasn't possible or available.

      I've never believed the Lincoln mythology -- even as a kid it felt suspicious.

      Personally I believe the Actor/Agent was actually ROBERT BLUM -- an escaped German revolutionary -- who is STILL virtually worshipped by the Jews (but you have to go to Jewish sites to find THAT out!)

      Born: 11/10/1807 ... (supposedly) Died: 11/ 9 /1848.
      EXACTLY ... 41 years ... (Inclusive -- re: timeanddate calculator).

      ALSO -- 1848 was the year of the Great Jewish Migration from Europe to America. Hundreds of thousands came that year -- virtually all of them adopting NEW IDENTITIES.

      Jewish sites claim that the name BLUM was altered into many derivations ... One if them being BLOOMBERG ... aka Bloomingdale's, Bloomberg Report, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, etc. ... ALL of them "Media Mogul Billionaires" ...

      It's something to think about ... I know that I'M CONVINCED that BLUM / LINCOLN was the originator of today's multi-faceted "BLOOM- / BLUME ... etc." dynasties! ;D :D

    2. You and I are synching well! Thanks for the push. I just saw an article about Orlando Bloom. There was a picture of him shirtless and supposedly all the ladies are swooning over it. Funny because of Orlando being so much in the news.
      There is so much garden imagery going on.
      And Florida
      Flow rider
      Orlando Blooming
      Judy Blume
      Are u there God, it's me Margeret?
      As I recall one of Margarets problems was trying to decide if she wanted to be Christian or Jewish.

    3. Plus the initials OB just like Barack Obama the grinning Green (screen) Man.
      Big ears, sound, cyametics, sonar, bats, Batman

      BOA are the blood groups as well as a big ass snake
      The medical symbol of the caduceus has 2 intertwined snakes
      Enter twinned
      Mirror images
      Hi, I'm Larry, this is my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell

    4. Haha -- love that consciousness flow!!

      Trump said, "I AM The Batman". Sounded weird at the time ... Reading through your dissection though, it's starting to make sense.

      I'm screenshotting your flows to save for future reference -- there's so many accurate tie-ins that I'm starting to see where you're tapping into another branch that forks from the Language & Gematria Tree. Thanks & Keep Shootin Em Out! Lol ;D :D

    5. I've been seeing Orlando Bloom articles too -- makes no rational sense because he's not really an "A" list actor -- more of an indie guy who shows up for photo ops with models & actresses. But the gays are wild about him ... So maybe it DOES make sense after all -- especially with the Pulse event subliminals attached to his Orlando name. Maybe FL has another Event On The Horizon. ;D :D

  6. You said this was all theatre -- how right you are!!

    Google: JERUSALEM **KHAN** THEATRE (have to add Jerusalem to find the wiki page ... Clever, eh?)

    It's a REPERATORY Theatre in ISRAEL ...
    A Board Member is Israel's 10th (current) President -- REUVEN "RUVI" RIVLIN -- son of (get this --) ...
    RACHEL "RAY" Rivlin & Yosef Yoel Rivlin. That's -- RACHEL "RAY" -- like the celebrity ACTRESS/chef. (Obviously NOT his mother -- but clearly This Grand Mocking goes VERY deep.)

    Pres. RIVLIN bears a strange resemblance to (supposedly deceased) founder of Wendy's -- REX DAVID THOMAS -- who supposedly was abandoned at birth by an unknown mother ... REX = KING (Latin) ... He was named "KING DAVID" ...

    Suddenly it's not so crazy to think the 2 might be connected somehow. They aren't dead ringers, but when you factor in the possible use of prosthetics, surgery, & the controlled media's use of image manipulation ... as well as "crafted", fraudulent histories ... then the gap between them narrows even more.

    RIVLIN: b. 9/9/39 ... Age 76 ... Took office 7/24/14
    THOMAS: b. 7/2/32 (322 is in there!) ... "Died" -- **1/8**/2002 ... Age 69 (96 "Mirror")

    **1/8** is significant because Jews deem it: The Date Of The Most "HORRIFIC" Tragedy To Befall The Jews" ... (their words -- not mine)

    According to: ... "Shirat Devorah - Jewish Astrology" ... It was on **1/8** that: (emphasis added)
    "Ptolemy, ruler of Greece, FORCED the Sages to TRANSLATE THE TORAH INTO GREEK (the *SEPTUAGINT*).
    This was part of the THREAT that Yavan (Greece) represented.
    ... when this took place, Three Days Of Darkness Descended On The World."

    *SEPTUAGINT* = so-named because it took 70 JEWISH "Translators"

    Note: The TORAH was "translated" into KOINE GREEK -- an entirely NEW LANGUAGE -- one that ONLY THE TRANSLATORS COULD INTERPRET -- supposedly created to "simplify" Traditional Greek ... in order to facilitate the translation & to create a COMMON language for the disparate regions of the expanding Greek empire ...
    But it took GENERATIONS for it to slowly become understood.

    Neither Ptolemy nor ANY of his advisors could read or use it ... ONLY THE "TRANSLATORS OF THE TORAH" -- the Creators of this New & "COMMON" Language -- could understand it.

    Wanna bet they DIDN'T produce an accurate "translation"??

    Anyway -- "KING DAVID" Thomas being mysteriously "born" on that "most significant & tragic date" (which "Led To 3 Days Of Darkness" -- is suspicious at best. More so given his resemblance to Israel's current President -- board member of the KHAN (ReperaTORY) Theater.

    Their birth dates are BOTH on SATURDAY (the Jewish Holy Day of the week) ... 2626 Days Apart (inclusive) ... 7 yrs 2 mo 7 days, or 275 wks (non-inclusive).

    Interesting, isn't it? ;D :D

    1. Wow, these bells keep ringing. I worked at Wendy's one summer when I was in high school.

      Tel Aviv
      Tell of Eve
      Tele Vee
      The City that Never Sleeps
      The White City
      The Bubble
      32°4'N 34°47'E
      Citizens of Telaviv are called TelaVivians


      ArtiFISHal light
      Time management
      The perception of time passing
      Thats how history can all be happening at once. Right now

    2. 1/8 is the most horrific date for the Jews? January 8. That's Elvis' birthday, I think it's David Bowies too.
      What else?

    3. Wow -- that's terrific info you added!!
      Yep -- on their calendar it's actually the 10th month -- Teves -- called the Harshest Month For Jews because it's "When Edom / Yavan (Greece) / The Roman Empire & (later) All Of "Western Civilization" Is At It's Most Powerful" ... so say the Jewish Astrologers.

      You're right about those bells -- this shit finds ME -- even when I'm not looking for it! Pretty awesome, really ... Lol! Three cheers for Jedi Academy -- Schools Back In Session!! Lol ;D :D