Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016 CNN headlines, 'Controversial way Trump made cash', the 'Gordon Gekko period'

Gordon Gekko period = 99 (Thirteen)


  1. "Activist Investor"? Ha! Is that the new whitewashing term for Vulture? The Corporate-Owned Media uses this EXACT same method to Rewrite The Histories of retired corporate Crime Lords. Whenever you see someone described as a "Well-Known PHILANTHROPIST" -- it's really a euphemism for "Criminal".
    That's not a joke either -- it's an established practice that goes back to Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, etc. & the Lords & Barons before them. The intent is for those in the future to know only about the "Foundations" they left behind -- & nothing about the devastating tactics that built their fortunes (or the multitudes that suffered because of their greed).

    For decades The Chicago School of Business & Economics has been churning out what became known as "The Chicago Boys" -- training today's Corporate CEOs & Government Officials in the "Art" of what THEY called "Voodoo Economics". Becoming known as "A Vulture" was regarded as the highest form of praise.

    Their "philosophies" set the standard for what's now taught in ALL "Business Schools" ... crafting a "Modern Holy Trinity" -- wherein The Dollar is Worshipped, & The Investor & The Bottom Line are the ONLY things that matter.
    The Workers who CREATED that Bottom Line however, are regarded as IRRELEVANT ... parts of "The Machine" -- to be dismantled & sold to the highest bidder ... or scrapped altogether.

    Because these "philosophies" were not just allowed -- but also praised -- we now live in a Corporate World ... where even the lowest level managers see themselves as Robber Barons -- & they're PROUD of it. Hiding behind the phrase "It's just Good Business Practice" they STEAL what they want -- & leave nothing but misery & destruction behind.

    Choosing the word "Activist" says a LOT about the importance of LANGUAGE in our culture. Clearly this was designed to lay some subtle groundwork for Trump's historical "Redemption" ... & to inject a measure of doubt into those who "Know Nothing" about what he was REALLY doing all those years ago. Propaganda.

    Voodoo Economics -- (Jewish) 1184 ; (Pyth/Simple) 182 ; (English) 1092

    Chicago School -- (J) 302 ; (P) 118 ; (E) 708

    Corporate -- (J) 429 ; (P) 111 ; (E) 666

    Vulture -- (J) 1305 ; (P) 119 ; (E) 714

    Corporate Vulture -- (J) 1734 ; (P) 230 ; (E) 1380

    Philanthropist -- (J) 635 ; (P) 185 ; (E) 1110

    Holy Trinity -- (J) 1216 ; (P) 175 ; (E) 1050

    Dollar -- (J) 175 ; (P) 62 ; (E) 372

    Investor -- (J) 1074 ; (P) 122 ; (E) 732

    Interesting similarities between some of these numbers ... they're the same -- or just "organized" differently. That can't be a coincidence.
    Corporate Vulture = (P) 230 ... Chicago School = (J) 302

    This one really stood out:
    Dollar = (J) 175 ... Holy Trinity = (P) 175 ... !! ;D :D

    1. Down the memory hole! Great work as always friend.